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    Justin Case reacted to GrumpyCat in Carmageddon - Stevenage   
    I think YouTube and social media has played a part in this. The filming of them leaving shows seems to encourage the reckless behaviour and at the same time those standing around filming are blocking the views of the drivers.
    Having watched a few of AdamC's videos where drivers are encouraged to burnout, drift and "send it, mate", I'm only surprised it doesn't happen more often.
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    Justin Case reacted to JeeExEll in Carmageddon - Stevenage   
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    Justin Case reacted to TheIsleofShite in New members, introduce yourself here.   
    Hello, I thought I should introduce myself. I’ve always been into old and ‘different’ cars. I live on the Isle of Wight which a bit of a haven for old vehicles. Been a lurker on here for a number of years but thought I should join in on the fun.
    Anyway on to my cars -
    1975 VW Beetle 1300
    I understand there isn’t too much love for aircooled VWs on here but mine has a total absence of exotic fruit. I bought her off the original owners son around 10 years ago, covered just 44k miles and is very original, full service history which was VW up until 2001. The paint is various shades of ‘Senegal Rot’ but is honest with no rot and drives lovely....well for a Beetle. 
    1976 Austin Allegro 1300 Super
    Very similar story to the Beetle, I bought this off the son of the original owner about 6 years ago. His father bought the car as a retirement present for himself, he was still alive when I bought the car aged 103! It was bought new from a garage about 4 miles from my house and remained in the same area ever since. It’s covered 65k miles and has a record of every time it was filled up with petrol including price, how much and MPG. The car was sat in his garage for around 10 years when I got it, it just needed a tune up and new brakes. I’ve had the hydragas overhauled amongst other things. 
    2002 Subaru Impreza WRX
    A bit different and not very Autoshite I know. I bought this about 2 years ago as something a bit different for my daily. It’s a lot of fun and very practical being a wagon. It’s low mileage but a bit tatty and always needs bits doing to it. 

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    Justin Case reacted to Tayne in Freelander - opinions   
    Several years of LR ownership taught me that if you want one, be it a Freelander, Defender, Discover or Range Rover, then what you should do is buy the highest spec’d Range Rover you can find.
    It will be the nicest to sit in whilst you wait for the AA man.
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    Justin Case got a reaction from Bamboocarman in Dabbling with Dick: Old Italians and orange smellz   
    Well spotted Rod (stirrup) brakes indeed, probably on a bike from the Raleigh stable judging by the Sturmey Archer gears and Dynohub. Rod brakes are a thing of joy and no-one should be awarded an engineering qualification without being able to describe how the rear one works
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    Justin Case reacted to dsp resto in yesterday's spots   
    couple more for you.

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    Justin Case reacted to dsp resto in yesterday's spots   
    hi guys, i was allowed to walk around this place yesterday, many many interesting vehicles and apparently owner wants rid of.

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    Justin Case got a reaction from strangeangel in yesterday's spots   
    It is actually an earlier Fordson ET6, early to mid 50s It looks as if it has a petrol engine,  I hope that it has the V8 engine and that a fire service wouldn't just go for the cost-cutter option   Very nice and looks pretty complete, but the LR series 3 would be the one for me
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    Justin Case reacted to martc in Pleasantly surprised by the cheapest new tyres I could find on ebay   
    These aren't just any old ditchfinders, they're M&S ditchfinders.
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    Justin Case reacted to martc in RDX60 Prototypes to be scrapped.   
    Well said - it's nothing to do with the owners country of origin. There's been plenty of vandalism in the UK by UK citizens - how many posts on here cite 'buy it now or I'll scrap it' ebay posts?
    Have we forgotten why MG is now owned by SAIC? hint - The Gang of Four who destroyed Rover were not Chinese. LDV, now owned by SAIC, was left to rot by the British Govt. The Governments scrappage scheme. Lightbulbfan certainly mourns the wanton destruction of Invacars by the NHS. And I'm sure there are many more examples.
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    Justin Case reacted to The Old Bloke Next Door in Bus Shite (I'VE BEEN PAPPED, NOOOOOO LOL)   
    A recent addition at Walsall, 

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    Justin Case got a reaction from BeEP in 2002 Laguna II - The Freebie Family Heirloom   
    Renault 11 TXE
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    Justin Case got a reaction from Brodders in 2002 Laguna II - The Freebie Family Heirloom   
    Renault 11 TXE
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    Justin Case reacted to trigger in The new news 24 thread   
    I leave in the morning so hopefully will see you over the weekend!
    We had our East Coast Retros meet this evening along with Practical Classics magazine, my god, what a turn out! We ended up with 390 cars in the end! Amazing for a little pub in a small Suffolk village!
    I didn't get to take many photos but we had cake which went down well with the PC team.



    A Mazda Cosmos.

    Panhards old Hearse


    And much more














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    Justin Case reacted to richardmorris in The new news 24 thread   
    I played hooky from work today and went down to the Goodwood Festival of Speed. #FOS (as they kept telling people on the tannoy). It was hot, but not horrendously busy, although I expect there are going to be a lot of very sore red people tonight. Knowing that I’d be like a cooked lobster in an hour I decided on chinos, a white linen long sleeved shirt and a Panama hat. I thus fitted in with the landed money lot, rather than the  car manufacturers t shirts and trainers lot. Although it did mean I was asked things like- would you like to try our hand picked champagne?
    it has grown massively since I last went about ten years ago. The first few years there was no area to sell kit cars,, chattels and yachts! 
    A total freebie as I was sent a ticket for doing the x1/9 inspection a week ago. There was no way it also turned out that I was paying £18 for a brochure! Or £6.50 for a bacon butty, although I did succumb to the need for an ice cream at the very top of the climb for £3.
    i know you’re not interested in photos of the flash cars and I didn’t take any either.  Fastest up the drive was a Renault Clio!  Also in the rally area, paddy hopkirk’s monte winning mini, a rally Mercedes 190 and a couple of Peugeots including a flatbed! 

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    Justin Case reacted to MarvinsMom in The new news 24 thread   
    Been over to Ormsby Hall for their Classic Car day today.
    managed to catch the sun in me arms, even though it has been dull and cool here today. compared with yesterday anyway, when it was "scorcio" even in the shade.
    I took Rodney Mini, Kerry the softail. met up with friends who have a mint spit screen morris minor, and jowett javelin, and saw other nice cars too. such as these.

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    Justin Case reacted to RayMK in The new news 24 thread   
    Today, with my son's help, I (he) cleared my garage loft and took the junk to the recycling yard.  There were nearly empty cans of paint (why the hell did I keep them???), waxoil pumps that never worked properly, utterly knackered small mechanical bits of Citroen Dyane and a small number of Volvo 66 bits in similarly useless condition, my mildewed crash helmet from the 1970s, bent tent pegs and assorted worn out/completely broken household stuff. Some items were wrapped in local newspapers dated 1989.  Anyway, it all filled the V70 with rear seats folded and was duly transported to the yard.  The only item that I kept was my Peugeot moped's original saddle.  It looks worth a scrub and refurbishment so, for the moment, it will provide me with something to do on a rainy day.
    To get the ladder up to the garage loft, my 1961 Reliant Regal had to be moved.  I had not touched it since mid August 2018 when I went around the block once.  Today, I connected the battery which has not been charged since its last outing, sat in and turned the key.  It started after 10 seconds of turning on the starter which primed the fuel system and settled to a stable tickover. My son apparently recorded the event to shove on to FB.  He had never driven the Regal and expressed a wish to have a go.  With his 6'2" 16 stone frame and size 12 feet somehow installed, I then levered my 5'10" elderly inflexible frame in to the passenger seat.  This took some time.  I left the internal engine cowling off to prevent fuel vapour lock problems - it's a hot day.  My son then familiarised himself with the controls.   The clutch can be used progressively but, to the initiated, feels like an on/off switch.  He mastered that ok.  Gear selection is very positive provided that it is not rushed.  He was too quick once or twice, causing a slight crunch.  The brakes work fine.  He was not convinced.  They require a firm shove and are nothing like modern brakes.   1st gear has no synchro.  I advised him to use 2nd, 3rd and 4th only.  We hurtled* around the estate at speeds approaching 20mph.  He said the car felt as though it would fall over.
    We got back safely, he got out and declined a repeat trip with me driving.  I went round the block at 30mph and enjoyed the vintage feel of the car.  It's now parked in the garage again. 
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    Justin Case got a reaction from Mrcento in Bus Shite (I'VE BEEN PAPPED, NOOOOOO LOL)   
    Highlight of the Running Day at the Museum today was a ride on an Ailsa Volvo (ex WMPTE 4738) . 55mph on the new two-lane road betweenChasewater Heath station and Brownhills with the 'whistle' on full song is probably the most fun that you can have with your trousers on
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    Justin Case reacted to Six-cylinder in Six-cylinder's Motoring Notes - I will need to meet the first arrives today at the FoD, PM me with an arrival time and I will meet you.   
    Should I trade the Daimler in now it has done 50,000 miles!
    Yes our 1973 Sovereign has only done 50,000 miles in 46 years and has a full history to go with it.
    Ok 9 miles over by the time I reached my destination this evening. 

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    Justin Case reacted to dozeydustman in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    I will never unsee this

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    Justin Case reacted to Timewaster in Is this worth owt?   
    Who'd have thought?
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