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  1. I don't bother posting here any more but what a load of bollocks. That will sell for a grand plus all day long no matter what is wrong with it. The brakes are not some amazing mystical thing just citroen inspired and really not hard. Just fix them properly and forget fitting other parts these fuckers weigh 2 and a half ton and have 4 calipers on the front alone. The list on the rear is likely to be rear trailing arms rotting through which you can get repair parts for. They do have the ability to suck up large amounts of cash if you have to pay "specialists" Try the Aussie RR clubs as they have lists for alternative cheaper parts that just tends not to be available in the uk. They are lovely old things and well worth owning one just once. Ignore all the idiots grow some balls and get it bought
  2. That 17 has been sitting outside in that yard for at least 10 years. It has been moved around a bit though as the last few times I have been past I didn't spot it. The lane it is on is easy enough to get a trailer down but I would be surprised if they would sell it at a sensible price and even more surprised if it was saveable.
  3. It has more to do with insurance than them wanting to do the work. Mine would at least double if I want to weld customers cars. As cars are somewhat more rust resistant now there really isn't the call for it to make it worthwhile.
  4. Any pictures ? and how much are they asking as I could do with one for the hearse, but it would have to be cheap or one of those really ornate ones.
  5. Just thought I would dig this thread back up as I am thinking about going again this April if I can find a decent hotel for a sensible price.
  6. I imported this Renault 5 pick up from France some years ago but had to sell it when I moved. It did reappear a couple of years ago but had been cut up into a trailer which was a shame as it was a proper French conversion. I also had a very rare Renault 4 F4 that was converted in the UK by a bloke from Bridgwater. He built quite a few back in the 70's/80's and having now met him reckons he might still have all the tooling etc to build them again. Finally there was my Hotchkiss which was modified in France then further work was done when I got it here including the Harvey Frost.
  7. panhard65

    Wobstang II

    My Thunderbird came over via San Fransico and cost just under 2 grand to get it here. That included shipping from L.A to be loaded in S.F then to Southampton. I would be surprised if it could be done any cheaper but can enquire if anyone wanted to go after it.
  8. Payment sent roll on Wednesday, fingers crossed I don't win as Newcastle is a bloody long way from Somerset.
  9. I wouldn't worry too much about an early funeral at 49k I certainly won't be buying it and I doubt anyone else will either
  10. Go on then I haven't had a Safrane tor about 10 years now. My last one set both front air bags off on the drive home when I bought it. The controller was under the passenger seat and filled with water when I pulled away a bit too quickly and the puddle in the passenger footwell submerged it. Just the one random please.
  11. If you have a screen shipped fed ex it is over a grand but I have found a specialist who ships a container once a month who will bring one over for a couple of hundred quid. If that fails I have found one in France for 500 quid
  12. Well after a months advertising and a load of timewasters the Thunderturd didn't sell. The good news is I had a really good January so there is a bit of cash to carry on with it. I had a quote to paint the roof of 400 quid so I better order the exhaust and windscreen from the states on monday. I might even take the Hearse to show the painter to get a quote on sorting the bodywork on it as well.
  13. With roadside hedges there is a bit of a grey area in that the landowners used to cut them up until they were told they would have to use white diesel in their tractors to do the job. Obviously they got the hump and stopped doing it leaving it in the safe hands of the local authority. Which is why you are lucky if the hedges get cut at all now. Most farmers do like to keep the hedges tidy but due to the additional bureaucracy placed on the job they tend to not do it anymore. I went to a farm sale many years ago and overheard 2 old boys talking about a snow plough that was in the sale. They both agreed that it was a daft idea to own one as you could get in so much grief if you did use it on the road that it was better just not to bother.
  14. This is bloody expensive but it is the only one. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/132939750433?ul_noapp=true
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