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  1. These are going free to a good home (or bad one) - just send a message, bagsy them and collect from North Yorkshire
  2. I'm glad that it went to an appreciative home. It's a bloody good car.
  3. It's great to see so much interest in this cracking good car.
  4. The MOT runs to 24/4/2016 and it has a Bosch pump. The car is near Bedale, just south of Scotch Corner.
  5. It's my father in law's car, it's in North Yorkshire and (in my opinion) it's a better car than the Kia Soul diesel that will be replacing it
  6. Well, due to the impending arrival of a newer car, this is up for sale. I'll get more details and post them up. Asking £600 - but open to haggling
  7. Does it have an MOT? Sorry if I missed it in an earlier post
  8. Yep - pantographs. Each was operated by a separate switch and driven by electric motors but parked by a hydraulic system, which was sligjtly bizarre. This particular aircraft, XV108, was the first one I ever flew.
  9. Advertise it on a "Classic Diggers" forum and get someone else to do it for you (for free!)
  10. I love the anarchic plumbing on French cars of this era - it must have kept the hose-makers in business.
  11. With the way the oil price has gone of late, they'll have less cash to spend. There are already signs here that the effects are being felt. That museum is just up the road a bit (well, 100 miles) on the other side of Abu Dhabi. They have a giant S3 Landrover outside the front gate.
  12. Mo pretty much summed it up: Rusty sills (square section, repair straightforward) Rusty rear arches - repair panels not available Water leaks in the boot - the normal place i rear light but also (on coupes) poorly sealed panel joins near the boot hinges. On all 800s, fuel fillers rot from above thanks to a mud trap between the filler and inner wing. It might be repairable if not too bad but you may have to fabricate something with tube/hoses. The little metal fuels pipes sandwiched between the top of the tank and the boot floor rot - the tank has to come out to fix them. Doors and all fittings are unique to the coupe - as are the seats and all other interior trim panels apart from the dash and centre console. Mechanically they are the same as any other 800. Key weak points, front suspension bottom balljoints, anti-roll bar droplinks, exhaust flexi pipes, dodgy solder joints in the fusebox, ineffective handrake (rear caliper fault - similar caliper to MGF/TF), blocked sunroof drains. The KV6 engine IS weaker than the others and expensive to fix if the headgasket goes (when rather than if?) but lovely if running OK.
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