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  1. The vrs was the chase car!!!
  2. Joy riders are why kings farm is full of speed bumps. Unfortunately the Octavia vrs's in use at the time were hopeless at speed bumps resulting in multiple cracked sumps
  3. Hopefully can get this sorted!!!!
  4. Pm me pal I'll give you my number:)
  5. Sorry I've only just skimmed this Does it just need a cambelt doing and an mot? I'm not far from whitstable (canterbury) Do you really not want this? I can do the cambelt on a fix now pay me later basis if it means it gets saved! I wouldn't be looking for mega bucks just beer money (not beer though as my therapist says no drinking) Its an offer from a shiter to a shiter Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  6. This is fantastic! there is nothing more autoshite than this mans love for K reg Mondeos! Im only down the road in Canterbury and I am a fairly competent wrencher with a fair few contacts in the trade let me know if you need any help
  7. this was actually a thing! and i believe more reliable than the Vivaros!
  8. EEK can't abandon a car in nunnery fields - no one will be able to park and use the hospital!
  9. Hey I don't need this as the 205 is going and I have the diesel of dreams The loom has been cut about a bit but all is present and correct Believe I still have the screws etc Could I tempt anyone at £25 posted?
  10. I fitted it but will have to remove it, it interferes with my dab radio. Despite earthing the case to chassis It's fine with fm mind
  11. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/171422632757 I doubt a 2.0 16v is the answer to my fuel woes
  12. Well Dave that's certainly a curveball
  13. I hate all things vag... Well I'm slowly warming to them again
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