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  1. I don't know if I mentioned it earlier in the thread, but the only real problem I have with this car rust-wise is the flying wedges at the back for the lights have rust coming through on their top surface, which I believe is coming through from just being constantly washed by the wheels as it drives along. It does strike me as funny that it was rust free when imported in 2018 and within 5 year of being imported and very few miles it's starting to rust. Good 'ol England.
  2. Ended up trying Hagerty first and ultimately went with them, very smooth process and the guy on the other end of the phone is professional but it also feels like you're speaking to a mate who understands classics. £280 for a year and included RAC breakdown cover, spot on, good price! I only need it a few months while I fix the Jeep (which is close to £400 to insure in comparison and I'm bloody 42 too, oof) so I'll likely cancel when I don't need it anymore, there's only a £25 fee for cancelling. Fantastic.😀
  3. Oof Zel, sorry you had to go through that bullcrap. I've had problems with Adrian Flux in the past, mostly administrative problems and the deadly auto-renew, so I don't go with them anymore. I'll be phoning around once I've had my coffee and woken up a bit, I'll let you guys know who I went with and if they're any good in terms of price. Then the old girl's getting pulled out of the workshop and getting a wash, she's filthy. Just hope the tires are OK, she's a very heavy car and has been sat unmoving for almost three years on the same tires. Should be OK but might be rumbly for a few miles as they reshape.
  4. So glad to see your profile pic on here is still the shitpost from the caddy manual, vulgalour XD Also thanks for the suggestions guys, I'll get on the phone in the morning and try some others. Booked in for MOT on Friday so I've only really got tomorrow to do it.
  5. Blimey trying to get insurance on an import is like pulling teeth. Doesn't help that import plates rarely work on comparison sites so I've had to phone (ugh!) actual human beings and ask. Then specialist import insurers say they're going to call you back with a quote in an hour or two then don't. Happened twice now.
  6. Man. Been a long time since I posted here. The caddy has sat gathering dust for the last three years, but due to my Jeep pissing coolant everywhere (thanks Mercedes block dumb designs) I needed something to get me around while I fix the Jeep over the next few weeks. So the old white whale is back on the road finally! Surprisingly needed two more coolant flushes before the water ran clear, the knackered radiator must have done a real bad job to sludging up the block, but anyway that's done and brand new coolant popped in it. Going to Manchester in it on Monday and Birmingham on the following Friday. It'll either do fine or I'll arrive as an overheated fireball.
  7. Wow, going back and re-reading this thread was a blast from the past. What lovely memories. Anyway. This car will be going up for sale soon! If anyone here might be interested in something extremely rare and special. Prices are insane and fluctuate wildly, some people are asking for £30k for low mileage ones. Will likely put it up on Pistonheads for around £9k. It is well looked after and will come with a clean 12 months MOT.
  8. A bit too honest! 😆 I'm sure it costs me some sales but I'd feel absolutely awful if I knowingly sold something broken and it caused an accident or something. I couldn't live with that.
  9. In other news, I sold the miserable fucking Rover 75. It can stress someone else out now. In other other news, my Range Rover P38 failed its MOT spectacularly on pretty much everything regarding brakes and suspension. I'm going to scrap the worthless fucker or part it out, if anyone wants it let me know. BUT The reason for this post is to say I'm willing to swap this Cadillac for a decent tow vehicle of similar value (£4000-£5000) or a beavertail. As much as I love this car I have to pool resources now that my P38 has died. A tow vehicle will allow me to generate revenue while the Caddy will just sit there looking nice. Anyone interested just give me a poke. This thread should be all you need to know about how well the Caddy is running now. I just went to Alnwick and back in it (3hr round trip) and it was flawless. It could do with some new tyres but that's about it. Old car + oldish tyres = flat spots so a bit of wibbling at 70mph, and they're terrifying/hilarious/fun (choose two) in the wet.
  10. I've decided that if my dad ABSOLUTELY INSISTS on finishing the Lancia I'm going to have someone else do the bodywork and my dad's going to pay for it. I absolutely despise bodywork at the best of times and I have nowhere near the kind of skill required to repair those arches. But if it comes back repaired and with a nice undercoat ready for paint, I can do the rest no problem. Getting parts would be the hardest thing.
  11. That's all I have from the pictures taken years ago when I reluctantly started work on it. We no longer have the "carpets" (they're just plastic in this model) after the person we trusted to retrim it refused to finish the work and we had to take him to court. He retaliated pettily by throwing the carpets out along with the templates. It's been sitting outside for at least 4 years now as a shell so the condition will have deteriorated a little though it's been mostly covered up so shouldn't be too bad. Vulgalour did begin taking the filler in the arches off to prep them for repair but was pulled off of it by my dad for apparently no reason. I'm starting to suspect my dad gets off on watching cars rot in a corner.
  12. Yeah they're incredibly rare but worth very little in comparison to other classics. My dad paid £2000 give or take years ago for a rolling shell with a working engine which he's done nothing with except strip. If anyone wanted it they could have it for the same price. I'd be happy to have it out of the yard it's slowly rotting away in. My dad would be mad but it's one car I would have no qualms about selling behind his back because I know with 100% accuracy he will NEVER DO ANYTHING WITH IT. I love my old man but he's a fuckin' hoarder and it drives me insane. He almost stopped me selling the Wolseley for the same reason. ----------------------- The engine and gearbox in this vehicle WORK. They smoke, likely due to ancient fuel or bad valve seals, but they work. It's been reduced to a shell with all the parts for it stored inside. Money wasted on a partial retrim of the interior in very expensive red leather. It breaks my heart to see how little has been done with it and I cannot find the time to even look at it as my dad keeps piling work on me. It was originally bought by a twat who used to work with me, using my dads money, but this aforementioned TWAT talked the talk when in actuality knew absolutely nothing about cars. It was bought behind my back then I was forced to work on it. That's one of the big reasons I dragged my heels on it to begin with, I didn't want it or need it. If I don't sell it I can see its fate being tied to the fate of the poor slowly-rusting Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II it's stood next to in the yard, my dad will do absolutely nothing with them and when he dies I'll sweep what remains of them into a bag. 😪
  13. Yes it is! Anyone interested just pop along and take a look at my ad. Shiters get a discount, £3000 instead of £4000 if a Shiter buys it.
  14. Ref Wolseley..................see attached!


  15. Will this require lead additive? I'm assuming the head is cast iron. So yes in that case.
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