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  1. Loving this Royale. I'm glad it still lives on and you got the brakes fixed 👍
  2. I've not tried to read fault codes on an early S-Type, but I owned until recently a 1999 XKR, and on a few occasions managed to diagnose faults by plugging in a £30 generic reader to the OBDII socket which was located on the side of the driver side dashboard. Since the S-Type is from the same era I am surprised to hear it doesn't have OBDII?
  3. I hope that wasn't recently? Even rotten Cortinas are worth £1K these days...
  4. Latest Update. Carbs off again. I've attached a pic of the dirty heatshields. They were covered in oily grime. I've ordered some aly ones, but they're not coming until next week.
  5. Thanks for the offer. I may well need some help if I can't get it running properly!
  6. Wow, great find. No I didn't get any of that stuff, and its needs it I think this was from when it was sold in 2007. Unfortunately the previous owner has just run it into the ground since these pics were taken
  7. Thanks, yes that's them. So definitely not home made then!
  8. I think heatshields must be original then. I thought they were home made because they looked like hard board, but they are a complex shape and I was wondering how anyone could fabricate the curves in them lol
  9. Ouch. The Twin Carb has a slightly different camshaft I believe. At least it has a slight difference to valve timing, so I assume that's how its achieved. When you swap the engines over I guess you will re-use the head from the HLS?
  10. Thanks for the pics. The red one is a HLS, twin carb like mine? Does yours run ok or do you have as many issues lol
  11. Thanks for the words of encouragement. Yeah seller did lie his arse off lol I'm in Bedfordshire, near Bedford. I will endeavour to put a few pics on as I continue the work A friend of mine suggested smoke could be leaking dashpot oil. And since I just topped up dashpots after putting carbs back together that would make sense. They were empty before
  12. Interesting. Difficult to get a clear pic with them on the car. Some petrol was spilt on the other heat shield when the jet leaked, but that one isn't smoking. Nothing has been spilt on the exhaust and the smoke isn't coming off the down pipe, could be off either the inlet or exhaust manifolds as they are both very close behind the heat shield. The fact the car runs better on choke make me think there is an air leak somewhere leaning the mixture. Coolant Temp seems a bit high also
  13. Here's one I had to hand, showing vinyl dash and HL 3 spoke wheel
  14. Latest Update: Finally managed to test drive it. Its still running badly once choke is pushed in. When I stopped and opened the bonnet I noticed a load of smoke coming from the area of the n/s carb. The previous owner has fitted some make shift heat shields made from hard board and this is what appears to be smoking. o/s one seems fine. I checked the tightness of the bolts thinking the carb might not be seated down properly; but they are all done up tight. The smoke continued for several minutes after the engine stopped. I'm not sure what's causing that. I'm going to try taking the heat shield
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