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  1. Halfords are the biggest rip off ever £15 to fit a fucking battery is just a joke. Even worse though I just saw and advert and they charge £2 to fit wiper blades.
  2. They certainly have and it happens to biturbo's as well, the one I had a couple of years ago did it. The stems corrode and the heads drop off.
  3. I suspect you are thinking of the slightly later Audi 80 2.0E which was a 4 pot
  4. I had a pit at my last house and they are pretty handy. I had boards down to cover it whilst not in use. They can fill with water depending on the drainage, but are pretty handy. The only downside is doing front wheel drive clutches as jacking anything up over one can be tricky and you have to shift a lot of dirt to dig one out.
  5. This old thing has been for sale for years. I could of been tempted but it is way overpriced.
  6. Don't worry about this place being closed as he is a great chap and will sell to the UK. I bought my 202 from him and the guys from classic and sportscar called in there on their way home from the Le Mans classic. There is plenty of interesting tat in his yard but I don't have the pictures on this computer. He doesn't speak English but will do a deal. If you are seriously interested I can find out more for you.
  7. This Simca has been for sale for ages and appeared a couple of times before. The price is steadily getting lower though.
  8. Some highlights from my Leboncoin watch list. https://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/1533725384.htm/ https://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/1540104320.htm/ https://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/1373135152.htm/ https://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/1520715702.htm/ https://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/1541052962.htm/ https://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/1482297141.htm/
  9. If you have 3 phase where you are then that is the best option buy a pre 1980's compressor and you will be fine. 3 phase stuff is cheap and the older stuff will live forever as it was from a time they built equipment to last. My compressor is a 1960's big old thumper and runs most things with no problem. Forget the cheap tools from Lidl they are cheap for a reason, get a nice old CP gun and they will undo anything. The newer composite ones are a bit shit but handy if you don't want to overtighten anything. If you don't have 3 phase you can run the bigger compressors but expect a lot of blown fuses or have to wire in a 32 amp plug. The little ones won't run air sanders for long even with a big tank as they are very greedy, if you expect to do a lot of sanding electric may be better.
  10. Sorry but you should of done this yourself no matter who you sell the car to. Just a letter to the DVLA saying you sold it would of done. It is a bit late now but they do tend to give you a few warnings before the fine drops on the mat. I always do them on line now the moment they drive it out of the yard regarless of who they are.
  11. I think 100 quid was a pretty decent offer for it really considering
  12. I saw EG11HEN the other day on some sort of Land Rover.
  13. I briefly thought about this until I checked the map and it is almost a 3 hour drive in the hearse and I don't fancy getting up that early on boxingday. I will hopefully make it to Hasslebury mill on new years day though, stopping off at junction 24 Bridgewater for a quick look round their meet on the way.
  14. Fucking hell scrap must be good by this dreamer as he reckons he would get 400 quid for it over the bridge after robbing the battery and cats.
  15. My old 2.8 Biturbo was 250bhp and I think the 2.0's did get very highly tuned so certainly way over 140bhp. They were certainly better than the 2.5 carb version.
  16. I started the year with the Porsche, Peugeot 202 the ever reliable 806 and a saxo. The only one still here is the 806 Out A few that came and went Finally the fleet additions Plans for next year will probably involve flogging the Thunderturd and heading back to France after a Panhard. The Seat will probably be staying long term and so will the little Solex moped and there is no way the 806 is going.
  17. They take misery to new levels I have had dealings with a couple of them, both 1300's. The poor little things are reving their heart out at 50mph and the driving position makes my hearse seem like an armchair. They are ok if you are going to the shops and back (assuming the shop is no more than a mile away) but that is about it. Most of the coffee shop converted ones get trailered about as they are so dismal to drive. If Renault vans are your thing go a little bigger and bag an R2087 way more fun !!
  18. This one is also quite appealing as it has had the Celeron timing gear replaced with an alloy one which is worth having done if the engine has sat for a while. I prefer the cheeky look of the Dyna over the PL17 but neither of them will ever be worth much over here as they are slightly niche motors. https://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/1539882842.htm/
  19. Just thought I would have a quick look on leboncoin as I think the Thunderbird is going to have to go. Nice as it is it needs loads more money spent to make it nice and it would be a shame if it wasn't finished properly. Anyway how about this as a replacement. https://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/1539882842.htm/
  20. I put my personal plate on it and the mods might go a long way to explain why it is still with me. It flies along and will still give over 40 to the gallon which for my driving is well impressive. I have tried a few other 2.0hdi's but none as good as this one. It has started to play up a little lately by going a bit gutless, but switching it off and restarting seems to put it right for now. It had a few new panels the other year to tidy it up a bit but not much else since. It could really do with a new exhaust and I suspect it is due a cam belt as well which it might get next year.
  21. Nice to see the 604 is going to get some love. As you can see the 806 is still giving great service and even though I have tried to replace it a few times over the last year, but it is it's replacement that ends up leaving as it is such a useful old bus.
  22. panhard65

    Wobstang II

    Is this any good to you ? I am not sure on make but probably Motorcraft. It was in the boot of the Thunderturd so I have no idea if it is any good but it fits a Ford 390. If it's any use to you I am driving into London on Sunday from Bristol. Edited after reading you last post, hopefully the forum police will calm down a bit as this has been a great thread. The moderation does seem to be getting a bit heavy handed of late and to be honest I wouldn't blame you for walking as it seems there is little interest in the older shite on here now.
  23. Have prices really risen that much in the last few years that make this tatty Shadow worth 3k ?
  24. These are on my watch list as I really like the pick up, but at nearly 4 grand I don't think I will be taking the risk. Nice as Simca's are they rot like anything and are a hell of a job to sell for decent money in the UK so I would probably lose even more money on one than I will on the hearse.
  25. I reckon you should ship the truck over you know it makes sense. Oh by the way if you do could you just chuck a few Thunderbird bits in the back
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