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  1. Is this designed for the fast loading of passengers by scooping up a complete bus queue in one pass?
  2. Well;well, reading that again after all these years Things have moved on and we now live somewhere with a drive big enough for four cars, but only have three between us, and Mrs C doesn't object to me keeping the Mazda just for tip duties as I can therefore 'get rid of'* all of the stuff clogging up the garage (allegedly) This leaves room for car number 4 which would be something built in the Black Country. Jensen Interceptor is too big for my tastes and A40 Sports too cramped and Swallow Doretti too expensive, which leaves this, the Frisky. Made in Wolverhampton by Meadows, famous builders of engines, but initially with a Villiers motorbike engine, with body designed by Michelotti but constructed by Guy Motors using the technology developed for their fibreglass lorry cabs. WCPGW. Well for a start only 75 of them still exist so unlikely to ever find one for sale :(
  3. Advice to those tempted to have ago themselves - it is a good idea to uprate the suspension, otherwise:
  4. I thought that I had set the bar high, but the fact that the Reliant van is available for FUNERALS raises it just above the Range Rover Sport
  5. On a cost:taste ratio it is hard to beat this for that special* occasion. Yes it is bigger than a castle, or more likely in this case a prison. So I lay down a challenge; can you hire anything worse than this :
  6. The way in which in a Volvo V40 you have to set the satnav by scrolling round a screen, one letter at a time. I just hope that I never have to find my way to Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch
  7. One thing about 1981 was PCP hadn't been invented (I think) and most cars were fairly mundane, eg a friend who was a junior rep had a thoroughly miserable basic Escort Mark 2, you had to be a manager to get a Cortina and only the top brass had a Zodiac. Fords were popular because they were so carefully stratified that a company could have a suitable Ford for everyone entitled to a company car. I had just bought my first Saab (a 96) and then it was looked on as something exotic, so most people would have been driving dull middle-aged British cars. HTH
  8. The best of those was the pairing of "Phil" and "Liz"
  9. I don't like numbers pretending to be letters, but I will make an exception for a large truck I was following a couple of days ago - GO08 EGG, (I wonder what it was carrying and what condition they were in ), especially as it slowed down and pulled to the side on a long straight so that everything behind could pass
  10. Interesting few days in the Welsh Marches. Beautiful scenery and good weather but more to the point here: well patinated Morris Minor that looked like a daily driver parked near Worcester Cathedral, Scruffy Kia Shuma parked in Ludlow (only 117 left on the road according to how Many Left, so rare spot ), and between Leominster and Rhayader on the A44 an L reg Subaru pick-up (first one I've seen in years ) and a T reg Mercedes Dortmunder (?) camper van. Mrs C for some reason was more taken with all the Jaguar sports which seemed to be on some event in the Elan Valley :), I just can't understand women
  11. Just for a laugh I checked the price of our house using the Zoopla website. I was delighted that our house is worth £80k more than next door's, especially as his has a large extension and the garden is about three times the size of ours ☺️
  12. Mazdashed passed its MOT today with no advisories. I am quite pleased delighted as it has been off the road for six months until today and there was a bit of rust on the discs, but it didn't seem to affect the brakes.
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