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  1. Citroën Xsara. I had an estate version from new and it was a perfectly competent if rather gutless load lugger although the diesel versions were apparently better. The basic formula and pricing must have been OK as the Picasso version sold in droves and there are still loads around, so it seems strange that the Xsara versions never sold well and are now virtually extinct.
  2. Mazda passed its MOT with no advisories today, so I just need to tidy up the bodywork when the weather allows it and I will be all set for the next year ☺
  3. On the happiness score Wolverhampton scores 7.4,Dudley,Sandwell and Walsall 7.5, Birmingham 7.7 but Cannock Chase 7.8. Having a transport cafe and a shite car auction in the district are thus proved to be good for your wellbeing ☺
  4. Autoshite is a state of mind which is brought about by a type of car, and frequently the state of the car . The criteria for a shite car are fairly loose, as are most of the key parts of such a car.
  5. I would have been convinced that the last Invacar disappeared about 20 years ago when Mrs C's disabled friend handed hers in for a converted Peugeot 206 , but now they are being mentioned all over here. It's like an Autoshite version of Godwin's Law ☺
  6. This is a Leyland steam waggon which was made from 1904 to 1914. It could be either B class or H class. No, I'm not that much of an anorak but I do happen to have a copy of 'The Undertype Steam Road Waggon' on the bookshelves within easy reach
  7. No mention yet of the Panther DeVille, which looks like a Bugatti designed by Liberace, with Landcrab doors, making it the default choice for the lottery winning Shiteist.
  8. I think that a lot of the demand is due to nostalgia, a desire to own the cars that you couldn’t afford to buy or insure in your youth but now you can. It was hot Mark 1 Escorts, then Peugeot 205 GTIs, so probably MINIs next. I can't see run-of-the-mill family cars ever becoming desirable but then I am normally wrong
  9. Yank tank. I know someone with a 1970s Cadillac and on the rare occasions he needs any parts he just phones up a company in Texas and they arrive in a few days and at a reasonable cost. Only drawback is the fuel consumption, but he doesn't do a vast mileage in it. Something smaller such as a Ford or Chevrolet would no doubt be even more practical.
  10. Last night a friend had his motor caravan stolen from his drive in Walsall at about 9.30 pm. It is a silver Hobby based on a Transit chassis, registration FX 07 JWO. If you see it please contact West Midlands Police at Walsall.Can you please also circulate this on social media . Thanks
  11. Bentley Turbo R with Hooper coachwork (I think ), but very nice in any case ☺
  12. I can't find Cannock, perhaps it is too new? The Renault is a 15, the 17 had 'slatted' rear side windows /anorak mode
  13. Thought that you might like that one ;) Yes, but not sure if it is both Gary and Peter who own it I'm not sure, I was on 'conducting' duties for most of the day so I didn't really get a chance to speak to many visitors.
  14. Last Sunday A selection of local buses Hard to believe this is 30 years old 1950 wants its buses back ☺ Volvo Citybus, better than it looks, just awaiting a repaint Classic cars from the Owen Motoring Club, thanks for supporting us A couple of Autoshite favourites, thanks to the North Birmingham Classic Car Club Finally an oily rag Oxford, which in spite of appearances will not need the attention of the Midland Red breakdown truck ☺
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