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  1. Difficult to price though, as they are marmite cars. Theres an fc vx4/90 local to me up for 7k, been for sale for ages. I would say worth more potentially but at the inconvenience of spending months finding the right buyer. Much more user friendly with the 4 speed box, if you can find one, but still low geared and long distances can be a chore as a result.
  2. Same with my stag, I was always told they had bad brakes, and they were awful when I first got it. A careful rebuild of the braking system combined with good quality pads, and they are actually pretty good now. Keeping them tip top is the key. A dolly sprint is high on my want list too, far better than an rs2000 yet the rs is 3 times the price?
  3. Great save, good luck with it.. This is pretty close to the one Mrs Punk had 20 years ago, back when old Escorts were deeply unfashionable. Hers was two tone sunburst red and stonechip, and was a positively decadent L model. I had a ropey mk2 escort at the time, and we were constantly bantering over which was "better". Hers got sold to a banger racer after it was rear ended and the floor split from rear seat to bulkhead. Apparently estates were sought after in those circles for their low ratio diff. If I hadnt already scratched my mk3 escort itch then I may have been tempted
  4. Thanks! It sold pretty quickly and got a good price on it. I am genuinely sad to see it go. But it increased the kitty sufficiently that I can buy something that otherwise would be out of reach. So to the next buyage, it's probably the finest car that leyland ever made.....and probably the least reliable!
  5. Well, I have had the opportunity to buy something I have been after for a very long time at a good price. I now officially have more cars than I have space for, so this is regretfully up for sale. Link to ebay advert, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Escort-MK3-XR3-1982/154021869585?hash=item23dc6b3811:g:LcMAAOSwxvFfHd0M Lots of work done as per opening post and as in the description on the ebay ad, which also outlines the jobs that still need doing. Mileage has now turned 100k. I'd like to see this go to a good home so am open to sensible offers from anyone on here in exchange for a
  6. Well today was mot day, Another once over identified no significant issues, so duly driven down to the garage. Result? Pass, with one advisory for a sticky back brake, one about the patches mentioned earlier and a verbal advisory for a slightly blowing exhaust. Might have to go for a blast later this evening in the interests of freeing off that brake ?
  7. atomic punk

    Austin Maxi

    And the shellsport escort mk1 mexicos..... Love a good maxi ?
  8. Pretty sure mine are Orion 1600e. A nice looking wheel but a right pain to keep clean!
  9. Love the princess, especially in brown....good luck with it! Have you tried the light off the car with crocodile clips on a battery, would rule out a duff bulb?
  10. Hi all, thanks for all the positive comments - it seems there is more love for these as time goes by. It wont get painted for a little while yet, but eventually it would be nice to 'finish' it, I went down to the lockup tonight and did all the usual pre-MOT checks, freed off the brakes and it seems that it only needs a blowing exhaust sorted for a pass. Then made a 'to do' list of the work needed over the coming months, Firstly, it seems you get no prizes for illuminating all of the warning lights simultaneously. Failed module probably, solved by taking take the bulbs out 20200
  11. Long time lurker, never actually posted anything about any of my old bangers until now. Might be interesting, might not... I've now had this old XR3 for 11 years and, when I first bought it, was an utter shed and, frankly, was only really fit for scrap. On the day I bought it, I drove it back to Portsmouth from Bristol, in which time it burnt and leaked its way through an entire sump worth of oil, subsequently the lifters lost pressure and buggered up the camshaft just outside Southampton... since then its spent more time off the road than on, had a complete engine rebuild, front and rear
  12. Great choice of car?we have a later 101 fc which is basically the same car, perfect for cruising country lanes on a sunny day. Is it a 1500 or later 1595cc? Watching with interest?
  13. This reminds me of my student days..... dreadful white 2.9Ghia mk3 Granada abandoned on campus by an outgoing student, with at least 220k on the clock if the MOT papers found in the glovebox and the speedo reading to be believed. Was left in a car park for months, eventually took ownership and after a few days freeing brakes, some carb cleaner, glassfibre mat, 2 partworns, and some judicially applied isopon had the thing through the MOT despite it's dubious history. A true Stevie Wonder special..... Several months of commuting 6 or 7 students up, it pulled like a train and was the best studen
  14. my thoughts for what its worth, check also the carb float, I had an issue with a carb recently on a laid up car. The float wasn't closing properly, the reservoir overfilled and was somehow flooding neat fuel into the inlet, affecting cylinders 2 and 3 (closest to the carb on the inlet manifold). Caused all sorts of running problems. Took the whole lot apart, thorough clean, reset float level, and new jets & seals followed by a few evenings resetting mixture and idle had it running ok. Vacuum hoses were also perished and needed replacing before it was running happily. And the spar
  15. Looked a good show, gutted I missed it, Having fought to free a stuck clutch, I made it as far as the A3M before the brakes seized on. Spent the rest of the morning freeing them off. Not a pretty sight, proper brake overhaul will be done soon as time allows.
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