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  1. The Association of Chairs is looking for....... ....... a new Chair!
  2. Amazed that only one of this particular version has survived. I had one many years ago. It was a superb car for it's age but had to go as I had too many cars. (this was pre-AS of course )
  3. Don't know if this has already been on. It looks like Mid Wales, possibly the mountain road between Rhayader and Devil's Bridge, but probably not. Anyway, does anyone know the story behind it?
  4. Three come to mind, 1 Some years ago, a neighbour's Bay Window VW Camper Van, in first class condition and only £900. Not bought because I couldn't at the time think of a reason to buy a VW Camper Van. I hope to have grown out of that way of thinking by now 🙂 2 Not many years later, a Maserati Quattroporte IV Evoluzione, being sold for £7995. I met the owner and car at an Italian car day shortly afterwards, I could have had it on the spot for £7,500, probably even less. Unfortunately I had my sensible head on that day and thought that 8 cylinders, 32 valves and two turbos was probably a bit excessive for driving around Sandwell, which it probably actually was (my job at the time involved quite a lot of that) so i bought a Mazda 6, which I still have, instead. 3 (the really upsetting one) Most recently an Alfa Giulia Spyder for £4,000, which I couldn't get insured on a classic policy as it was an import, converted to RHD and a variation that was never sold new in the UK. Perhaps I should have tried a few more brokers as it doubled in price a couple of years later
  5. Indeed it was, well spotted Almost every other car in Dulverton is a Subaru, so it is good to see an independent garage thriving.
  6. Good holiday the last couple of weeks 🙂 Highlight was visiting a delightful small town on the edge of Exmoor which boasted a proper traditional Subaru garage with not only an immaculate 55 reg Legacy for sale, which I was tempted by, but a matching pair of red Daihatsu Sirions as courtesy cars (one even had a private plate the other was about 10 reg) This must be unique, I only wish I had my camera with me. Any other courtesy cars to rival this?
  7. Is this designed for the fast loading of passengers by scooping up a complete bus queue in one pass?
  8. Well;well, reading that again after all these years Things have moved on and we now live somewhere with a drive big enough for four cars, but only have three between us, and Mrs C doesn't object to me keeping the Mazda just for tip duties as I can therefore 'get rid of'* all of the stuff clogging up the garage (allegedly) This leaves room for car number 4 which would be something built in the Black Country. Jensen Interceptor is too big for my tastes and A40 Sports too cramped and Swallow Doretti too expensive, which leaves this, the Frisky. Made in Wolverhampton by Meadows, famous builders of engines, but initially with a Villiers motorbike engine, with body designed by Michelotti but constructed by Guy Motors using the technology developed for their fibreglass lorry cabs. WCPGW. Well for a start only 75 of them still exist so unlikely to ever find one for sale :(
  9. Advice to those tempted to have ago themselves - it is a good idea to uprate the suspension, otherwise:
  10. I thought that I had set the bar high, but the fact that the Reliant van is available for FUNERALS raises it just above the Range Rover Sport
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