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  1. Snap,found this one last Saturday at a market.
  2. One of yesterday's finds was this Matchbox Turbo 2 with a wonky wheel,but with a full complement of tyres. I have this one from a car boot sale last summer sans tyres! Fixed! Still works too!
  3. What a complete and utter turd of a vehicle.
  4. Must be the day for toy fairs. I'm just back from a local one. First is this plastic Triumph TR3. No idea of the manufacturer,no country of origin. Roughly Matchbox sized,here with a Corgi Binz ambulance that I intend to try and graft a Sierra front onto,to recreate my Sierra hearse. Matchbox Superking Porsche 944. Carded T bird. and Rover. Green light Barracuda. Hotwheels Volvo 142GL. Dinky Capri and a Corgi Mercedes fixer upper. Lastly this random bunch of loose Hotwheels and a Matchbox Turbo 2,I bought for the tyres.
  5. 1 AZI to 999 YZI (Oct 1979 – Apr 1980); Dublin County registered.
  6. Same here,Just seems to be so much pointless shit in cars nowadays, So much so I'm finding myself eyeing up a Dacia Duster🤣
  7. Disaster!!!! The door wouldn't open with the key. Oh noes!! A squirt of oil and all's well again!! Bloody Fords ect..
  8. In the fast paced world of diecast tat when faced by the Nemesis it's kill or be killed!!!
  9. Autoshite funeral services.
  10. No wonder @theshadow is gone quiet lately 😂
  11. https://www.oldclassiccar.co.uk/viva-dormobile.htm Found this on the Viva hearse.
  12. Found these too. Not the most exciting of Matchbox models,but it was the right price. Also this Playart Mazda pickemup truck. Nice!😊
  13. Found this today. VW looks like a matchbox copy. Dates from 1996.
  14. Wonder if that still exists? Honey starmist Viva HC.
  15. Oooh the cats done a whoopsie in my toy box!!🤣
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