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  1. Mazdashed passed its MOT today with no advisories. I am quite pleased delighted as it has been off the road for six months until today and there was a bit of rust on the discs, but it didn't seem to affect the brakes.
  2. I take back what I said about the first Hyundais earlier as I have just remembered FSO's direst efforts. The 125p was grim, even allowing for it being built for East European conditions. But worse was to come, it was rebodied in the late 70s as the Polonez , with the added grimness of being the only hatchback you could buy without a folding rear seat. However it had to sink even further in about 1991, the FSO Caro, a slightly uglier facelift with a Citroen N/A diesel from several generations back. I remember that when they finally died in about 1995 the list price was £5995 (not sure how tha
  3. No dishonourable mention for the Hyundai Pony yet? A mate inherited one when his old man died, I understand that he and his brother tossed a coin for it, and he lost It was one of the later ones and getting on a bit although it had only done a few miles, so goodness knows what the earlier ones were like, as it was an absolute POS with no redeeming features at all. In fact he was quite relieved when it shat its auto gearbox and he couldn't find another one, so was able to scrap it with a clean conscience
  4. Have you ever tried to sell a car and your wife was so ashamed of it that she hid in the back bedroom when anyone came to look at it.
  5. Last week the Mazda was in for a service and parked next to it was a 2CV van. I gather it was a conversion using a plastic body. I could easily put one of theses on my bucket list, so are they a realistic non DIY prospect (health rules out heavy lifting for the time being) or is it best to look for the real thing?
  6. If you must have a Morris camper van, then at least travel in style http://www.amrtm.org/collection/OB2138 The repaint is now nearly complete and hopefully it should be back on the road before long
  7. I hope that when you finally got to one of the more isolated part of North Africa you merely shovelled all of the money that you had raised on the way into the coffers of the local school or hospital, and drove back rather than donating it to a people who had already suffered so much.
  8. I worked hard when I was at school and eventually passed A level maths. I can do sums which is why I drive a 13 year old Mazda estate and not a PCPed Audi RS4
  9. Then it can only be 900 Ruby. I knew one or two folk that had them back in my Saabing days, the colour really suited it and the interior also looked a bit special. Again I hope that it is restorable
  10. Swedish beauty- Saab 96l souvenir model? If so I hope it is worth restoring as there can't be many of them still left.
  11. Aldridge Transport Museum is shut until 11 August, but in the meantime here are some slides of vehicles not normally on show
  12. Barman to horse : you know we don't get many horses in here Horse: at a fiver for a pint of San Miguel it's hardly surprising
  13. Ideal night to fold the hood down and go for a virtual blast round the lanes. Here is a real moon a few minutes ago to light your way ? (Moon is the top lh one, the others are street lights )
  14. I nominate Morgan for the gold medal. The original Plus 8 had a Rover V8 engine that progressively increased from 3.5 litres to 4.6 and the later versions had no less than 4.8 litres of BMW's finest under that beautifully louvred bonnet And don't forget the three wheeler, 1800cc in a vehicle so small you could trip over it if you aren't careful.
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