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  1. Very nice example. My pal just sold his 225. It was an earlyish (1999 I think) car which was fine apart from the start of a slippy clutch. £750...
  2. Particularly as the 3.2 S is so cheap at the moment too 😍 I think now is a good time to buy a 986 Boxster, they're at the bottom of their value curve for sure.
  3. To add, my personal opinion is that it's currently about 'its money'. (£2.1k). That roof will be very expensive to return back to electrical operation and the non working c/l is probably water ingress into the footwell, which is a common malady and will need to be addressed asap.
  4. Not much liability with an early Boxster! 2.5 is no ball of fire but solid and reliable with no IMS issues to speak of. RMS still leaks but that won't stop you using it. Good, well built cars in my opinion. You'll need to spend out on it, but parts aren't quite so expensive nowadays.
  5. Nice, looks very tidy and good miles. Mine passed its MoT today. 178k not out!
  6. You don't need to convince me about the Cee'd! I have a 2010 estate model and they're excellent. Unfortunately it's an Ecodynamics, which means 90bhp - it's quite slow really. But on the upside, you also get £30 tax, 6-speed and late 50s mpg. I paid £700 for mine 2 years ago, mainly because it's done 170k. It drives perfectly still and nothing ever goes wrong. The clutch has a low bite but 'they all do that sir' and you soon get used to it. They're easy to maintain and feel as good as any Focus or Astra to drive. I really rate them. Mine has never done below 58mpg, tank to tan
  7. Shows you the level of intelligence you're dealing with...
  8. Sounds like the carb float level needs sorting out. There's no float height adjustment on a car the age of Rodney, but I would definitely replace the float and needle valve, just to be sure. The parts are cheap.
  9. The RAC man I used to live next door to ran two Starlets of that era for his wife and daughter. That speaks volumes to me!
  10. Yup, standard Smiths speedo of the era Lots of different calibrations though. BI's City E with its 10" wheels should have a 1248ish tpm unit (which is hard to find now!). Standard diff cars with 10" wheels used a 1376. Light on HRW switch is green. Wiring another warning light into the unused locations in the speedo is a really good idea. I've thought about adding an immobiliser-esque flashing LED in the same spot. Would be invisible and look totally standard.
  11. Pricey though. The last time I changed one of those, the belt was £7.99 and the thermostat £4.
  12. Do those have the Daewoo equivalent of the X20XEV? It looks very familiar
  13. I'd love that Cav. Rolling around on nice comfortable 13" tyres, basking in the grim base spec interior while the headlining falls on you over bumps. Then you remember you're only paying £140 a year to tax it (becoz 1389cc) and realise you are winning at life! (or just buy a better one on eBay for less than it'll cost to recommission this one)
  14. I did an apprenticeship with Vauxhall in the mid 90s. Astra-F, Cavalier, Corsa-B were the bread and butter back then and I ended up knowing all those cars well. Believe me when I say, there were no major inherent/ built-in faults with any of that era of Vauxhalls. They were well made and designed to be reliable, cheap to run and easy to fix. They were never particularly exciting but built to a job. I remember with the Vectra-B came along, and sadly that had issues from the beginning and the brand never recovered. Like Cavcraft says above, the 16XE/XEL are usually ok, head gaskets can fai
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