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  1. Good link, that. I pass a Transit on my morning commute and see it most days. I've no idea what ebay special bulbs he's fitted, but it's like two bright white circles heading towards you (and blinding every single person coming the other way). There seems to be no cut off in any direction. I'm sure they're pretty useless from his point of view. too. Surely they would fail an MoT?
  2. Yeah, that's all a bit odd isn't it? I still genuinely laugh at Rich Rebuilds when I watch it though...
  3. I've stopped watching Hoovies Garage because of this. He's definitely a decent fellow but I'm not sure I can stomach much more of the dumbo routine. He's easily a multi-millionaire, just in assets. I'm gradually stopping watching US car channels now, it's all the same stuff and they're all besotted with outdoing each other with the latest supercar or hanger-sized workshop. None of this is achievable for 99% of the world's population? Still really enjoy the UK channels though.
  4. It needs proper indicators imo. Why would you trust the average zombie driver to notice the tiny and hopeless trafficators? Asking to be crashed into. I recently fitted a really decent modern LED setup that flashed the sidelights orange when you indicated and then reverted back to solid red or white sidelights. It was a kit from bettercarlighting.co.uk or something similar. This was on a 1950s Bentley R and made it much safer. I think they do positive earth kits too (but I'd still recommend a conversion to neg earth...) Ps- the whole conversion was totally invisible - highly recomm
  5. No ticket on that nasty RR since December last year...
  6. The negative and positive terminals are different sizes, so if the cables fit snugly, it probably still is positive earth. I'd strongly recommend a conversion to negative earth. You don't need to change much and it means you can add a discreet cig lighter to run a satnav/ charge your phone. Positive earth totally fries my brain when I'm trying to work out wiring, it's just wrong !
  7. Excellent progress! This is going to be a good workhorse I think. I wonder if, one day all the lacquer will peel off and you'll be able to polish the base coat? 😁
  8. The Fiesta starts at nearly £17k as far as I can tell. I know no-one actually buys one of them nowadays, but that's way too expensive for a Fiesta. The name says budget first car, it's not a premium product in the eyes of buyers.
  9. Definitely. Mine have an inline filter in the rubber hose from the tank to the solid pipe, that comes out from underneath the rear subframe. There's just enough space there and the filter is tucked up nice and close to the boot floor where it won't get damaged.
  10. My Ceed had a rare failure last week. Pulling off the driveway and.... BANG! A front spring broke and instantly lowered the car on that side. Luckily it stayed central on the strut and I still managed to drive it into work on Friday to fix it. Two front springs (genuine Kia no less) were £65 and I did them both in an hour. These cars are so well designed and easy to work on. Try doing the same job on a similarly aged Golf- you'll be fighting the stupid rusted multi-spline strut clamp bolt I bet! I also took all four calipers off, cleaned and greased the sliders and reassembled.
  11. If you do fit a new coil, ditch the ballast system and run 12v to a new (12v) coil. They were ok when new but the resistance wire is in the loom and regularly fails nowadays- best to do away with it. They can melt the loom too.
  12. I've driven a Munga. My pal has three. Interesting thing to drive and interesting technically, too. For example, all four hubs/ suspension are identical, to allow for quick and easy repair in the field.
  13. Thing is, you can go cheap (Acuspark) and get lucky, or it'll let you down 40 miles from home in the pissing rain. My blue car has an Acuspark setup, red rotor and original 1975 coil and it has been perfect, totally fit and forget. Then you read that some poor soul has the system fail an hour after fitting. Pot luck. I agree, coils are usually fine and don't fit any new condenser unless it's a Distributor Doctor one, which I think Minispares and Moss sell as their 'Premium' part.
  14. Yes, this! Typical of a car that a dealer has polished and not actually driven anywhere 😒 This beauty deserves a proper 123 ignition distributor and coil though- pricey but you'll never have to touch the ignition system again.
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