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  1. Attempts to check the actual oil level in the Dacia Logan 1.5 diesel taxi are proving to be ridiculously difficult. Car parked up on level ground overnight, withdraw dipstick and it has oil all over it. Wipe, re insert, withdraw and one side of the dipstick shows no oil while the other side has a smeary level just below max. Repeat the process and get another version of the same, ie nothing on one side but something on the other. It differs every time! As it usually comes out oily somewhere and no oil pressure warnings am fairly convinced that it has enough oil in. But FFS.The plastic outer tube is a narrow necked affair and is presumably wiping the dipstick on its way out. Silly.
  2. I realise that this has been grumped about before, but it made me considerably grumpy last week. Called into the larger branch of Home Bargains nearby for some stuff. Stuff has disappeared and entire aisles full of Christmas things. Went to our local garden centre for a few bags of gravel and over half of the indoor bit is set out as a winter wonderland with animated polar bears, an animated Santa band playing and Christmas lights in false Chistmas trees covered in fake snow. This was on Saturday THE 28TH OF SEPTEMBER . A few plastic skeletons around in the garden centre as a nod to hallowe'en. Which is still a month away. FFS.
  3. As a taxi 'owner' driver working for Whiteside Taxis I recently joined the team that does the long distance airport and corporate account work rather than just the local jobs. My car is a 19 reg Dacia Logan MCV diesel. Apparently these come with 3 years or 60,000 miles free AA breakdown cover but mine had no windscreen sticker/contact number or indeed any evidence that it did. Clearly doing airport jobs means that customers need to get there on time and any breakdowns etc need fairly immediate assistance.The manager at Whiteside rang Arnold Clarke who supplied the car and was told that I just needed to call in to get the car registered as it did indeed have full breakdown cover. I called in to the dealer, explained the situation and was greeted by blank looks from the receptionist. "Errr, hang on, I will get Paul" Paul shows up after five minutes, speaks to the receptionist and they both rummage in a drawer looking for the windscreen sticker, find one and head over. The receptionist stops Paul, tells him the phone number is for Renault and not Dacia so back he goes.... Paul goes to a nearby Dacia in the showroom to look at the window sticker, crosses out the number and writes a new one in felt tip pen on my sticker. "Stick that in your window mate, just ring if you break down" Hardly inspires confidence does it? Cheers Arnold. As I have my own personal breakdown cover I am not overly concerned, but really?
  4. Getting an indicated 63 mpg average on a recent late night 150 mile journey from Scotland downwards on a deserted M6 in the 'new' Honda Accord 2.2 diesel estate. It could be lying of course, but the fuel gauge didn't move much. Cruise control set at 60, Abba CD playing and no traffic....... Mmmmmmm.
  5. This quote from another thread..... "This. Plus there’s some bloody odd people at these events. Two things you are guaranteed to see... A stall holder selling dried up tins of 25 year old paint. A rather rotund old fella sat on a stool with his bollocks hanging down one side of his jogging trousers, one of those padded waistcoat things and an absolutely filthy hat festooned with badges. Doing something absolutely pointless with a stationary engine like pumping water from one bucket to another. " At a local show last Sunday I saw the stereotype. He was doing both. His wife was sat in a deck chair alongside him eating fish and chips and looking proudly on. He still had all the tins of paint left at 6pm and one full bucket. His wife had seemingly gone home.
  6. Well, unsurprisingly the bargain* eBay Honda Accord Tourer needed a fair bit of work for the MOT. Bought for £410 with lapsed MOT. Suspension bushes both sides at the front, two new tyres, brake pads and various other stuff. Now has MOT but still an oil leak and stands me at £850 now. Not too bad for an 06 diesel Accord estate with all the options ticked I suppose.... Although 179,000 miles it seems like a nice old thing. Fingers crossed. Now to actually find and fix the oil leak. Mrs Beard not entirely pleased about the black stain on the sandstone paving.
  7. Popped another tenner in. Thanks for keeping us going!
  8. As a taxi driver in Lytham St Annes most of my customers are old and/or disabled. This means that I often have to drop them off or pick them up from places that inconvenience other drivers. The amount of verbal abuse I get for stopping in awkward places is incredible. Despite it being obvious that I am helping an elderly man/lady into a wheelchair and onto a footpath or into a shop horns are tooted and I get yelled at and called a twat. Am almost immune to it now, but it still annoys me.
  9. Mrs Beard recently decided that she wanted another Honda Accord Tourer having had two of them in the past. She just likes them and is familiar with them etc.... She has been using the Chevrolet Tacuma 2.0 auto for daily duties but wanted another Honda estate. Ebay was perused and I recently 'won' a 2006 Accord Tourer for £410. A diesel with 176,000 miles with no MOT. Failed on not much. Suspension bushes and a headlight not working. Also has an oil leak (advisory) ongoing for the last five years. Picked it up from Derby and drove it the 150 miles home with no issues. Putting it in for repairs and another MOT on Friday. Seems a lovely thing, three owners, leather, all the options ticked and the a/c works. In fact everything seems to work incuding the sunroof. The exhaust manifold is cracked (TADTS apparantly) and will need replacing as it occasionally pongs a bit inside the car when idling but not an MOT item it seems. Anyone any experience of the Honda Accord diesel? Never had a diesel Honda before!
  10. Not sure if I have done the right thing, but have done it anyway! Two months ago I started working as a self employed taxi driver just 'renting' a car for five days a week between 0700 and 1730. Was ok but meant I had to travel to the office, to pick up the car and back each day, fuel up and clean the car ready for the night driver which ate into my time. The opportunity came up to take over a four month old car as an owner driver, meaning a decrease in weekly 'rent' payments but an additional car payment. The net increase being £100 per week. The car will be fully maintained, insured, taxed and taxi tested by the company until it is paid for in 17 months. The car then becomes my property. No contract or liability during that period and I can hand it back to the taxi company at any point. I have total flexibility as to what days/hours I work and the car is 'mine' with personal use no problem. So far so good, but means that I now have to earn between £600/£700 per week to clear the £250/£350 per week which is sufficient for our needs at the moment. Have done that but the need to be out driving is relentless, five days a week (50 hours) if I am lucky. No night working through choice. The car is a 19 reg Dacia Logan MCV with the Renault 1.5 diesel engine and is incredibly good on fuel (adblue also needed) so time will tell I suppose! I get five weeks holiday per year (no rent or car payment, but don't earn anything of course) My news. Bit of a quantum leap from doing almost bugger all.
  11. Hi Bob, are you willing to sell the no plate ? 

    Dalbeattie know it well - used to water ski on Milton loch in Crocketford - happy days !

  12. Hi Bob. Just been doing some research on my new car (rover l565 tap ) and found your thread !! It's a great car , very pleased with it. Interesting to see it's history on here . Be great to see some pics of it when it was lowered. Anyway great to be on autoshite :) all the best. 



  13. Not been on here much lately due to starting work again full time. Well, self employed taxi driver for a local (and fairly upmarket thankfully) well established family company. 7.30 am until 5pm so no drunk people or pub/club stuff. Mainly taking folk to work, school, then elderly ladies to the shops and back. School run after 3pm. Some runs to Blackpool Victoria hospital etc. Shirt and tie job (my first) with weekly random inspections to ensure the car is clean and tidy. All jobs pre booked so no hanging about in taxi ranks! Just finished my second week (Sundays and Mondays off) and am enjoying it far more than I thought I would TBH. Pay the company the rent for the car ( £47.50 per day ) plus diesel. Making between £50 to £100 per day so far. Not a fortune for the hours put in but pays the bills mostly. Tips have covered the diesel so far. Usually between £10 to £15 per day. (2014 Ford Focus estate) Somehow having less free time has concentrated my efforts on my chod on the days off so have mostly been getting the Triumph Dolomite ready for the MOT. Quality tinkering time.
  14. Mostly the choice has been down to one of late, the Honda Accord. The others were/are either SORN or broken! Occasionally use the Prelude as neither SORNed or broken, but never when taking Dog Beard as the Prelude is far too nice for dog duties. Now the Tacuma has rejoined the fleet am using that fairly regularly. Head gasket, timing belt etc jobs now done. The exhaust is blowing and crusty on the Tacuma but have a new one in the garage yet to fit. Just making sure I had done the head gasket and timing belt change properly and the car works as it should before embarking on another axle stand grubaround marathon.
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