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  1. Shows you the level of intelligence you're dealing with...
  2. Sounds like the carb float level needs sorting out. There's no float height adjustment on a car the age of Rodney, but I would definitely replace the float and needle valve, just to be sure. The parts are cheap.
  3. The RAC man I used to live next door to ran two Starlets of that era for his wife and daughter. That speaks volumes to me!
  4. Yup, standard Smiths speedo of the era Lots of different calibrations though. BI's City E with its 10" wheels should have a 1248ish tpm unit (which is hard to find now!). Standard diff cars with 10" wheels used a 1376. Light on HRW switch is green. Wiring another warning light into the unused locations in the speedo is a really good idea. I've thought about adding an immobiliser-esque flashing LED in the same spot. Would be invisible and look totally standard.
  5. Pricey though. The last time I changed one of those, the belt was £7.99 and the thermostat £4.
  6. Do those have the Daewoo equivalent of the X20XEV? It looks very familiar
  7. I'd love that Cav. Rolling around on nice comfortable 13" tyres, basking in the grim base spec interior while the headlining falls on you over bumps. Then you remember you're only paying £140 a year to tax it (becoz 1389cc) and realise you are winning at life! (or just buy a better one on eBay for less than it'll cost to recommission this one)
  8. I did an apprenticeship with Vauxhall in the mid 90s. Astra-F, Cavalier, Corsa-B were the bread and butter back then and I ended up knowing all those cars well. Believe me when I say, there were no major inherent/ built-in faults with any of that era of Vauxhalls. They were well made and designed to be reliable, cheap to run and easy to fix. They were never particularly exciting but built to a job. I remember with the Vectra-B came along, and sadly that had issues from the beginning and the brand never recovered. Like Cavcraft says above, the 16XE/XEL are usually ok, head gaskets can fail if the coolant is never changed and some use oil but I'd imagine most of those are long out of service now.
  9. C16NZ. 8v goodness! With the odd belt change and fresh oil now and again, it'll plod on forever. Useful car for the money!
  10. It's done ok in the grand scheme of things. If the new one is a keeper, I'd say it would be a really good idea to remove the linings and paint or wax the metal underneath.
  11. The sound deadening thing is an example of built-in obsolescence. The material works well as sound insulation and looks better than dusty mud in the arches, particularly with the occasional squirt of a hosepipe when washing. However, it also holds the damp against the metal and the engineers knew exactly what they were doing in the development stage. FMC are masters of marketing and making their cars last just the right amount of time before (most) people call it a day and buy a new one.
  12. Great project. The Y-reg cars are definitely on the up now. Lots of love for Binis here although I'm currently up to my nuts in a head gasket change on our diesel example, which is an awful job!
  13. I don't leave mine alone without a Disklok on the steering wheel. Even if I just stop for 10mins. Sure, some thieves could just pick it up and chuck it into the back of their Transit tipper, but, ya know- makes you feel better! Looking forward to seeing this one ripping up the roads in the summer!
  14. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the stud was broken when the guy assembling the engine torqued it down 'ooops, ummm, it'll be ok' Minispares for decent parts unless you've already got one Trig!
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