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  1. Highlight of the Running Day at the Museum today was a ride on an Ailsa Volvo (ex WMPTE 4738) . 55mph on the new two-lane road betweenChasewater Heath station and Brownhills with the 'whistle' on full song is probably the most fun that you can have with your trousers on
  2. In Lichfield this afternoon, an LDV Convoy fish and chip van, J 200 COD. I do like three letter words when they actually mean something
  3. Still some in the old livery I was in Aldridge today with the Museum's BCT Leyland PD2 2222 and was able to get a shot of WMT ALX 400 4603 in that livery and also a unique shot of 2222 and ALX 400 4601 in the Walsall Heritage Livery together. Unfortunately my camera and computer are no longer talking to each other, but until I can get them to do so again the latter event can be seen on the AMRTM Facebook page and the PD2 at our Spring Running Event tomorrow.
  4. The garage I used to take my Saab to would lend me anything from the car sales lot on the same site that was legal and running (so there usually wasn't much choice ) Once I had a TALBOT TAGORA, although only a 2.2, for a few days when some parts took a while to arrive. That was 20 years ago, but I've never seen another one since
  5. Why not just get one of these, ideal for four very small people who aren't in a hurry or easily embarrassed: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/small-cars-for-sale-chinese-vehicle_60802923118.html?spm=a2700.details.maylikever.6.53a72a46Qy3ehv As a bonus, it comes packed in a wooden box, which in itself could prove useful if you happen to hit anything more solid than another one.
  6. Looks a great place to visit, thanks for sharing it with us Advanced apolgy for thread hijack, but I hope it ties in with the thread. Museums are often registered charities, because it gives them a legal status, in the same way that a limited company has one, and there are benefits in some taxes and in rates. A lot of museums, including the one where I volunteer are registered as educational trusts, so the information boards you can see and guides are one aspect, as are programmes and activities for schools. We also provide work placements for young or older people who have difficulty in entering or re-entering the world of work. However you to have to prove to the Charity Commissioners every year how you are meeting your objectives to retain your charitable status.
  7. This doesn't tie up and also isn't written in the officialese or grammar that you would expect such a letter to be. Perhaps check with the local plod (if there is such a thing as a manned police station these days ) before replying ?
  8. I believe that the 'standing out' headlights were a conversion so that standard Lucas lights could be used, in which case the original faired in ones must have been as effective as a glow-worm in a jam-jar
  9. Knighton?, because if you miss it in two minutes you will arrive at Knucklas.
  10. Not as daft as it seems, a while ago I was at the tip and a friend pulled up next to me in his 911 and unloaded some cardboard packaging into the skip. It is surprising how much cardboard you can get in a Porsche if you jump up and down on it to flatten it (the cardboard that is )
  11. Well spotted Rod (stirrup) brakes indeed, probably on a bike from the Raleigh stable judging by the Sturmey Archer gears and Dynohub. Rod brakes are a thing of joy and no-one should be awarded an engineering qualification without being able to describe how the rear one works
  12. I am disappointed. From the heading I was expecting your emergency* pack to include at least a sack of coal and a can of Brasso.
  13. No camera with me as I was just coming back from the school run, but coming the other way I passed a red R reg Escort. Only slightly remarkably remarkable in itself, but the driver was actually SMOKING A PIPE I don't think I've ever seen that before, even in the days when smoking was more common.
  14. Well, bus shite turns up in the most unlikely places. This afternoon I was watching happened to be in the room when the 'Four O'clock Club' came on CBBC (for some inexplicable reason on at Five O'clock ? ) and the school bus was yes a blue LDV Convoy Nice to see the Beeb spending our money wisely*
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