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  1. I've just bagged myself a rust free (no, really, it's been treated with Shell Ensis V - like Waxoyl but it works - from new, and has no holes, anywhere! ) 1990 H plate Toyota Corolla 1.6 Executive auto liftback. If you can stomach the fact that the name of the thing causes people to suspect you of being Alan Partridge, then it's a great car. Mine has done 68k from new and, like most giffer-spec small autos, has every single service stamp from its 24 1/2 year life. The 4A-F engine is one of the world's most bulletproof petrols, the 3 speed auto changes smoothly and efficiently, in practice it's so much better than the DSG7 in the modern Golf that I'm handing back now I've found a pukka daily piece of reliable Japanese shite. The guy who's sold it to me has kept every petrol receipt and done sums at every fill up showing that the thing does between 26mpg (queueing in the A1 traffic on his daily drive to work - the A1 being single carriageway along his whole route) and 47mpg on his trips over to the Argyll & Bute area, where traffic, even in grockle season, is light and people can cruise at a steady 55 without annoying anyone. I've had good experiences with CVTs and a couple of mates have Jazz autos that seem to be blessed with a particularly good example of the type, but the Fiesta auto that I once had (same transmission as the Pandaselecta) was dreadful, mostly because it was knackered, maybe a healthy one would be fine and there's a nice Panda on the 'bay just now.
  2. GJR 11L

    VAG 1.9 tdi's

    Yep, and because their engine's facing east-west there's only an electric fan to worry about and doing the water pump job doesn't involve having the bodyshop take the bumper, bonnet landing panel and front inner panel out to get at the thing. They're no less prone to failure of the heater though. But still it's a shorter list of common, well-known faults than most other vehicles of that age bar a Lexus or a bicycle.
  3. GJR 11L

    VAG 1.9 tdi's

    Water pump impellers are a weakness in the engines from around that Passat's period. Some had crappy nylon blades on an aluminium spindle. The only thing that gives the game away initially tends to be a rise in coolant temp when going up a long climb. The last one I did also had a seized motor on its electric fan and a failed clutch on the viscous one along by it so needless to say, that water pump took a while to track down. Still, that car has now covered some 340,000 miles and apart from the usual broken springs every 100k or so and the equally usual heater meltdown at 240k, it's been utterly dependable and no, it isn't a taxi!
  4. Hmm.... The very best Panda Parade limited edition left in the world. And with the remaining £23,843 I'd pay cute actor wifey Diane Parish - who played the part of Beth in televisual shite-fest "Lovejoy" and currently doesn't look like she's really enjoying her job in "Eastenders" - to come round to my place every Thursday afternoon at 3 o' clock and polish the car. Any energy she had left over could be invested in polishing something else.
  5. That would almost make me wish I were French and a soldier. Almost.
  6. Oooooh. Now that I would find space for! The Mehari's one of those "so utterly bonkers it should be available on the NHS" sort of motors to begin with, IMHO. But add an extra engine and it's the stuff of dreams.
  7. Oh wow, a fishnet towball glove. Kinky.I'd be reluctant to piss down the earholes of the fister brothers if their brains were on fire. Agreed. Just watched all three...I think it also gives a valuable insight into the daily turmoil that seemed so prevalent at BL dealerships everywhere. Indeed so. Only some carefully placed tits would have improved the viewing experience. Anyone have Ian Lavender's phone number please? I'm struggling with a particularly cheeky fault on a late '70s National Panasonic telly. One of these modern ones it is, colour picture and everything!
  8. Yeah, I was genuinely excited by it. Is it OK to say that? Leeds has changed in so many ways since I stayed down there in the mid to late '80s, mostly thanks to road building [and destroying] projects like these new "high occupancy" lanes which, if what I saw yesterday is anything to go by, are designed for large 4x4s with only the driver on board! BUT... I've never seen so many interesting older motors in one city on a January day before in my life. Apart from the A-series Citroen in that picture, I spotted a lovely black A35 which I followed almost into town from Armley. It turned off into a side street near the shopping centre in Bramley, I didn't have the phone in its windscreen holder or I'd have had about a dozen images to post. Also saw an equally sound-looking Toyota Cressida on a '78-'79 T plate, I thought that they'd all been minicabbed to death in the '80s. A mini Clubman estate was turning left to Pudsey from Stanningley Bottom as I sat waiting to get into the traffic from a parking spot and loads of other interesting stuff was out & about. I'm planning to go back in the next few weeks, purely to take pictures of old motors. I have to say though, seriously, the general standard of driving in the city was far higher and much more polite than it is up here. Apart from the single crewed, big 4x4s in the high occupancy lanes that is.
  9. Oh. The depth of my joy cannot be measured without specialised radar equipment. I had one that colour, one of the first of the 1.4SRs it was too, as an AA-supplied "Relay plus" car one week back in 1990 when my Reliant kitten broke its engine and the AA couldn't find anything closer to the quadrupig in size and shape. I, and several equally immature mates, ragged that poor wee Nova to within an Inch of its life and some scientific research on a deserted A1058 at 3am suggested that the thing was capable of an indicated 138mph! OK, so it was probably closer to 110-115 but it felt bloody quick.
  10. *Adds 2cv Sahara to fantasy garage contents list...* Being a conscientious lover of anything car-shaped whose sell by date has been and gone, I did sit in my car for a while longer in case the Deuche's owner came back, but after listening to my entire collection of different versions of "Willie the Pimp" and then some yellow snow-themed songs from the great man, still nobody came to the little Citroen and I had to be somewhere else. Probably, this country's funny that way. Also, didn't James May's Saab 9000/Alfa 164 "Pushmepullyou"-style hybrid, as built for one of Top Gear's amusing challenges, have an engine at both of its front ends and a new MOT certificate at the time of build?
  11. Just as I was editing the post to include your good self, you were busily beating me to it. Sorry.
  12. Today, I have mostly been down in that Leeds place where, standing in the Kirkstall Abbey car park, I spied this: Question for the above named members; is it known to you and does it have the extra engine I expect in a Sahara replica-ish jobbie?
  13. I just did. I think it makes the poor Cav look like a Lada Samara, which is surely a good thing on this forum?
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