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  1. That does look nice, shame I don't have the means to recomission it good luck with the sale (hopefully someone on here will take an interest). Mr Bo11ox! You don't fancy another project do you..?
  2. I like these too, especially the early, very fugly ones. They are a pleasant drive and quite light for a people carrier (probably due to being based on the Bravo/Brava rather than the weighty Ulysse) so even the petrol engines give a good return to a gallon. Reliability seems ok but the electrics and trim fit & finish are typically Fiat. Get one!!!
  3. Dukestar25

    North Korean cars

    IIRC, the Chinese also ripped off the Daewoo Matiz as their own design, so the Koreans took one back to their place to prove it had been copied by try-fitting some of their Matiz doors on the Chinese 'original' - and suprisingly enough, they fitted perfectly
  4. Dukestar25

    MPV wanted

    Not for me but a friend of mine wants to replace his dying Serena Diesel. The requirements are: Must have 7 seats. Must have T&T (obviously). Must be purchasable for under a grand. Must NOT be a grey import (insurance too costly). Must be within reach of Blackpool, although he may be willing to travel a reasonable distance for something decent. I've already scoured Autotrader and e-bay but maybe there's one for sale near you that I don't know about... Thanks Guys
  5. seth wrote: that Metro is quality, looks like it's ready to break in half. Excellent pics
  6. Illogically, I tend to drive faster with smaller engined cars. I've never taken my Synergie to the limit (neither my Volvo 740 or R25 before it) but all my smaller stuff (such as my Matiz and former stuff like the Seicento and Agila) all get pushed a bit, the Agila actually reaching the naughty side of 70mph That said, my hooligan days are long gone and motorway driving is done more sedately these days...
  7. Triumph or Skoda shite would be worthy of investigation
  8. a.k.a the Nexia in Blightly, I quite liked them in hatchback form
  9. What's with the Scientologist hating here? At least they believe in coming to earth in spaceships and it's a fucking good tax dodge for high earners - get with the program!!! Half the world believes in the son of a virgin and that's supposedly superior to fucking spaceships and no tax breaks??? yeah right That epsiode was toss to be honest - as for Tom Cruise he's quite probably a twat but he's shagged more good looking birds than any of us and has a bigger bank balance I'd wager You have to admit, as Scientologists go, he is quite strange: When Katie Holmes was having his baby, he was ready to tuck into the freshly delivered placenta (until he saw it ) and promptly changed his mind, it is also rumoured that he spunked $$millions on a bomb shelter because, Emporor Zaarg (or someone) was so pissed off with the human race, he was going to destroy everyone on the planet...
  10. That's disgusting, although it is in nice condition . Never seen a brown one before. Well purchased!!
  11. My shortest ownership was one week with my Montego estate. It only had that long left in T&T and due to the extensive rot, was due to be weighed in but was repreaved in the 11th hour by a man who could weld,who also paid above scrap for it and put it back on the road...
  12. there is a fella where I work in Skelmersdale who uses a 'moped' to travels from Old Swan and back every day (which must be at least 15 mile each direction)... I bet that's fun as for me, I'm fairly new to the whole two-wheeled thing (I owned a Honda H100 years ago but was too young to ride it on the road ) and just want to see what the fuss is about. I'm putting my Synergie back on the road this month as it's nearly time for the annual family holiday which means another incarceration spell for the Matiz (unless I sell it... pretty please )
  13. Do the words FAIL and/or ILLEGAL apply here? That is shocking As for Retro80sboy, it sounds like a good idea. I had the 1.4XT version and it was a hoot to drive. Still got a headgasket kit with headbolts (somewhere) in my parts cupboard...
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