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  1. So...... My Dolomite doesn't need an MOT but still needs to be taxed until 1st April if I read the above correctly? After 1st April it needs neither? Reg is MGJ 57V. Registered October 1979. (It will be put in for an MOT though, because second opinion.)
  2. Just telly eh? Wouldn't be a programme if she had paid the rent on time. May or may not be true.
  3. Traffic Wardens. More specifically the ones in St Annes. Others are doubtless available. I am a Private Hire (taxi) driver in St Annes, as some of you may know this seaside area has a huge population of elderly and disabled folk. Last Saturday I had a job picking up a customer in a wheelchair from outside a shop in the centre of town. Long story short, between helping the customer into the car and loading the wheelchair into the boot I got a parking ticket for being in a no stopping/loading area slapped on the windscreen. I was stopped there for less than two minutes and never left the car apart from helping the customer. The Warden was properly nasty. I explained the situation but his response was " don't care mate, not my problem" Surely this is discrimination against the disabled or something. Other drivers have fallen foul of this and received tickets for doing the same. All their appeals have failed so mine will too. A quiet time for the taxi business so the £35 fine represents a great proportion of my profit for the day. Grump.
  4. Working on Christmas Day. My first Christmas as a private hire driver so decided to put my name down to work all day. Christmas tariff so 50% extra. Really enjoyed the day, everyone in a good mood, no traffic and plenty of 'tips'. Was about to sign off at 6pm but a job pinged up to collect a customer from a local club. Turned up, waited and waited. Just about to log the job as a No Show then a young lass dashed out in full going out gear. "Are you waiting for me? It's Katie" Agreed that I was so in she got. She needed to go and feed her four horses and return to the party, could I wait and bring her back etc? Did that. The grin is that she was delightful and her horses were in stables miles away. £30 fare and a £10 tip. A great end to work on Christmas Day.
  5. To try and stop worrying. I spend half my time worrying what might happen and the other half worrying about what has happened. Anxiety being an almost permanent state. Stop checking the oil and coolant before every trip, stop listening to every clunk or rattle and just stop being a nervous mechanical obsessed wreck. Owning Rovers various has contributed, but am determined.
  6. Would anyone be interested in a cheap reliable car? It is a Chevrolet Tacuma 2.0 pez auto. Have replaced the head gasket, timing belt etc etc. and it just works as a car with no issues. Big snag is the VED at £48 per month. Will be up for sale as soon as the Honda Accord diesel is back on the road next year. £200. It's an 07 car with around 87K.
  7. Just back from our annual meet up with two friends. We do a pre Christmas three day short holiday break at Portmeirion. We took the Rover 75 (as we always do, a tradition) because Mrs Beard loves it and it is only used occasionally when going away without the dog. I was a bit nervous as we haven't used it in almost a year and a FTP was a distinct possibility in my mind. No FTP ensued and all went smoothly. It is a British Racing Green KV6 Connie SE early model and lovely IMHO. We were parked next to a Bentley two door coupe thingy and the Rover got several admiring comments from passing folks, the Bentley didn't get a mention. Great!
  8. Still in the family and still going strong. Owned by family and resides in Burnley now. They also love Elmo.
  9. Was reading Three men in a boat by JKJ (again) last night as I couldn't sleep. Class. Laughed so much I woke up Mrs B and got told to shut up. Amazing to think that it was written in 1890 ish.
  10. All good here! No issues. Thanks again for everything.
  11. Somewhat related (possibly) but couldn't sleep last night and ended up trawling the tv for something vaguely interesting to watch. Landed on a thing called 'Truckin' Hell' or something. Watched it for a short while. It consisted of several American folks with big hats and beards whooping and yelling at some other folks driving home made vehicles in a quarry. All totally pointless and clearly hyped up for TV. A waste of everything IMHO. Done to entertain the masses, the masses being the issue here. Move more, eat less and stop having kids. Fifty years of this policy and things may return to normal. Maybe.
  12. Based on my extensive experience of high mileage cars. Yes, No, possibly, sometimes. Never and yes. Hope that helps.
  13. Bit of Aldilidle superglue and you will be reyt mate. DIY for under a pound. Just stay off the pork scratchings and don't yawn. Sorted.
  14. Regarding electric cars, it has been suggested that our company get a couple to try out on airport runs, these runs being less profitable for us drivers. Fixed fare, traffic, parking and drop off fees etc. Often we do these jobs for around £30 profit and can take four or five hours. Take diesel costs out and the profit rises to around £45 ish. Still not great. The cost of buying electric cars notwithstanding. Getting stuck in 'normal' traffic in winter with an electric car would soon leave the car stranded with flat batteries surely? Unless hybrid. The costs just don't add up.
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