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  1. I was down in brighton on Thursday - I'm sure I saw that Mini convertible!Nice spots!
  2. That Avant is the spit of the one my folks had. Then they flogged it for a mk1 Trooper brick-on-wheels. Fools.
  3. I reckon the red/silver ones at the top are Mazda 626s.Plus I can see a Hotpoint and a Creda at the bottom of the heap....
  4. Cool!I bet theres a Rover V8 & Jag IRS under there too.... I can see some buttoned Dralon, but where are the teardrop-shaped windows?
  5. It was on ebay fairly recently - no doubt went for next to nothing. Incidentally a friend of mine has a Phase 2 R25 Monaco for sale if anyone's interested - has all the nice leather interior, alloys and stuff but not the dash computer and voice synthesizer (a la GTS models). Part-ex to clear at £200!
  6. I like that 305 estate. Friend of ours used to have a GTX estate - had the 1.9 petrol lump I think. Seemed pretty quick too - a good 'sleeper'. Where have they all gone?
  7. I reckon its an Aston DBS V8 under the first tarp.
  8. Glad you at least managed to follow it up mate. I do still make the occasional foray into wiltshire so I'll pass on any sightings.
  9. That cherry coup is just class.Nuff said!More excellent spotting SL - Crapi and Prelude floatin' my boat
  10. Too true!I wonder if I could sneakily swap its front bumper for the one on mine - same colour and would save me having to repair the big crack in the nearside corner........
  11. Seth did you follow up on that A35?Sorry I deserted you after whetting your apetite.
  12. Yet more good stuff!I always fancied a Prairie - ideal for carrying your mates, bikes, camping kit etc without the desperate-I-wanna-be-a-surfer-ness of a Vee-Dub......
  13. I remember a classic mag calling it the 3-series BMW of it's day, which seemed like a fair comparison.
  14. That is truly bizarre!! Yet it looks like it has a seam down the centre, below the window, like it's been cobbled together from 2 van doors?!If it's in original nick, there's a canvas concertina on the inside. Door hinges outwards, canvas unfolds and voila, extra legroom for when you've got the beds made up! Why do I know this stuff?
  15. Yet more brill spots there. £195 does seem like good value for that Polo - I had one & thrashed it up and down the M4 twice a week for nine months; brill! Was the 'Formel E' version with the long 4th gear for 'cruising' (not that kind...... ) Theres a very similar Merc SL at my local garage - they're asking £2500. Looks a bit ropey, but maybe worth a pop?
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