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  1. Picked up this Lone Star Toyota a while back,so it was time to drop it off at Smoll Eddy's workshop. "Looked like it was ridden hard and put away wet M8"
  2. Thank you Egg,but I'm not so sure about that, I see loads of great stuff that others find on here,and think why the hell don't I find stuff like that🤣
  3. He's got a keen eye does Smoll Eddy 😂
  4. Picked up this rather neat little Matchbox 57 Chevrolet on Saturday. "Shame 'bout the wonky axles and shit wheels M8" What do you suggest then Smoll Eddy? "Leave it with me M8" "Proppa mota now M8"
  5. Would plastic welding work on those cracks and other weak areas? I don't think fiberglass matting will stick particularly well to the plastic those old pedal cars were made of,one bash into a a solid object and it would most likely delaminate from it.
  6. Today has been another battle with an oil seal,this time the nearside gearbox output shaft. Drip on the lower gearbox casing. The new CV boot I fitted wasn't looking to clever either🙄 Less than 2 years old and a smidge over 1500 miles.The factor replaced them FOC,will see how long this one will last. Driveshaft removed,had to use a puller to get the flange off the splined shaft. Old seal. Best make sure they are the same... Driveshaft flange. New seal fitted. Time to wind in the flange again,used a nut,bolt and a large washer to get it in far enough to put the retaining clip back on. Back together again. New CV boot,I despise them. And that's about it,seems to be ok,will check it again after a few miles have been done. The other side looks a bit damp,but is not leaking oil,so will leave it be for the time being,I got another seal just in case. It's all fun,isn't it?
  7. Yes,I kinda figured that,still an unusual find though.
  8. Picked up this Kidco key car yesterday. Not really my thing, so if anyone has anything they would like to trade for it shout,if not I'm happy to keep it. Unusual to find one still with the key.
  9. Picked up this a few weeks ago at a boot sale, paid a hefty €8.00 for it,but never seen one like it before. Even Smoll Eddy likes it. "I love opening flaps M8" 😯
  10. Has the excitement left tat Friday's?
  11. The steering wheel in my Golf has got the same problem, I did try and inject some hot glue into it,made no difference what so ever, so I'm choosing to ignore it now.
  12. Whilst I was out and about today,I saw an Aldi parked outside the local filling stations shop,what drew my attention to it was the fact it was parked right outside the fucking door,as if it would be too much of a chore for the cunt to walk more than 3 feet to get in to purchase cheap crisps, fags and cider,but I digress. My eyes wandered as they often do,to the tyres this finely maintained conveyance wore. Headking they proudly displayed,now I was quite a way from this fine piece of German engineering, but I'm pretty sure that's what it said. A wee bit of googling later...and yes a new name of death ring has been discovered. I give you the Headking!
  13. The Alvis should have tyres,not tracks, I do like the ingenuity of whoever fitted them to it though.
  14. So far this has done 1,500 miles since being put back on the road, One issue that came to light has been it liked to puff out blue smoke in stop/start traffic,and the associated oil consumption that this caused. So,a set of valve stem oil seal replacement was on the cards. I didn't want to remove the head to do this,so a cheap valve stem replacement kit was purchased online. Time to delve in. Cam belt off,and camshaft out,screw in adapter into the spark plug hole,and connect to the airline. Then you can remove the valve springs and replace the seals. Bit off a faff, but got there in the end. After everything was back together,it was time to start it,except it wasn't having any of it!! Double checked everything,tried again it ran,but extremely poorly,then cut out. FFS! Pulled the plugs, number two looked wet,tried another,did the same thing. By this time I was getting vexed,pulled the rocker cover to check everything looked ok,which it was,checked timing again,it was fine. What the fuck is up with this thing? By this time it was getting late,and I was extremely fed up, so locked the shed and took the dog for a walk. Tomorrow is another day. Decided to do a compression test today as the first job,all checked out fine,looked over the timing(again) Decided, fuck it I'm putting it back together,cleaned the plugs,Checked the leads and firing order,and refitted the rocker cover. Turned the key and it fired straight up,and settled down to idle on all four. Bit of noise from the hydraulic lifters as they pumped up,but soon went quiet. Took it for a run and all seems well. Don't you just love old cars🙄 The oil smoke problem seems fixed too.
  15. I think those 1.4 sunny engines are a timing chain and not a belt.
  16. The only car I had an FTP in was German....it was also the most needy of any car I've owned.
  17. I've got a plastic version of that tin plate beetle. The mechanism underneath stops it falling from a table top. Smoll Eddy doesn't like it,as it pushed him off his perch and he landed on his head. "Cheap Chinese crap M8"
  18. If that tin plate beetle was the larger Ban Dai version I'd have been interested. I paid €10.00 For my Taiyo version,in slightly* worse condition, so £20 For that one isn't bad at all,they are collectable.
  19. Try Abbeyautoline they are up in the north but cover down south too. I was having a problem insuring a 1991 car,they did it no problem.
  20. That's really nice,I've a huge soft spot for the VW transporter as my late uncle and aunt had several camper versions over the years,starting with a split screen and ending up with a T25,before eventually buying a small car. Many happy childhood memories involved a VW transporter 😊
  21. See below for the source, fitting can be tricky, I normally drill out the posts remove the old wheels and axles fit the new,then screw the car back together using M2 stainless steel screws. € 12,44 5%OFF | 20Sets(for 20 cars) 1/64 Car Tires Rubber tire Five Star Wheels with Axle for Matchbox Domeka 1:64 Alloy Model Cars https://a.aliexpress.com/_m0eEbMb I got them from here.They are quite well made.
  22. Smoll Eddy received a consignment of wheels today,so it seemed rude not to let him try out a set on a Celica fresh out of the blister pack. Nice work Smoll Eddy! "I'm the rim king M8"
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