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  1. As well as the micro chip shortage, new cars from 2022 will have Intelligent speed limiters fitted (which apparently can be disabled via the menus). I have no desire to buy a new car anymore, as they are all becoming iPads on wheels. And of course when their fuel changes from Petrol to electric new cars desirability will be further reduced. So demand for used cars is only going one way. Well, until Petrol stations start closing down and the price goes over £10/Litre anyway...
  2. I get 26/27 mpg out of my 3.0 v6 camry of the same age in mixed driving, i.e. some town/some motorway. On longer runs over 30mpg is possible which is good for a 3.0v6. v6 omegas can only manage 24mpg for example As for autobox issues; in the states its not uncommon to see these with 300-400K miles on original transmission so I don't know where that rumour started. Mine had 161K when I got it, and is really smooth. ATF had never been changed and looked black so I did a change as part of the service Again not sure if HGF is a bit of a myth too. Sure, I've heard of them failing once you get over 300K. Maybe its just the fact the 2.2 4 cylinder engine in the same era would do 500K without issues, that everyone thinks the 3VZ-FE is a weak engine, but its all relative. Compared to Ford/Vauxhalls/French engines this is stronger 😀
  3. Great work, glad to see this car saved. Whats left for a MOT now?
  4. If you've got no spark then I'd like to think it will be an easy fix. My v6 just has old school dizzy, with coil and ignition amp. So check cap/rotor and replace the coil/amp. None of which should be expensive. I believe the ECU just does timing for the injectors and fuel mixture, so checking it for fault codes probably won't reveal much if spark is the issue
  5. Thanks for sharing. That looks clean. I'm sure it will last as long as you want it to.
  6. Thanks, I'm not having trouble for parts as rockauto.com seems to have everything I could ever dream of needing, even if the parts aren't always the best fit lol The Lexus LS is just a bit too big for my tastes. Although it still has the excellent ride and build quality traits so I can see why you like them too I heard also that V6s suffer from HGF. This car has had the coolant changed regularly as well as the water pump, fingers crossed it will last several more years before that happens!
  7. I'm sure you can get the switch from rockauto.com. They have so many parts listed for these its unreal
  8. Yeah, I plan to cherish this one. Not many left at all now. You can still find the Gen 4 with the 1MZ lump around for sale. The 1MZ wasn't as popular with tuners compared to the 3VZ fitted to the Gen 3. It goes reasonably well 🙂
  9. The last issue is a small hole in the rear sill. Despite the amazing build quality of these cars, tin worn will eventually get to all cars made of steel. My friend Jay from Leicester did the repairs for me
  10. Oh really, thats news to me if they did come in 2 widths 😆 But yes you are right the Ozzies liked them too, just us Brits that didn't
  11. Some fun was had with the exhaust rear silencer. Not available from Toyota or on e-bay etc. Due to the popularity in the US I thought I could perhaps buy one from the US. Sadly it didn't quite fit as this pic shows In the end I bought a mid pipe as well, which also didn't fit, but the local garage cut the flange and moved it 30 degrees so it would fit the back box
  12. So after purchase there was some things that needed attention but not much really: 1. A major service was long overdue. I changed the engine oil/filter, autobox oil, air filter, brake fluid and spark plugs 2. I paid the local garage to change cambelt and water pump 3. I repainted the alloys. I don't think I can use the word refurbed, coz it wasn't a pro job but they look miles better. Well, 3 of them anyway, I didn't prep one of them well enough sadly. 4. Rear Exhaust was rusty, but not actually blowing
  13. The Toyota Camry never sold very well in the UK, and the Gen3 is rather rare these days (in the UK) Earlier in the year I tracked down this beauty. It came with a massive service history folder. The first owner of 20 years had changed the oil every 2-2.5K from new. Everything works, electric sunroof, seats, original stereo, and the air con is ice cold 😀 Not bad for 161K miles and 25 years. The camry is really underrated and under appreciated in the UK. In the US, it was a best seller thanks to amazing durability, reliability and comfort. I think the exterior styling is what put lots of Brits off buying them, but I don't mind it all. Usually when buying a car of this age, there would be loads of annoying little faults to sort out, but not on this one. Sadly I didn't buy it direct from the 1st owner, there have been some owners inbetween who did neglect it
  14. Loving this Royale. I'm glad it still lives on and you got the brakes fixed 👍
  15. I've not tried to read fault codes on an early S-Type, but I owned until recently a 1999 XKR, and on a few occasions managed to diagnose faults by plugging in a £30 generic reader to the OBDII socket which was located on the side of the driver side dashboard. Since the S-Type is from the same era I am surprised to hear it doesn't have OBDII?
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