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  1. Impressive not a single advisory
  2. Another short update. My attempts to repair the trip counter ended in failure. After my last update I drove it a couple of times and the new speedo seemed fine, but after that every time I used the car it would either under read or over read. I'm not sure if I caused some damage which means the needle can move around a bit by taking it on/off a few times, or whether the 2nd hand speedo I sourced just has a fault. In any case, I had no choice but to replace the original speedo as I need to know the speed more than I need a trip counter I recently completed a service, which as well as oil and filter I decided to change the Cap and rotor since there was nothing in the extensive service history stating they had been changed. At 165K I can confirm the originals were well worn! The Camry today passed it's 25th MOT in a row! In other words, the Camry has never failed an MOT test in 25 tests 😮 That must be some kind of record? Please let me know if anyone else has a car that has never failed an MOT over a 25 year period (obviously the car would need to be at least 28 years old, unless submitting for multiple tests per year)
  3. Been a while since I updated this, but being a Toyota its not given me too many problems. The n/s CV Axle got noisy. For the last MOT I imported a new one from Rockauto and got the garage to fit it at the same time they did the test. There was also an oil leak from the rocker cover under the inlet manifold. I let the garage do that too, as I didn't fancy removing the inlet manifold. I had to supply the gaskets but I found them no trouble. I did the service myself, but it didn't need more than Oil and Filter as I did the Coolant/ATF and brake fluid change last summer. Since then the o/s cvle Axle has started getting noisy. I have bought another one from Rockauto, and will ask the garage to fit when the MOT is due in December. I think it can wait until then The trip mileage counter broke and it annoyed me. So I sourced a 2nd hand speedo from another camry. It didn't look like I could split the trip counter out to swap them over. So instead I set the mileage on the "new" speedo to match the 165K on my car. To do that though I had to remove the speedo face and needle. It didn't occur to me that doing so would lead to the speedo being out. When I've done this on other cars, you just need to make sure the needle points to 0, when stationary and then it's all worked. But apparently Toyota speedos are spring loaded. I found a YT vid of someone calibrating their speedo with a bike speedo. However, that didn't work for me. The bike speedo said I was doing 35mph in 2nd gear at 2K - which can't be right. I don't know if its because my car is an auto. The car in the YT video was a MR2 manual So followed several sessions where I would take the dash apart, jack the car up and move the needle up or down by 5 mph at a time. Then jack back down, put dash back together go for a road test, and then repeat. After the 4th session, on today's road test and the speedo finally seems to be reading correctly. Hoorah! The current todo list apart from the CV axle, relates to oil leaks. The rocker cover was the worse one as it stank inside the car of burning oil. However, it still drips oil on the drive after you use it. I suspect cam seals, and front and rear crank seals all need doing...
  4. I don't think camrys are boring. They are ultra comfy and reliable. The autobox is one of the best designed, somehow responsive and smooth at the same time. I hope it was sold to a loving home, and not parted out for its engine as so many were
  5. Yes I agree with that sentiment. In addition, what salt there is doesn't tend to splash over the cars as thickly as you rarely get above 20mph in London
  6. Great story, thanks for sharing. I do like the S-type, glad to see this one saved from the crusher There's another cheap (3.5K) silver S-type R on fleebay at the moment. I assume it will also be borked, despite no faults being mentioned in the ad
  7. I have an 04 AMG, and it says in the manual 98 RON required. I suspect it will be the same for an 02 AMG...
  8. Yeah Cortina were terrible for destroying rear axle bushes back in the day. Fortunately a modern solution exists. Fit polybushes once and forget 😀
  9. My 3.0 MV6 Auto used to average 24 mpg, which I thought was hideous at the time. But its a heavy old barge with an autobox so probably about right
  10. Yes we can see the pics now. Looks to be in great shape. You got a bargain there 👍
  11. The pictures are hosted on a private google share, thats why we can't see them SLK is a classy motor. I can't believe they can be had for pennies
  12. Its not just the price of diesel going up faster than petrol, there is a general shortage of it, due to a large chunk of the refined diesel coming from Russia. So the price difference over petrol will continue to increase and it will get harder to find. Some local stations are sold out of Diesel in my neighbourhood. This will make older diesels worth less and push the price of petrol cars up When fuel prices started shooting up, I initially thought adding a Diesel to the fleet was a good idea, but not any more
  13. In the past I was amused by the fact single figure mpg in the v12 were only a short drive away, but facing infinite fuel price, its not a great car to have in the fleet 😆
  14. I own 3 v8s, 1 v12, 2 v6s and 1 inline 6. I really ought to buy a diesel if I want to be able to drive around if we hit £3 Litre or more. Who knows how high it will go? Or if WW3 does start we'll be back to rations of 2 gallons a week
  15. I had the master cylinder resleeved at PastParts in my Mk4 Cortina and the brakes are really good. So as you say I'm sure it just wear and tear in your braking and steering to blame for the issues you describe. Mechanics are a breeze on Cortinas, its the dreaded tinworn that killed most of them
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