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  1. Found a new one to me today,on the back of a mates taxi. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Road Claw😂
  2. Not a huge grump in the greater scheme of things,but today I decided to give my Golf a wash as it was extremely grimy(one of the downsides of living in the sticks). Gave it a good going over with the shampoo,rinsed it off,then dried it off too. Jobs a goodun. Went in for a cuppa and returned out to this. Fuck me,why do I even bother. 🙄
  3. Yep.it's been a trooper. Drives really nicely still,even the aircon still works. It's not a cherished example by any means,but it still does what is required so why replace it.
  4. This old thing went in for its annual road worthiness test today (NCT)and passed first go,was really expecting them to find something wrong with it. I did chuck on a set of partworn Chinese death rings on it(from a mates scrap yard)and adjusted the handbrake a little bit,but apart from that did very little else. Good to go for another 12 months. Chuffed. 16 years of ownership and counting.
  5. We don't see enough Budgie toys on here. I picked this one up yesterday at an autojumble. Paid a reasonable amount for this,but it's charm won me over.
  6. Think it's a keeper for now, I fancy having a tinker with it.
  7. Today's find, Matchbox Saab 900 turbo slot car. Never seen one of these before, I quite like it. 😎
  8. It's amazing the ground you can cover in absolute shite. Well done.
  9. Smoll version of the Corgi Sierra. Never seen the junior version in this livery before.
  10. Don't think I've seen the Corgi Citroen Dyane in that blue before.
  11. I've got the juniors version of that Sierra in the same livery.
  12. Who was helping to push that? Dolly Parton????? 🤣
  13. Does the yellow superfast Dodge cattle truck still have the tailgate intact? I'm not particularly interested in it, but curious to know if that has survived. 🤪
  14. https://dipetane.com/ This is good stuff. I always add a splash of it before the emissions test. Halfords stock it.
  15. For the first time since 2008,this is now fully road legal again. Just passed it's NCT this morning. Chuffed. Hard to believe it's 30 years old.
  16. Looking through my late Aunt and uncle's old slides I found a photo of their first VW Camper. They went all over in this,even took it to Scandinavia at one point. Think the ferry was a day and a half to get there if I recall correctly. Be worth an absolute fortune today. Check out the VW number plate,it came with it,when this got sold on in the mid 70's it was being used as a work van,the interior had been stripped. I think he got £50 for it,mainly because of the number plate, the van was considered worthless. How times have changed.
  17. A recent find is this Solido Peugeot J7 minibus. I'm guessing it dates from the 80's. Paid the princely sum of €5.00 for it which I guess wasn't so bad for a older boxed diecast.
  18. And still half a tank of diesel 😂
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