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  1. Holy thread revival Batman! As this thread approaches two whole years without an update I have returned. By way of an update, still daily driving the Vectra, sold the Granada and the Cavalier then bought the Cavalier back and SORN'd it. Still got one more car than I need, phew. Anyway, my roving reporter returned from Brazil today and lo and behold, these landed in my Inbox this afternoon. He clearly had his eye in on this day:
  2. My wit could do with a little sharpening.
  3. ...and how! Went for a meal with Mrs Raffles the other night and had to listen to some mindless teenage bint blather on about how she simply had to have a brand new one because she wanted a chrome interior (how vain?) and what great cars they were as they don't depreciate that badly.Oh Really? I would expect every new car to fall about 25% as soon as it hits the open road. I think they are fucking shit but that's only because the clowns that own them** keep prattling on about how great they are. **Apologies to anyone on here who owns one but if I can be lumped in with the "horrible people" that own Vectras, you can take a hit as well.
  4. Aren't wiper blades still sold in inches?And pints of beer?
  5. Which is of course a buisness plan we need to adopt in this country - the hour long lunch & shag break.Can you make it two hours, these days I'll need another hour to recover after an hour long shag.Fear not... The hour long break is for lunch and a shag so you can enjoy a leisurely 58 minute lunch in comfort.
  6. Not likely Mr W...After I had calmed down a bit yesterday, during which it faultlessly and pleasantly covered a couple of hundred miles, I did some investigation.Upshot is that it will get one more chance. Will change the crankshaft oil seal and clean up the gungy slick on the O/S of the block and see what it does then...I think I feel sorry for the blasted item as it has been badly neglected over the last few years by the looks of it.
  7. UPDATE: It has to go...Nearly 2 litres of oil burnt/lost in less than 600 miles says so.Much interweb reserach suggest that the piston rings are shot and/or the repair done after the timing chain snapped wasn't done well enough. Good job I never sold the Cavalier.
  8. I replaced my Mk3 Cavalier 1.6 Hatchback with a blue 1.6 Mk3 Cavalier Saloon.Hated it. Can't explain why but it was an odious thing.Never let me down but I wasn't happy until I replaced it with a red 2.0 Hatchback.Ironically, my next Cavalier was a blue saloon. The Sri-ness of it all made it ok.
  9. Not so much MPG but more like emissions. Something to do with HC's or CO or something.See... It was after I agreed to buy the Vectra that the tax thing popped into my empty skull.Apparently (according to the powers that be) it's a gas guzzler so from April 2010 it'll be £245 to tax for a year.Bugger.At this point, the defence would like to invoke the "smiles per mile" clause and mutter something about petrol never being too expensive.
  10. Suddenly, my purchase of a car registered in 2001 seems acceptable.
  11. I'm pretty sure the last shot is Burford. I pass through there every other weekend. I'll take a present day shot next time.
  12. Raffles

    Ring Ring, Ring Ring

    Ironic, considering the car came from Wales.
  13. Raffles

    Ring Ring, Ring Ring

    Go Vodafone, GO! Also retrieved from my Granada-shaped time machine is a Konica 110 film, still wrapped in it's little foil bag. Oh and some heritage NISSAN parts... Anyone fancy trying to ID them if I dig them out?
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