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  1. Mostly the choice has been down to one of late, the Honda Accord. The others were/are either SORN or broken! Occasionally use the Prelude as neither SORNed or broken, but never when taking Dog Beard as the Prelude is far too nice for dog duties. Now the Tacuma has rejoined the fleet am using that fairly regularly. Head gasket, timing belt etc jobs now done. The exhaust is blowing and crusty on the Tacuma but have a new one in the garage yet to fit. Just making sure I had done the head gasket and timing belt change properly and the car works as it should before embarking on another axle stand grubaround marathon.
  2. Another long weekend break at the static caravan in Scotland. Weather a bit rubbish with lots of rain and wind, the hawthorn blossom blowing everywhere and sticking to everything like a snow drift! The Honda Accord was due a gearbox oil change (180,000 miles, no record of ever being done) so another job done. Bit of a faff locating the drain and level plugs whilst using the jack and axle stands on gravel but all done now. Two litres of Honda MTF-3 now resides and the 'snick snack' rifle bolt Honda gear change restored. The old fluid didn't look too murky TBH when drained but the new stuff has made a noticable* difference. Or maybe it is just my imagination. Anyway, whatever. Good for another 100K.
  3. Donated, and thankyou for all the hard work folks. Much appreciated. Not sure why but it took three attempts to donate via paypal. Just kept taking me to the paypal log in page then once logged in nothing happened. Worked on the third try though.
  4. Paint the underside yellow. That would mean the tester has to nip out for some darker chalk. You could then dash over to the computer whilst he/she is out attempting to buy black chalk, pass the car with 'No Advisories' whilst the tester is still logged in and drive off chortling. Happy in the knowledge that your car is now perfectly safe* for another year! If feeling particularly impish you could adjust the mileage downwards a touch whilst you were in then clock the odometer accordingly. Maybe...
  5. After the recent HGF on the 80,000 mile Chevrolet Tacuma (Daewoo re badged) I have finally got it all back together and running. New gasket set, head bolts, new timing belt, idlers, tensioner, waterpump etc. One gasket doesn't come with the new set for some reason. The one for the EGR water cooled manifold block thingy. Old gasket looked ok so re used it with some RTV black sealant. Left it to cure for a couple of days then filled up with coolant. Ten mile shakedown run today and everything looked good. Coolant level checked and down by half a litre ish. Topped up, another few miles done and coolant level down. Bugger. Wisps of steam and drips from the bodged gasket. That will teach me then. New gasket needed. No idea what to order. The engine is a GM (Vauxhall obv) 2.0 litre 16v X20SED I believe. Must have been different versions of the EGR water cooled manifold and trawling ebay/the internet has been no use so far! Leak got bigger. Car parked up and out if use again until I find out what the name/number of the gasket is to order one. Grumpy.
  6. Just back from a very pleasant five day break at the static caravan in Scotland. Generally lovely weather, didn't watch anything political or news based on the TV, went for a lot of great walks with Mrs Beard and Dog Beard, gave the Honda Accord an oil and filter change (Shell Helix Ultra full synthetic for £19.99 for 5 litres off of that ebay) plus a coolant flush and change (Prestone ready mixed stuff, Tesco selling it off at £7 for 4 litres). Heard a cuckoo, saw several red kite, a hare, a red deer and some red squirrels.
  7. Just spent £10 on a litre of genuine Honda power steering fluid as the Prelude needed a tiny top up from min to max. No leaks, but I like things to be right. The rest will come in handy for the Accord after all. Just checked the Accord and couldn't find the power steering reservoir. Hmm. Turns out it has electric power steering, never expected that. So 950 ml of Honda PSF left over then. Will come in handy one day....
  8. Happy to swap back whenever really. Will even deliver (to Glasgow?) and drive the Saab home. Love the Prelude and it is in fantastic condition but miss Elmo!
  9. Glad to hear that you are enjoying the Saab! Did loads of work on it. Dropped the sump and cleaned out the oil pickup, fitted the later breather system, new front wheel bearings, new driveshaft bearing, new spark plugs, cabin filter, air filter etc. Also cleaned, and re proofed the soft top with Nikwax. Full service with Saab synthetic oil...... The list goes on! Regret swapping it in some ways now.
  10. Yep, the baffles or something have come adrift in the backbox and it rattles like mad. New one to be fitted! You can have it back any time really. Not actively selling it, but am running out of space on the drive! It still gets driven most days. Cracking car.
  11. I am indeed. A lovely car! Just needs a few things sorting. The mystery rattle from the rear is from the silencer, the rattle from the front suspension is still unidentified but a great car. I love it also.
  12. Thanks. Are you Uncle Fester? Or used to be? Just wondering how you are getting on with Elmo?
  13. Just been musing, and realised that I have saved a few over the years that I have been on here..... Cars that were broken, unloved or not financially worth fixing. Most of them are still around, mostly on here, some I still use and drive thankfully. At a cost of course. A bit like running an animal rescue it becomes a labour of love. Mrs Beard has oft tutted and questioned the amounts of cash spent on the chod but in general she is understanding and gets to drive an array of shite. The point of this? There isn't one really. Am preaching to the converted I suppose. Any one else so inclined? Just fixing cars to keep them alive? Never made a profit on any of them but they are still around.
  14. Oh so you bought it, I tried twice, and failed. Who owns Elmo now? Have lost track......
  15. Not actually checked the fuel consumption on the Honda Accord before now, but became aware that fuel stops are less frequent than they were in the Saab. Noticeably so. Did a brim to brim check on a recent long trip and was astonished really! Ok, so I was deliberately driving as economically as possible cruising at 60 on a very quiet M6 up to Scotland, but over the 150 odd mile journey managed a tad over 43 MPG. In a 16 year old 2.0 litre pez iVtec with almost 180K miles on the clock. Including some B road driving and Dumfries traffic. Nice! Just hope this isn't tempting fate and something breaks..........
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