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  1. Just went on the Rimmers website. I think I need a beer or three after seeing their prices!
  2. Haven't driven the P38 Strange Rover for about 3x weeks so I thought I'd give it a run. As it's a Land Rover they all leak something-mine leaks electricity. Being unusually organised I put the battery on charge. Today I connected the battery and it started 1st time. Too go to be true. It rewarded me by deflating the suspension as I was taking the current millstone to work. 3miles on the bumps stops before it decided to rise to the occasion- ooh err missus! I then treated it to 30 pictures of her maj for some squashed dinosaurs as the fuel light was on. Got home in the style to which I'm not usually accustomed. The grump ? I went to pop the bonnet to disconnect the battery and one of the bastard cables snapped! My the electricity will all leak out in 3x days and my RAC does not cover home start. Bollocks! (I was going to call them out with a flat battery and casually mention the broken cable and let them open it). Do I park it up a mile away and then call them or do I say fxxk it and take it to the garage and let them open it?
  3. Bought my son a 15 year old Polo 6 months ago to learn to drive in. MOT today. Only failed on a cv boot. Another year of motoring for £70.00. Well chuffed for an old banger:)
  4. There's one of these on flea bay at the moment. Classic cars hidden in amongst the Rovers
  5. You need to come yo Yeovil. They've put traffic lights on them here so you have no choice but to queue. Also if you pull up to the stop line you can't see the lights!
  6. No pics but saw a Renault Talisman in Rome. Never heard of them.
  7. I used to love an electric aerial. Just seemed classy to me.
  8. Got mine this am from WHS in Yeovil. They still have 3x copies left so not sure if they've sold any. Felt sorry for the assistant in there as they did not have any air-con. I was only in there 2 minutes and was sweating like a pig. Must be hell to be in there all day.
  9. Mother is in her 70's and has arthritis. Even with the suspension low she struggles to get in and out. Strangely she seems to be o.k with her Freelander -not recommending any LR product as we all know they are the most 'needy' vehicle you can get!
  10. Nice car. Quite fancy one of these next. What's the collectives view with Seville marmalade on crumpets?
  11. I generally don't get attached to motors. They are just a money pit disguised as a lump of metal. I try to average £600 per year ( purchase and parts) which in my mind is 3 months payment on the BMW/Audi you'll never own. If the mot failure is consumables tyres, brakes etc it'll get done otherwise here comes the bridge! This system seems to have worked for me for the last 8 or so years. If it was mine I'd get shot of it.
  12. Isn't he the man on the Clapham omnibus?! ( I'm sure this is what the ordinary man is described as in law-could be making this up though!)
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/94-VAUXHALL-ASTRA-ESTATE-1-6-GLSi-MOT-27-6-19-LOAD-OF-HISTORY-RETRO-CLASSIC-RARE/153335427558?hash=item23b380f1e6:g:rNgAAOSwgadcN45Q Apparently this is in good condition. Owned by husband and wife, neither of whom cared for the car!
  14. Is it me or does this side view look like a RR Silver Shadow? https://scontent-lhr3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/51014215_10218268012956978_1538240862025154560_n.jpg?_nc_cat=110&_nc_ht=scontent-lhr3-1.xx&oh=0648ea35dcb9761e24a1a7205a2b6522&oe=5CB93447#
  15. burraston2006


    The P38 likes to sit between 55 and 60. Usuall get about 24.4 mpgs. So not efficient, it's a P38 and it has a big boot. 33% success rate isn't too bad!
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