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  1. 17 hours ago, grogee said:

    Need to know if you used the Haynes 'drain and drop tank' method or cowboy 'ah fuck it, hole saw under rear seat' method. 

    Hmmmm,now let me see,to drain,and remove/replace the tank in cold damp weather on the drive laying on my back getting my eyes and many other facial orifices full of mud,dirt and rust sounds like an extremely unpleasant way to spend an hour or so...

    Rather that just a slightly unpleasant 10 minute task of carefully cutting an access hole into the pump and bypassing the previous paragraph. 

    With only one grazed knuckle to show for it.

    Hope this answers your question 😉😀

  2. 1 hour ago, cobblers said:

    If you can get better photos of what's left and of the new pump, there's a Facebook group called "automotive connector identification" that'll be able to help you work out what the connector is, they're usually fairly readily available 

    Thanks,the pump is actually ok.

    I've soldered new wires directly onto it,and tested them.

    Will fit it in the morning. 

  3. Fucksticks!!

    The normally oh so reliable 99 Ford focus has had a FTP,or really a fail to start as it was fine when parked,but refused to start yesterday for a run to the recycling center. 

    A quick check revealed no fuel arriving at the engine.

    So knackered fuel pump then.

    The trouble with the Focus is that you have to drain and drop the fuel tank to access the pump.

    Or....cut hole in the floor...

    Anyway , pump is out to reveal this...


    The connection has turned crispy and won't pull out of the pump,evidence of overheating too,which has caused the former I guess.

    A new pump is cheap,but the connection may be a problem. 

    These things are no longer in breakers now,and even then may be no better.

    We shall see.


  4. On 11/22/2021 at 7:04 PM, High Jetter said:

    Mine was only 2 or 3 years later. I used to love the smell of peat in the air, much reduced these days - hard to get it unless you know who to ask it seems. Best winter fires ever IMHO.

    My Uncle lives in rural Tipperary and always has a shed full of cut turf.


    This would be a nice photo of his cottage if some bellend hadn't parked a Viva in front of it😂

  5. Also found some of these strange "key" cars,I'd previously found the Renault before,but also found a Datsun,Porsche,and the least obvious to identify the yellow Toyota.







    The "Toyota" has a sticker on the rear wing bearing the legend RX-7,so it looks like the manufacturer was confused by it too.


    Not really my thing, but they weren't that expensive.

  6. BMW drivers!

    Self entitled wankers!!

    In a local town today,I was parked on the main street.

    Checked,Indicated and pulled out,only to meet aforementioned quailty* motor car on the wrong side of the road coming towards me,as apparently he is the most important person ever and decided that waiting in the queue behind everybody else for the lights to change was too much of an inconvenience.

    What a cunt.

    Leaving town a novice driver in a Polo decided he didn't like being behind a car doing the legal limit and decided to overtake me,on double whites going up a incline that you couldn't see over.

    Luckily nobody was coming in the opposite direction otherwise things would have got real messy,real quick.

    Caught up to them going through the next village,so that was worth it wasn't it you stupid fuck.

    I fucking hate driving nowadays.



  7. 19 minutes ago, Datsuncog said:

    Ooft, that's bringing back some memories... we used to stock Quartzo in the model shop I worked in, c.1996.

    Not big sellers, as I think the range was solely European touring cars - but pretty well rendered.

    Can't remember who made them, I've a funny feeling it was someone like Vitesse or Trofeu - dunno if the box has any hints?

    Not bad value for €5, anyway!


    That's all the info on the box.

    Charmingly pre WWW.



  8. 27 minutes ago, eddyramrod said:

    Wait, what?   Poundland?????  I feel a visit coming on!

    It was a while back Eddy.

    I do have this one,I've stolen the original wheels for something else,and replaced them with some from a Hot Wheels. 

    It's yours if you want it.


  9. Not a huge grump in the greater scheme of things,but today I decided to give my Golf a wash as it was extremely grimy(one of the downsides of living in the sticks).

    Gave it a good going over with the shampoo,rinsed it off,then dried it off too.

    Jobs a goodun.

    Went in for a cuppa and returned out to this.


    Fuck me,why do I even bother.


  10. This old thing went in for its annual road worthiness test today (NCT)and passed first go,was really expecting them to find something wrong with it.

    I did chuck on a set of partworn Chinese death rings on it(from a mates scrap yard)and adjusted the handbrake a little bit,but apart from that did very little else.

    Good to go for another 12 months. 


    16 years of ownership and counting.



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