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  1. Parked up with a load of chod near a football club in Fazeley near Tamworth. No idea what’s going on here though.
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/402366261588 Link above. I missed out on one of these years ago when my insurance company thought I was speaking in tongues. On the watch list and may well throw a bid in.
  3. And most shocking of all. Alan in that picture is just 24 years old.
  4. I like that Paseo and if it were closer to home I’d throw a bid in and admit it to Mrs DF later. Don’t think it’s JDM though as it fits regular UK plates okay. I really want a Sera in my life but I could be happy with this.
  5. Only 2 pics as well. Left me wanting more! The write up is a bit odd, it has new callipers but needs new ‘breaks’. And what’s a ‘New port hole for the sunroof over flow’ all about? Seller won’t shut about the bonnet either. Obvs.
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LHD-1993-CHEVROLET-GMC-SAFARI-AUTO-4X4-DAY-VAN-CAMPER-7-SEATER-SALVAGE-DAMAGED/274364707302?hash=item3fe16931e6:g:ZokAAOSwtZFeu88H Cat S day van on the piss Interior makes up for things though. Digital dash too.
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VAUXHALL-ASTRA-GTE-GUN-METAL-GREY-1-START-NO-RESERVE/154006572134?hash=item23db81cc66:g:84kAAOSwJrpfDKwu No reserve but...
  8. Christ, this looks grim. RHD Ranchero Aussie built and South African sold apparently. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ford-ranchero-1973-project-rhd/184361608995?hash=item2aeccee723:g:p10AAOSwj~5fCt~~
  9. £67K seems a bit steep! I like the money shot outside the offy
  10. Seen it many times but never ridden it. Love Bigbury. Generally we’ve timed our visits so you can walk over the spit in order to get to the Pilchard Inn. Staying at the eponymous hotel is on my bucket list. Like most of the South Hams, it’s not the easiest to get to especially if like me you’re used to the ‘LA jr’ road network round Birmingham as I am!
  11. ‘74? I reckon that’s ready for its second ringing. Its a stones throw from me so if anyone needs a cuppa or something stronger if viewing, I’m happy to oblige.
  12. I was quite taken with that due to 1.6 and 5 speed etc. but this ruined it for me and could be related to those wheels I guess -
  13. I had one of these, same year and spec and it was rather nice. Very Honda; competent yet anonymous. I always suspected that the 2.4 drivers were having a better time though. Fail sheet on that isn’t necessary awful but it does suggest some chronic underinvestment in the car of course.
  14. The Doc sure can find ‘em. Watching it if only to see where the price ends up.
  15. Mazda MX5 mk2? Wow that’s expensive.
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