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  1. Mmmmm my list is endless. The Jensen I spent 2 years restoring then sold when the fibreglass body started blistering again. Or the Maserati spyder that replaced it. Both worth considerably more now. Also wish I had kept the thornycroft fire engine straight 8 rolls royce engine and 6 wheel drive but it did weigh over 6 tons. I think I regret all the classics I have passed on over the years even the panhard 25bt which although serious fun was a big money pit. The good news is that I have just got a fine example of what was my first decent car (the rough old datsun 100a doesn't count) a renault 18ts, which is bringing back all those great memories even though I think the genuine 26000 miles that practical classics claimed was original doesn't seem quite right. Is there a show us your fleet page ?? I will have to post some of the classics I have owned, the dinky donuts bedford cf was pretty special or the mk2 granada hearse complete with recovery truck light bar mmmm more regrets now !!
  2. Hi I am coming up to london during the week from taunton in somerset if anyone needs a car transported from the south west to london / cambridge area let me know as I am picking up a renault 18 from braintree
  3. Hi I have done a few jobs for shiply mainly when I have a delivery to make and need to find a return load. One of the biggest problems I find are all these supposed professionals bidding seriously low prices to ship cars. London to bristol at less than 80 quid. It costs me nearly 120 in diesel to travel that. Quite how they can do it at those prices I don't know. Which is probably why they mess around and find extra's to charge for later. Shiply take their cut to start with which is the deposit you pay. He should of done the job regardless. I messed up the other day after trying to get a return load from birmingham back down to somerset. In the time it took for one customer to accept my bid and me cancelling all the other jobs I bid on I had a second job accepted. I ended up having to spend another few hours on a friday night doing the second job as if I say I will do a job I do it even though I did end up out of pocket. One way to make sure you get a decent quote is to actually respond to any quotes you get. If I am looking for a back load I will put bids in on all the jobs but 99% of them are a waste of time as the person listing the job doesn't actually want it done and doesn't bother cancelling the listing. Shiply is a cheap way of getting stuff moved as long as both sides communicate and understand that we all need to make a living
  4. Sorry to say it but that is horrid and as yet I have no beard. They weren't exactly pretty cars but the green does nothing for it. Some custom jobs look good but this ain't one of them in my opinion, but hey what do I know I own a beige renault 14
  5. Might be worth checking that someone hasn't already changed a few bits to 12 volt. Is your stater the cable operated one where you pull a cable to engage it ? Being the earlier car I would think it is. I have got a spare 6 volt coil and a starter that will most likely need an overhaul. Pretty sure I have got a nieman key type ignition switch somewhere as well. I am pretty sure mine has still got the 6 volt wiper motor even though it is running 12 volt. I would also check the bulbs make sure they are 6 volt
  6. Hi I have seen a Lonsdale but unfortunatly it was at the motor show many years ago when they were new.
  7. http://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/341482994.htm?ca=18_s Not quite ebay but you need to see this beautiful french creation in all its glory and a snip at a mere 10000 euro's
  8. The estafette had a broken driveshaft when I brought it and I had a uj made up to fit it. So it was running and driving when I sold it last year, as I was moving house and couldnt bring all my toys with me. I am now restocking the toys I just brought a dutton legerra to have a bit of fun with
  9. Hi Nigel not sure if we have met or not but there is a chance with some of the cars I have had. I used to have a yellow simca aronde that I sold to a very rich american a few years ago. More recently I have had renaults but a couple of panhards snuck in on the way. A really nice 24bt and a scrap pl17. Of the renaults I have had a lot of the numbers a really rare 4 pick up a 5 gordini turbo with the le mans body kit Lot's of normal 5's a 12, 14 (another on the way) a 15, 17 loads of 18's fuego's 21's and 25's including a v6 turbo that I really regret selling. I also brought over an express pick up that I wouldn't mind buying back now I have more room to store it. I also had an estafette pompiers van last year. Not sure what to go for next I quite fancy a simca 8 or once the cash flow improves a hotchkiss cabourg or anjou
  10. Hi I have brought a few cars back from france the carte gris is all you need to register in the uk. If it is a spares car you don't even need that. What ever you do don't drive it back as you won't be insured. The only way to get insurance is to insure it in france. Once it is here it can be insured on the chassis number so it can be mot'ed and then registered. It is a good idea to have a copy of the advert showing the car for sale. I got pulled by customs once with a 504 coupe peugeot and got asked all sorts of questions. I think they were more interested in the 5 kilo's of tobacco I brought back than the car though !! The french don't care about you taking cars out I think they are glad to get rid of most of them and the british customs are more interested in how many fags or illegal immigrants are hidden in the boot. So just go for it but beware the french description when I brought my fregate he said it was excellent. Then on the road test he informs me that you have to press the brakes 5 times to get it to stop !!. I found eurotunnel the cheapest my discovery and a 17ft trailer cost about 120 quid for a weekend out there
  11. Hi I am coming back down the M6 M5 from blackpool to taunton in somerset and have an empty trailer. If anyone has anything that needs transporting down that route on thursday let me know. Its a shame to run back empty. I can store down here in taunton if you cant take delivery on thursday
  12. Hi all the fregate at La Vie is mine fitted with a peugeot 404 diesel engine back in france many years ago. I am having a bid on this one as well as I have a spare engine and box out of a '52 that I broke. There are a few fregates in Diss in Norfolk as I sold them 2 one was a domaine the estate version. I do have a few old renaults a '72 17ts and a very very rotten caravelle that I have done a deal on with a frenchman who is bringing me a 14ts over to swap for it and a super 5 campus with 44000 miles. I did have a very rare Neckar version of the fiat 1100 a couple of years ago that I think went back to france
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