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  1. I reckon that’s still a bargain at your inflated price. If I hadn’t just bought a modern daily for a Glasgow commute i might have persuaded the boss we have drive space!
  2. That is every bit as good as you said it was sir - top purchase - I’ll be in line for that in due course!
  3. A little light entertainment outside our house this evening. A transit recovery truck with shite Passat broke down last night and big brother came to pick them both up just now. Three up true autoshite! And it never ceases to amaze me how many of my neighbours can’t drive round the big fuck off recovery truck in the road!
  4. 504 pick up was always one of my dream vehicles. Did they do them in any other colour though! That was certainly the one in the brochure - which I still have!
  5. I actually think the Capri is 1974-1976 so it wasn’t handed down! I later into the 40s sadly 😂
  6. It’s a dinky ERF merry weather with ladders that come off!
  7. I had to crack the safe as no idea what the code was! Great news that the trucks of gold are still in there!
  8. Some of them must have been passed on as I’m sure the captain scarlet car and some of the dinky stuff pre dates me!! Honest!
  9. It is indeed the plod Capri. Very well played with that one!
  10. Visiting my folks this weekend and was presented with a box of my old toy cars that I thought were long gone - memories with all of them - thought I would share pics of the stash!
  11. That is a lovely thing - a Range Rover is my list at some point, as is a Disco!
  12. Agree Friday is quietest. Hotels in centre of town are usually bit cheaper and train in is dead easy but doesn’t help if you are driving. As @inconsistantsays NEC hotels book up but some include Parking or pay there which has worked for me. Another year I tried to pay by card at the barrier and they couldn’t be arsed so let me through - not sure that would work every time! I’m 50:50 on whether i can go but its a great day out
  13. Yeah I believe all the fittings and holes are there for seats and belts
  14. I still have the steel if I need to start man and van business 😂
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