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  1. Does it have central locking? The early Merits didn't, which was a proper pain in the arse on a five door car! The deadlocking was a really good feature back then though. If your average 90s TWOCer tried to screwdriver the locks, it would just spin and not operate the mechanism. Also, if the door was forced outwards at the top, it was nigh-on impossible to pull the lock button up when the deadlocks were activated.
  2. Carol Vorderman in a brand new Astra-F...? TAKE ME BACK TO 1991!!
  3. What a honey! Seriously though, it looks in good shape. L spec is an oddity for sure, I never saw any back when these things were everywhere, Merit was officially the base spec... I think maybe a mingebag fleet option as said above? That blue interior was, um, brave back in the day!
  4. A lot of the old rubbish I have to work on has 1/4" bleed nipples on the rear cylinders. That's around 6mm, which is utterly hopeless after the rust has set in. Why do they make them so small?!
  5. You were gracious from the start, he was awkward and unreliable - best avoided sadly. If the miles were genuine, it sounds like it would be a fantastic project for £1k. The 6-speed gearbox in the S is a very strong Getrag unit and not prone to failure; I'd bet the actuating cables were partially seized where it had sat. Keep looking, there's hundreds of thousands of worthwhile ones out there!
  6. 'L' was an uncommon spec back when they were new. It was mostly Merit, LS, GLS etc etc. I had a 5 year old Merit back when they were current. 1.4 spi, 5 doors, in that doom blue most came in. It felt like a flippin limo after the Metros, Mk2 Fiestas and Maestros that were around when these cars were launched. You've got to remember, this was the early 90s when family cars weren't exciting or aspirational (what a horrible term). They were solid, comfortable and reliable in their day, especially considering the alternative was mostly a Mk5 Escort. I'll admit, the suspension was most certainly not tested at the Nurburgring though
  7. My JCW has colour-coded arches... I really don't like them!!! I think part of MINIS character is the black arch trims (it's a nod to the 80s era-onwards classic Mini?) but each to their own! I wish mine had black arches and a black roof. Someone paid extra for all this when it was new!
  8. Pretty much all remaining Cav diesels have the (intercooled) Isuzu engine. There was an n/a diesel, badged 1.7D early on but it was dropped before the facelift I think - and was utterly miserable! Many were taxis back in their day actually. The 1.7TD Isuzu in the Cavalier was a brilliant engine; I wish I still had mine. I can understand why you'd keep it over the 1.8 Pez, Split_Pin!
  9. It was very windy here in East Sussex last night, I'm guessing there's now lumps of cream-coloured filler everywhere.
  10. The steering rack gaiters shouldn't have any oil in them at all, all they do is protect the track rod balljoints etc. If there's lots of fluid in there, the oil seals in the 'rack have failed surely? 😕
  11. Yes.. in my 25 years of driving, I've never felt the need to drink anything while I'm in a car. Am I doing it wrong?!
  12. You poor soul! Did you try plugging that module back in after you'd cleaned the terminals? I'd be surprised if that and the new battery hadn't improved matters!
  13. Good link, that. I pass a Transit on my morning commute and see it most days. I've no idea what ebay special bulbs he's fitted, but it's like two bright white circles heading towards you (and blinding every single person coming the other way). There seems to be no cut off in any direction. I'm sure they're pretty useless from his point of view. too. Surely they would fail an MoT?
  14. Yeah, that's all a bit odd isn't it? I still genuinely laugh at Rich Rebuilds when I watch it though...
  15. I've stopped watching Hoovies Garage because of this. He's definitely a decent fellow but I'm not sure I can stomach much more of the dumbo routine. He's easily a multi-millionaire, just in assets. I'm gradually stopping watching US car channels now, it's all the same stuff and they're all besotted with outdoing each other with the latest supercar or hanger-sized workshop. None of this is achievable for 99% of the world's population? Still really enjoy the UK channels though.
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