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  1. Has there been a mention of the Yugo 1100 yet. I went with father in law when he test drove a new one. I also drove it for a short while but the only thing I remember of it was it was impossible to shut the passenger door as the handle bent when you tried to.
  2. About 12 years ago, one the same as this. £9k at the garage that looked after the 156. Shortly afterwards met the owner (and car) at an Italian Car Day, he offered it to me for £8k with a hint it could be less. Unfortunately I let t go as most of my work driving was around town :
  3. Now, where I have seen that before? Ah yes, I remember:
  4. Melbourne House? Sounds the ideal place for an Autoshite group holiday: Melbourne House - Care Quality Commission (cqc.org.uk)
  5. Note to six-cylinder: If you have any ideas of turning your own FOD into anything like this above, please erect a sensor which will automatically lock out anyone who can and actually will write utter shit like this: One afternoon we take a 25-minute taxi ride (about £20 from Field of Dreams) to an industrial estate on the northern outskirts of Derby to the newly opened Withers Gin School, where botanicals maestro Edward Gibson distills the essence of artisan gin manufacture into a well-oiled, entertainingly educational two and half hours. 😄
  6. Mot seems to be flavour of the week, so: Mazda 6 passed its Mot today, after a new front coil spring had been fitted 🙂 Some minor* defects and advisories, but nothing too serious, a couple of hundred would probably put it right ( first mention of rust in 16 years and isn't too bad) However only did 900 miles in the last year so really a bit of an extravagance to keep for another year. Date tested 12 April 2023 PASS Mileage 83,344 miles Test location View test location MOT test number 2068 5339 5849 Expiry date 11 April 2024 Repair as soon as possible (minor defects): Nearside Side repeater lens defective which has no effect on emitted light lens missing (4.4.1 (b) (i)) Battery insecure but not likely to fall from carrier (4.13 (a) (i)) Monitor and repair if necessary (advisories): Front Brake pad(s) wearing thin not dangerous (1.1.13 (a) (ii)) Front Tyre worn close to legal limit/worn on edge both tyres worn on both edges (5.2.3 (e)) vehicle rusting on under side
  7. Seen this afternoon. Newish Rolls Royce convertible with number CLA5Y (yes, spaced like that) I assume that the irony of that was lost on the owner
  8. Mrs C and I are apparently car fanatics on the level of Jeremy Clarkson to everyone that we know, and neither of us even watch Top Gear. To the great unwashed who we know, two of us owning three cars is either sheer fanaticism or complete lunacy. It is good to come on here where no doubt the reaction would be 'only three cars for both of you' 😮
  9. The Association of Chairs is looking for....... ....... a new Chair!
  10. Amazed that only one of this particular version has survived. I had one many years ago. It was a superb car for it's age but had to go as I had too many cars. (this was pre-AS of course )
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