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  1. I had to collect this out of storage yesterday after it had been sitting for 3 years. All it took was a new battery and fired straight up. It is in for mot next week then will be up for sale. It belonged to my customers father and has an impressive 30k miles on it. 1996 735i
  2. I had one and they rust under the seam sealer so look very carefully. The one I had went on the sills and also the inner rear wheel arches. It looked fine but there was no metal under the underseal. The rear axles are the other weak point but a lot easier to sort than rot.
  3. Well Porsche were pretty convinced they were 70 last year as they had this plastered over the back of the ACO grandstand all last year.
  4. Porsche was 70 last year as they had a load of events to celebrate including running the 919 without restrictors to break the lap record at Nurburgring.
  5. I did the shocks on a Cooper S a few weeks ago and they don't need a spring compressor, using one does make it easier but you might find it will only need a couple of turns to compress it enough to dismantle.
  6. If they read zero then they are fine if they read 1 then it is open circuit. Test you meter by touching the 2 probes together and it should then read zero, but with them apart it will read 1 or something like that.
  7. We went to Bournemouth last year and the parking meter was supposed accept cards, but wouldn't. So I had to find 15 quid in pound coins which was a joke as none of the shops would give change. The bloke checking tickets in the car park was ok though and said they had no end of problems with the machines and he would give me half an hour to find some change.
  8. 2009 was the first trip to France to buy a car. I can't remember which classic went to make way for it as I can't find any photo's older than these, but as a first blind ebay purchase it was pretty good. Also with one of many Discoveries I have had over the years, this one was bought 2 days before I left to collect the Panhard from Toulon in the south of France. The Panhard stayed a year or so then moved on. Unfortunatly my mate in the picture also passed on last year which was pretty gutting as he was a great friend. I saw him in the pub just as I was setting off to collect the Panhard and asked if he fancied a little road trip. He finished his pint went home and grabbed his passport and we were off. He just left a note for his mrs saying he would be back late. I also had this for a very short time as it was awful to drive. It resurfaced last year at the James Hull auction so is still going. 2019 Starts with the 806 still going strong. The Seat is still here and up for sale which is pretty unlikely. The Thunderturd also for sale and the most likely car to leave this year. Finally the little Solex which is now registered.
  9. I made the mistake of putting my Thunderbird on facebook market place. I think it is the facebook app being so shit that it is very easy for people to end up sending a message asking if it is still for sale automatically. I was getting so many asking if it was for sale then never replying I deleted the ad. Ebay is a bit shit but at least I don't get stupid messages every 5 mins.
  10. EFA there are plenty of people who want Renault 14's but when it comes to paying proper money for one they all vanish as they expect it to be a sub £1k car. They are decent enough cars but as they rot so badly finding a good one and keeping it like that is not a cheap thing to do.
  11. Hi I can probably collect if it is a weekday and get them up to Bristol if thats any help.
  12. Nice Maser the fuse boxes used to give a lot of trouble in these so worth checking there first for electrical faults. The cambelts are pretty easy to do with no special tools required. Enjoy !
  13. That will be one hell of a money pit to restore. Finding parts for them is not easy especially getting hold of a dash top. The foam in them under the vinyl crumbles on the dash top and the rail under the dash. I have got a spare speedo though if needed
  14. It would be worth giving them a ring to see what they say. I rang the classic auctioneers down here who's name escapes me when I was selling my Renault Fregate. They weren't interested as they thought my reserve was too high. I sold it on ebay in the end and got my money, but at least they were honest about the value they thought they would be able to get. At the end of the day they want to get sales so are unlikely to take on anything they think may not hit reserve on a good day.Good luck with the sales and certainly keep the 16 as they are lovely motors and I always wanted one but it would have to be a TX
  15. I just looked it up and it needs to of been modified over 30 years to get mot exemption. I expect the DVLA will use the date of engine change as the date it was modified. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/737342/v112-declaration-of-exemption-from-mot.pdf
  16. No mot though ? I was discussing this with a mate the other day and no one really seems to know what happens if you have a heavily modified classic. Obviously it won't be mot exempt but would it lose the tax exemption as well. There again it depends on when it was modified as I think as long as it was done more than 25 years ago you get the mot exemption. It would be interesting to know if the mot exemption is linked to tax exemption as there are a lot of people with standard cars who are still getting them mot'ed and not taking up the exemption. It is a minefield now which is why I am staying well away from modified cars. If the DVLA decide to have a clamp down on it there will be a lot of very expensive cars losing their V5's
  17. Whoever imported it should of sorted the NOVA. It is easy enough to do and it's free unless you mess up when putting in the date of import, then it can get very expensive. I have delayed some of mine before on bikes which I didn't have a date of manufacture on and HMRC were ok about the delay as long as I had started the process within the 14 days.
  18. It is a 57 plate so yes practically brand new to me. I don't really have a plan just yet but I am hoping the garage that mot'ed it were taking the piss a bit. Check WV57BYD and see if you are still interested. It runs ok but the injectors are chuffing a bit which will be the fumes in the cabin bit. Overall I think they have been very harsh on it. The bloke at the garage just wants it gone and reckons it's not even worth the cost of the mot. If it is a real heap then I will just break it, but has got to be worth saving.
  19. I just bought this minging heap of diesel Citroen for 200 quid. It is lacking an mot though but hopefully it will drive home without grenading. The interior is absolutly minging with old maccy d's and mouldy farlies rusks everywhere. Collecting it at the weekend so will bung some pictures up in the moderns section.
  20. Already had a Fregate and that one is overpriced and fucked. The only thing going for it is the wheels and they probably need rebuilding. Emgine rebuild kits are cheap and available but you could fetch a better condition runner back for less than this one.
  21. You will struggle with insurance as you are not supposed to drive a foreign registered car as a UK resident. It is a grey area and you would probably get away with getting it home. Once home declare a Nova as if you have just imported it leave it more than a couple of weeks and they will fine you. MOT it, insure on the chassis number then send all the paperwork to DVLA and you should get a V5 within a fortnight.
  22. I am here most of the day on Foxmoor business park just off the M5. There was a Volvo fancier had one of the units round the back here but the workshop in the pictures looks way to tidy for it to be here.
  23. Oooooooo are you coming to Wellington ? I will put the kettle on if you are.
  24. Managed to get someone sensible at the DVLA. I sent all my paperwork in for the Solex moped just before Christmas. One of the idiots obviously didn't want to do any work that day and sent it back to me saying they needed a registration document from the country of origin or a dating certificate, which I had sent. I sent it all back with a note saying I think you will find that the paperwork was correct and today I got this. Whoever dealt with it this time obviously knew what they were doing. All it required to register was a dating cert and insurance, no need for mot so that was a result
  25. I see you found the old garage with the CX and DS it was too overgrown in the summer to work out what was there.
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