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  1. There are so many good threads but I think the late Dave numbers would win it hands down. My fav's are Phil A's Pontiac. http://autoshite.com/topic/32865-1951-pontiac-chieftain-odds-n-ends/ The super Sentinel should be in with a shout as well just for the superb engineering. http://autoshite.com/topic/33305-it-is-just-so-super-sentinel/
  2. Pull the crank out and get it checked, If it was me I would get that reground. It's about £100 then new big end and main bearings. Also well worth checking the oil pick up as that has run been starved of oil at some point.
  3. It only really needs the crank doing which isn't that hard to do. I am not sure who to recommend as I have used a couple of places down in the south west and 2 I wouldn't use again are Hamlins in Bridgwater as they charged me £180 for 3 helicoils. I also tried Barum engineering in Barnstable and they rebored an MG Midget engine but only bored 3 cylinders all the way to the bottom of the bores. Bloody annoying when you rebuild it and the engine keeps locking up. The last one I had done was by Westside motors Bridgewater, they did the crank in the Seat. Reasonably priced and all seems good so far.
  4. Yeap those mains need replacing and the crank wants looking at properly to make sure it isn't too scored. If you leave it then it will only get worse and explains the low oil pressure.
  5. I like how they mounted the battery between the radiator and the fan. Bet that works well on a warm day.
  6. I expect so I haven't played with plant engines in years but the pumps are pretty basic, the last one I played with was a Belarus tractor.
  7. Unlikely to be engine bearings but could be injection pump if it is gear driven off the crank
  8. It's a bit too far away for me and he has flogged the grille. It might be worth a punt though as I sold my last one which was rougher than this for £1650, it went to eastern Europe. So this one might make a bit more being a lot closer to Dover
  9. Maybe I missed it but did you check any of the main bearings ? If it has oil pressure problems it will be in the mains rather than the big end bearings. Just check the one furthest from the pump, if thats ok then the rest should be. With the crap in the sump some flush just swilled around in the bottom isn't going to do any harm as you are hardly filling it with the stuff. Just drain it out and chuck a bit of fresh oil at the bearings if you are worried.
  10. Mine was pretty good to be honest and always started and never let me down. They are a bit scary mind as they will fly along and with the front wings mounted on rubber cotton reels it feels like the whole thing will fly apart. Mine was registered as a BT and had all the right bits for a BT but had the drum brakes which look much nicer. It didn't have a standard engine though as the heads had 2 spark plugs each but it had lost the dual ignition system at some point so was only using one plug per cylinder.
  11. I had one of my Monets done by the motorcycle museum lot and they dated it on the wrong number so don't know much about them. The frame number is underneath where the pedal crank would be. If there is any doubt on the year then wait for a dating cert before doing a NOVA as if it's wrong it is a lot of hassle to put right.
  12. If you are registering in the UK which is far easier than trying to obtain a carte gris it depends on the bike. The NACC do mopeds and I know I got one for a '55 Peugeot through Peugeot motorcycles in the UK. Most owners clubs will have someone who can do it and sometimes it is cheaper to join the club to get it done.
  13. Links to forms https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/register-a-used-vehicle-for-the-first-time-v555 V55/5 https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/v3555-application-for-first-vehicle-tax-and-registration-of-a-used-motor-vehicle-v555 Guide to filling in V55 https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/declaration-of-exemption-from-mot MOT exemption form select reason R for exemption.
  14. Yes that is the first thing to do get a NOVA sorted. They don't know when it arrived and annoyingly don't say anything about NOVA when you drive through customs with the car on a trailer. I do mine online as I am vat registered but I am sure there is a way to do it by post if you are not registered. Once you have NOVA confirmation downlooad the V55/5 form and fill it in. There is a guide to filling them in as a lot of the information isn't required for older cars. Download and fill in an mot exemption form which is to certify it isn't modified. Hopefully you have a carte gris on some description or you will need a dating certificate. Then you will need a copy of insurance and copies of proof of ID and address. Pack the whole lot off to Swansea with a cheque for 55 quid and if all goes smoothly you will have a V5 in about a fortnight. Sometimes they will randomly inspect vehicles, don't worry if they do they only check the VIN and engine numbers if easily visable.
  15. I like a bit of ped action but to allow everyone else to have a chance I will only take 2. If it struggles I will have a few more
  16. Well this has got interesting. According to my tester as it is emmisions related it is a fail. Anyway the car went into Mazda and they have told my customer that it is a worn timing chain. This didn't really make any sense until I googled it. Mazda have had a problem with the chains for a few years and done a sneaky recall in service to set a warning when the chain gets to 10.5 degrees of wear. They didn't tell the customers this though and some have read the manual and assumed it needs an Italian tune up to regen the DPF. Not a good idea with a worn cam chain. Mazda are quoting a grand which too be honest isn't a bad price but these modern diesels are a ticking time bomb.
  17. Super rare Solex 6000 flash. Not cheap at £400 but you will win bragging rights as it is shaft drive and has a disc rear brake. Runs and rides and will hopefully get a dating certificate this weekend ready to register it.
  18. MOT tester question does a flashing DPF warning light on a Mazda 6 fail the mot. It is basically a service light and my code reader shows no faults. The garage have failed it but it would be nice to get a second opinion.
  19. panhard65

    Wobstang II

    I have just had all the fun of finding wheels for the Thunderbird, there are plenty out there with the correct bolt pattern but they just won't fit. Trying to get advice off anyone proved difficult as when I asked on a forum about a set of Mustang wheels about 50% of them said they would fit. Best way round it is to search ebay by the wheel size and bolt pattern and see if you can find anything secondhand and local. Once you know what will fit it gives you more options. The poxy Thunderbird is really hard to get anything other than standard steel wheels for without serious modification. As for the vibration get someone else to check the balance. You used to be able to get wheels balanced on the car but I haven't seen that machine in years.
  20. That actually looks like a decent read but at £10.50 is it worthwhile ? At the moment I get classic and sportscar as it takes a while to read all the articles, roughly how many pages per issue do they have before I go buying a load of back issues
  21. Did this not belong to someone on here a few years ago ?
  22. Glad to here it is running better and although there was no chance that the timming would of "jumped" it is possible to put the distributor in incorrectly as the gear that the dog on the bottom of the distributor goes into can be put in incorrectly but I think it could only of happened when the head had been off (if ever) They aren't that bad to work on and once set up will normally stay in tune much better than any of the comparable British offerings.
  23. Been to see the chef James Martin on his tour in Bournemouth tonight. Who would of thought watching a bloke cook on stage would be so much fun. The rest of Bournemouth can do one though 18 quid to park for the night and the hotel is a fucking maze it took us half hour to find the room.
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