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  1. Here's the one I had. Loved it to bits. Usual HVAC error which I ignored. Suspension was fine. As Cooper 1 said only had to rebuild the compressor which was cheap and straightforward. I think it was on about 180k?? before it was scrapped. The top hose failed, so I replaced all of thise, then the thermostat want and the engine was cooked. The engine cooked it self in the middle of my gates so I didn't have far to get home! If that hadn't happened I would still have it. I would definitely have no issues in getting another. I would say get the 4.6 rather than the 4.0lt (mine was 4.0lt).
  2. My mum bought me acopy as well. Said I could go on a road trip with father B in the summer!
  3. Good week in my household. Monday son passed his driving test 1st time. Tuesday daughter passed her dtiving test 1st time. Wednesday I got given this: Which was attached to this: Result! It's only done 192k miles!! The history file is an inch thick and there are some eye watering bills in there. She is an absolute peach and a credit to the gent who gave it to me.
  4. Family friend used to have the 6.9 version of this. He thought it was ok on fuel until he replaced it with a 4.6lt Range Rover. Not the most fuel efficient but it made him realise how bad the merc was!
  5. Finally had enough of the P38 Range Rover. Couple of weeks ago it burst a coolant pipe and over heated. Fixed that. The thermostat decicided to follow suit. It fought me every step of the way to fix that. Treated it to a wash yesterday and I trod on the hose got soaked, then yanked the hose in temper which meant it got suck under a tyre and the sprayer took the skin off of my finger. Much swearing and the dreaded C word used. Took it for a spin chucked some go go juice in it and it has now dumped the aft all the way around Yeovil. The ungrateful bxstard is going on bum free later. Wonder how m
  6. Totally agree. The twin lamps on the Pugs, Mercs and XJS look great. Not sure about the others. That Caddy(?) ambulance looks too wide for the lamps and it looks as if they put the rectangular lamps in to fill the space!
  7. They look the same as the seats in my P38 Range Rover.
  8. Not brave / competent enough to do mine!! Just did the HT leads on mine. Need to be 7ft tall to reach the back of the engine and have hands the size of a small child to get to them. I thought it would take 10 minutes but took an hour! Definitely added an extra 50bhp doing them?
  9. Was I the only person hoping to see a 6 wheeler when the name popped up?
  10. I've seen it around Yeovil a few times but this was the 1st chance I've had to papp it. I don't remember seeing the white one though.
  11. Class 4 in Yeovil. Doesn't do discount MoTs but sound, honest and very reasinably priced. Been using him for the last 10 years with no probs.
  12. This pulled up opposite my office (kitchen) today:
  13. Turn your stereo speakers to the wall, play some heavy German rock (Rammstein etc), crank up the volume and bigger off out for the day. Never done this before officer I must have forgotten to turn it off!!
  14. So if I read the advert right, he wants you to spend many thousands on a car with no keys or paperwork, he will not answer any questions about it and will not let you see it before purchase. Is this a new method of selling I've not heard about?
  15. The front up to the b pillar reminds me of an early Aldi 100.
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