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  1. No you aren't, that patch is really nicely made,and while the welding isn't pretty it doesn't look like it's going to fall off, you can add a bit of filler to smooth off the repair. Don't forget to waxoyl the rear of the repair as it will rust out again extremely quickly if you don't. Well done,that's really good work.
  2. The UK is becoming more Orwellian by the day. Easy money for somebody. Hateful.
  3. For a first go that's bloody impressive. Well done.
  4. The white part of the switch can be adjusted to suit,you just need to pull it out a bit,it will then self adjust to the brake pedal.
  5. I'm pretty sure that the plunger part of the brake light switch is adjustable. It probably got knocked in slightly while being refitted,just needs to be pulled out again. Poor form from the mechanic not to spot or remedy it.
  6. Those Dinky Vega coaches are really nice, I was lucky enough to find a boxed one last year.
  7. Not too keen on the seats,but those slot mags are lush!😎
  8. Agreed,I had one as a daily for over 5 years and it always needed attention. Replaced it with a Japanese made motor that just got on with being a car. Still have the Golf though🤪 And it's still a diva,but I'm more tolerant of it now seeing as it's over 30🤣
  9. Picked up this rather natty Siku Mercedes truck and trailer at the weekend, the 505 is from my parts bin.
  10. I've no interest in buses, So of course I bought one yesterday🙄 And here it is! Not my usual purchase I mustard mit, but it really is a fantastic thing. It's in quite good shape,and there is a little switch on the side that opens and closes the doors!! A totally mechanical system. How cool is that! My favourite part though is the dinger!! It's only got a frickin bell that works 😁 Twang that little lever behind the rear tyre and it goes "Ding" as clear as a....erm...bell! I love it.
  11. My aunt and uncle's split screen vw camper. Think this was taken in Wales sometime in the early 70s.
  12. A young JYD with my Aunt and uncle's old VW Camper. I say old,I think it was 12 years old at the time,think I was about 10,taken in Fishguard around 1982ish.
  13. That's interesting. Thank you. It was sold after it blew up its engine when they were in Ireland, it got fitted with a used engine from a vw main dealer so they could get home,but I think they lost confidence in it at that stage.
  14. Looking through my late great Aunt and uncle's old slides I found these two that I got quite excited about. The VW Camper was a faithful servant for many many years,it replaced a split screen version sometime in the early 70's until it was replaced in 1987 by a newer version. I have a lot of happy memories of this old van The Capri belonged to another family members partner,I remember as a small boy of being very impressed by it. Probably both long since gone now.
  15. That was never ever an acceptable way to dress! 🤣
  16. Not Escort. That one is Hillman hunter based.
  17. 😂 Maybe sometime in the future it will cross the Irish sea?
  18. Yes,I knew of a garage that would tip a bucket of water onto the carpets before welding commenced. A watering can can be useful too,as it could be poured more accurately onto anything that maybe smouldering. A 2 litre plastic pop bottle with a small hole in the lid is good too. Best of luck with the welding.
  19. You taking the Carina to Ireland?
  20. Not just N.I,I'm in England at the moment and stuff is gone very expensive here.
  21. I was lucky enough to find one at a boot sale a few years back. Spring was easy enough to get in place and use,but it is incredibly noisy.
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