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  1. The only car I had an FTP in was German....it was also the most needy of any car I've owned.
  2. I've got a plastic version of that tin plate beetle. The mechanism underneath stops it falling from a table top. Smoll Eddy doesn't like it,as it pushed him off his perch and he landed on his head. "Cheap Chinese crap M8"
  3. If that tin plate beetle was the larger Ban Dai version I'd have been interested. I paid €10.00 For my Taiyo version,in slightly* worse condition, so Β£20 For that one isn't bad at all,they are collectable.
  4. Try Abbeyautoline they are up in the north but cover down south too. I was having a problem insuring a 1991 car,they did it no problem.
  5. That's really nice,I've a huge soft spot for the VW transporter as my late uncle and aunt had several camper versions over the years,starting with a split screen and ending up with a T25,before eventually buying a small car. Many happy childhood memories involved a VW transporter 😊
  6. See below for the source, fitting can be tricky, I normally drill out the posts remove the old wheels and axles fit the new,then screw the car back together using M2 stainless steel screws. € 12,44 5%OFF | 20Sets(for 20 cars) 1/64 Car Tires Rubber tire Five Star Wheels with Axle for Matchbox Domeka 1:64 Alloy Model Cars https://a.aliexpress.com/_m0eEbMb I got them from here.They are quite well made.
  7. Smoll Eddy received a consignment of wheels today,so it seemed rude not to let him try out a set on a Celica fresh out of the blister pack. Nice work Smoll Eddy! "I'm the rim king M8"
  8. At around 6mins into this it seems to be struggling for grip a wee bit....
  9. Finally found something new,still no sign of the black Mercedes though. Two nice castings. If you want to go into the bush you take a land rover,if you want to come out again you take a Land Cruiser. What would you recommend to get into the bush with Smoll Eddy? "Cheap bottle of plonk and some Barry White M8"
  10. Cor!! That's a looker isn't it. 😲
  11. Picked up this Lone Star Lotus yesterday, date on the box says 1976,so not the greatest of era's for the brand. Still,it is a nice find,the vendor also had boxed Lone star trucks,but they were of the generic variety, so left them. Smoll Eddy isn't a fan "Can't get it out of the box M8"
  12. That is a impressive MPG. Like the rest of the car really.
  13. Nice finds, I can't find that Mercedes anywhere! Got the Audi,and the Celica is an old casting that I have a few of,but the Merc is proving elusive. Maybe it's a sign to stop collecting,it's starting to become a bit of an obsession now.....
  14. Unfortunately Tenmil Socket has put their hand up first.
  15. I'm flexible,but I don't think there is a huge queue forming for it,so I'll have it a while longer
  16. Today's exciting* car boot sale find is this oddity,all plastic apart from the axles and badged as a Seat,no makers name or country of manufacture at all. Here with a hot wheels Ford Falcon for a sense of scale. Not my bag will trade for something like a Rat Rod Mercury Cougar, or the wildcat mustang in battered but complete condition.
  17. I don't think putting sponge and a nylon rope directly onto the exhaust is a particularly good idea.........
  18. Of absolutely no help,but my Golf has a Montego gearbox in itπŸ˜‚
  19. The lower steering knuckle on my 205 aka the Peashooter, had play in it. Local factors couldn't help,so turned to eBay, got the wrong one,there are 3 types apparently. Great. One with a square end to the steering rack, and two splined versions. More research required then. MrAuto had them both,helpfully one had an "up to chassis number" listed,so bit the bullet(again)and hoped for the best. Arrived this morning, a quick check under the car,and yes,it looks the same. Assume the position, New one fitted. Old kippered one. Took almost as long to get the gaiter seated back in as it did to swap the UJ. Still all back together now and it works well,so not a bad mornings tinkering.
  20. I've bought oil filters for a viva from that very shop!! New dizzy cap and rotor arm for my Capri came from there too.
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