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  1. You know I have actually but that would kinda defeat the purpose here maybe next time!
  2. That’s exactly how i bought it - always fancied one but never thought very highly but actually love it! Funnily I was looking at your ad earlier with interest but being sensible we have the XC90 so if I move SLK it will be the A8 (if still available) or the sentimental family car! Now if you can sell the X5 the chain is long but doable!!
  3. I am giving this a cheeky self bump as I fancy the A8 @sims00 is selling. I’m going to put on gumtree but she owes me £1800 but happy to take offers if anyone is interested!
  4. In a blatant attempt to take advantage of what is probably our summer thought I would test the water today. Probably above the usual Autoshite bangernomics budget but easier life on here than ebay etc etc I picked this up as a daily for 12 months 2 years ago and love it! 83k potted history but serviced twice in my ownership. Had 4 new good year tyres when I bought it and new brake pads on the back. The brakes are currently squeaking a bit - will clean if I get time, Comes with set of Brembo discs and pads for front - not needed but bought and not had chance to fit. It’s auto - roof works perfectly comes with official merc wind deflector. MOT is July. Drives great - did north coast 500 and used daily with no issues - economy is reasonable. It’s a three foot car - looks good in pics but plenty of marks and blebs - rust on wings as is the norm - worst in pics - will need doing in due course but not unsightly - I spend more time cleaning and waxing this than the expensive cars in the fleet!! I’m not convinced I want to sell and will regret it but I have another ‘toy’ car and could do with something with 4 seats - been offered a family car which has sentimental appeal but one out one in - if no one fancies I can see me keeping another 2 years!! I’m looking for £2k - tell me if I am taking the piss - I know you will!! Comes with model of car with correct colour and plates - that has to be worth an extra couple of hundred?!?!? If it rains tomorrow I’m sure value will plumit!
  5. Oh wow - I have a rule against buying silver cars (wierd superstition!) but this or a puma are the cars I would break the rule for!! Love this!
  6. Bugger - works gets in the way but would have loved to come see this!
  7. Depending on the when I can help with lift from a real airport if needed....
  8. Loved this 4 years ago and love it now. I don’t think Kinkersaab has put a car on here that I haven’t been interested in I just need a big shed or barn!
  9. Love these - Kinker was looking at selling his last year or earlier this and I was SERIOUSLY tempted - this is great price - sadly I don't do silver cars (don't ask!) GLWS
  10. Now on ebay and gumtree with muppet tax added - bracing for daft questions/offers etc! Mrs SC says it has to go - drive looks like Arthur Daley’s pad just needs bunting!!
  11. Loving both jags. And like others tempted by the for sale one. Maybe if I get any interest in the Volvo ......
  12. not looking to make money - the 300 quid is towards cost of alternator and fixing boot lock. It’s had full service too recently but that’s just bau. Wanted to offer it back on here at ‘cost’ before chancing arm elsewhere
  13. In cliched for sale ad stylee I am testing the water on the S60. I've seen a few things of late that I fancy but the boss says its one out one in and strictly in that order and I get itchy feet - that said every time I get in the S60 I think how ace it is - and will be a great winter daily especially with the heated seats!! Given its an AS family car I am offering it here first. The original CMS ad is in the link - I've priced a bit north of that as in the last 3 months its had a full service, a new alternator and the boot actuator fixed. Scrubs up very very nicely and if this bloody rain stops I'll get some better pics! http://autoshite.com/topic/31268-2001-volvo-s60-t5-se-auto-£995/#entry1449261 So right now its around 88k on the clock - has a comprehensive though not full service history and very solid in all the places these usually rot. Has the signature S60 groans and creeks but all checked out OK and full service in June along with the new alternator. In the last 12 months its had the thick end of a grand spent including the cam belt by Volvo specialist in Glasgow. Full leather which is in great condition - automatic pulls and kicks down nicely and it goes like shit through a goose. Stereo is dolby pro logic (never understood why the hell you want that if there is no movie on) but it sounds amazing - seriously amazing. None of that autoshite tape player nonsense this has CD player and holds 4 at a time - if I forget it might come with a free Garth Brooks CD! Has a working phone - with period handset but also hands free and a funky speaker in drivers headrest - takes a SIM in the dash and works great. In the rear there is a bin - its a holder that you hang a bin bag off - class! She also still sports her autoshite sticker with pride! Quite rare in red - but the colour suits it. As you can see from the CMS ad there are a couple of marks and dinks but nothing too painful - worst is a very small and I mean small blob of rust on boot lid. The values of these seem all over the place but I think its worth the asking price - if no interest I'll add some premium and try it elsewhere. Did I mention how fast this thing is - and not as bad as you might think on the gas....honest! Car is in Dunfermline - close to rail and air hubs. I am in London most weeks so could arrange a drop off along that route probably. I did a day trip to Birmingham recently and it was super comfy - effortless and the seats are like armchairs. Open to swaps potentially PS - I am crap at attaching pics so apologies in advance!
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