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    phil_lihp reacted to cort16 in eBay tat volume 3.   
    This is nice, base spec, cloth seats and manual box.

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    phil_lihp reacted to JimH in Most stupid message while flogging a shiter   
    I could add...
    The value of the car is what you once saw one advertised for. This is commonly known as the "market price". A seller will be impressed by your market knowledge if you mention a similar (but better) car currently being auctioned on eBay. 
    Always ensure that the seller knows how much you have to spend on a car. It is one of those quirks of economic theory that the market price always coincides exactly what you want to pay for a car. Don't ask how or why this happens but it just does.
    The average car for the type you are looking at has every possible option fitted. Any car that does not have these options is not worth the market price. As a rule of thumb deduct £250 for every option missing.
    Bounce at least one corner of the car. The reason for doing so is lost in the mists of time but it is believed that Vikings did it to bring them good luck. It may work for you too.
    Check that the rear fog light works. You will never use it but it is a comfort to know that it is there.
    Completely fail to check anything that might actually give any trouble on this type of car. There is no need to worry about such petty details and I'm sure everything will be fine.
    Always ask when the cam belt was changed. If the seller looks puzzled and stutters something about these engines having a chain then the cam belt has not been changed. Deduct £500 from your offer.
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    phil_lihp reacted to Tommyboy12 in Austin Montego Poverty Spec Estate - 1.3L of Pure Power!   
    Both are VAG units I gather. This 5 speed seems to be very firm and tight but finding first was a pig because if I went for where 1st should be I got reverse. 1st seems to be more like it's between 1st and 3rd. Maybe a hangover of an engine change?
    As promised some videos! Heavily compressed so apologies if they're a bit rubbish. This was genuinely the second attempt at starting with no aids whatsoever. I had easi start and tools at the ready and didn't need them!
    542532086_PXL_20210726_1419250012.mp4 638202116_PXL_20210726_1421057362.mp4
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    phil_lihp reacted to Nyphur in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    Came across the story of Helge Meyer today. A Danish ex special forces officer who built a "Ghost Camaro" during the Bosnian war to make unarmed supply runs to civilians day and night. What a badass.

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    phil_lihp reacted to SiC in Morris Minor Ratrod - Brakes   
    First start in decades! 
    Skip to around half way if you're not interesting in my babbling on about what I've done so far on it (compression checks, etc) and just want to hear the VROOM.
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    phil_lihp reacted to theorganist in Maestro - car for the 80's (90 year olds will like it too)   
    This is my other car which I have had on the road for a couple of years. I have done a pretty shonky repair on the front O/S wing but will get it properly done at some point soon. Would like to get the seats repaired at some point.

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    phil_lihp reacted to theorganist in Maestro - car for the 80's (90 year olds will like it too)   
    Thank you.
    That is true, I am surprised at how much prices have risen in a couple of years.  I have been quite lucky in finding ones which seemed to have had little interest.
    The Renault only cost £250, I think partly as it had a rusty wing and ripped seats. Also it has a sunroof so didn't attract the OMGturbo reshell brigade. 
    The Maestro seller had reduced the price down to £500, I think partly because it is a non-runner although I am "confident" it is a minor problem.
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    phil_lihp got a reaction from Burnside in Austin Montego Poverty Spec Estate - 1.3L of Pure Power!   
    This is absolutely brilliant - I have a long-held mild desire for a Montego estate and was admiring this from afar when it was on eBay; I was half-tempted to have a bid.  It sounds like it's ended up with exactly the right owner too, please keep us posted on progress, it'll be great to see it brought back to life.
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    phil_lihp got a reaction from Tommyboy12 in Austin Montego Poverty Spec Estate - 1.3L of Pure Power!   
    This is absolutely brilliant - I have a long-held mild desire for a Montego estate and was admiring this from afar when it was on eBay; I was half-tempted to have a bid.  It sounds like it's ended up with exactly the right owner too, please keep us posted on progress, it'll be great to see it brought back to life.
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    phil_lihp reacted to Tommyboy12 in Austin Montego Poverty Spec Estate - 1.3L of Pure Power!   
    The interior! Its horrible! Its not original. It stinks! 😂
    The front door cards, dash, plastics and carpet seem to be the original blue/grey combo to match the outside. The seats and rear door cards have been swapped for some genuine moo skin. Theyre actually pretty comfortable and supportive with plenty of squish.
    Its had a hard life. 281,000 miles does a lot to a car but all everything seems to be present and the doors all lock and windows all wind (manually of course).
    The headliner is something to behold. Its had all the fabric and yellow foam removed and its been painted a lovely shade of blue. Its held in with screws, bolts, original fittings, and a chunk of what I can only describe as 1980s dark wood cabinet. Everything is filthy, everything is scratched, everything is awesome!
    Obligatory shot of the epic mileage included. That crab is glued to the dash. Its staying.

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    phil_lihp reacted to Tommyboy12 in Austin Montego Poverty Spec Estate - 1.3L of Pure Power!   
    And lastly! The all important engine bay shot!
    Its a 1.3L A-series bolted to a 5 speed transmission. What more is there to say?
    The green bottle is full of petrol and plumbed directly into the fuel pump. That can only be a good sign right?

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    phil_lihp reacted to Tommyboy12 in Austin Montego Poverty Spec Estate - 1.3L of Pure Power!   
    What do you get after 16 hours and 800 miles of driving on a Sunday to collect two cars? Well @sharley17194 picks up a 1997 Citreon AX from the depths of the Lakes on the North West coast past Keswick. However, we actually started the day by driving to just near Cromer on the East coast to pick up this!
    An Austin Montego poverty spec estate with a 1.3L A-series engine! Yes you did read that bit right! Yes I know the DVLA lists the model as 1.6... Yes its correctly registered as 1.3L. No I dont know if its a factory 1.3L! 😂
    My favourite part of all this??? (Apart from the doom blue colour and the absolutely terrible interior!) 281,000 miles on the clock!
    Collection went really well and the below posts follows my initial assessment of what is quite frankly the best car I have ever purchased.

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    phil_lihp reacted to barrett in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Anyone want to join the Cheap P6 Club? This has a goodly number of CCs, if not carbs, and despite appearances looks like an excellent buy for somebody

    Great colour, too.
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    phil_lihp reacted to SiC in Morris Minor Ratrod - Brakes   
    Probably should update this. Also been doing a video too. No idea how it'll turn out as it's been over multiple days and I think I've been mumbling to the microphone.

    Monday had the day off - CEO decided we'd all worked too hard over the pandemic and needed time off. So last Friday and Monday was a unplugged days. Basically do nothing and not think about work. Except this meant we've got two days lot of work to catch up on now!

    Anyhow I went down to Moss to pick some bits up. Ended up being a bit of a disaster. Took four hours in and out thanks to an accident. Moss had their stock system down so everything had to be done manually. Ended up getting the wrong bits too - e.g. instead of points I've got a reversing switch.

    However I do have a key now that (almost) fits all the locks. More on that later...

    I had grand plans of my two days off, but it's been TOO BLOODY HOT. Gave the car a squirt with the hose but not actually sponged down yet. I retreated indoors before I melted.

    By the time it got to the evening, things had cooled down enough to so some work.

    Chucked some oil down the bores. Also snapped off a plug. Go me.

    Found out the wings are fibreglass

    Refitted the rear bumper. The left fixing point was in the wrong place. Inside is a quality pop rivet repair around there, so I suspect the bumper was taken off to repair that piece. Anyway a mallet moved it into the correct place and bumper fitted.

    Emptied the car of bits. Wheels actually look pretty decent. They're different PCD too, so I should be able to get the right size tyres all round. These are branded Smith's so I think they're not genuine Wellers?

    Set of carpets that are either original or new set. Possibly new set as it looks like they're wrapped in paper with a cord keeping the bunch together.

    Found a replacement boot handle. This is good as I locked the boot with the key and it wouldn't unlocked. The correct key seems to operate this spare lock. Look like I have one key that fits all locks - remarkable!

    Found this mystery switch under the dash. No idea what it's for. Possibly fuel pump cut off? Not hidden that discretely though.

    Yesterday evening I did an oil and filter change. The stuff in it was thick black. I intend to do another change later if it runs well.

    Oil filter was a right war to get off.

    Jacking the car up caused the other side to go up reassuringly. Must have a decent amount of structural rigidity to the shell.

    Here are a few pictures of the underside while it's jacked up. To me it seems remarkably solid and the reason why I bought this example.

    Took the points out and cleaned them up. I was hoping to just replace them but I didn't get a replacement set from my Moss collection. I should have plenty of spare sets in the garage, but I'm blowed if I could find them.

    Tonight I finished putting the points back together and gapping them. I also replaced the condenser as the old was reading the completely wrong capacitance. This replacement is one of the garbage modern ones so I'll expect to replace it again soon. I have a High Quality distributor doctor one coming from ESM Morris Minor spares.

    Took off the bottom hose, expecting it to be empty. Unfortunately it wasn't and a whole lot of brown water came out. I gave the radiator as good a flush as I could.

    The block needs flushing through but I can't get the thermostat housing off at the moment. I always have this problem with A-Series. I believe it's the dissimilar metal between the alloy cover and steel studs. Usually when I bash with a hammer, all I end up doing is smashing the housing. I guess I need blow torch heat to loosen the seal?

    I'll worry about that once the engine is running. For now, I've filled the radiator back up with water.

    Cranked the engine over without the plugs in. Good news is I've got pressure - oil gauge is reading but the oil light isn't going out. I'm going to presume the switch is duff.

    Not so good is that it's not exactly smooth turning over. A lot of clonking going on. Might do a quick compression test tomorrow to check the valves and rings are doing what they should and aren't stuck. This pressure feels pretty decent to me for turning over? I.e. if it was bottom end, it'd be a lot less?

    Finally I took the float housing off to have a look. Pretty grotty down there with varnished fuel but I don't think it's bunged up. If this engine runs and runs well, I'll service this carb.

    Float valve works though. Should be good enough to get it running off a temporary fuel source. Need to figure something to rig up.

    Tested the lights and they amazingly the major ones worked. Even both sides of the indicators flashed. Not tested the aux lights and fogs yet though.

    Got too late to start the engine. I'm currently working outside, so I don't want to make it too late and annoy the neighbours. Especially in this heat, everyone has their windows wide opened. Hopefully tomorrow I can whack the new plugs in, fuel in float bowl and give it a go. Again I'll do a quick compression test on all four before I attempt to start.
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    phil_lihp reacted to barrett in 35th time lucky: P6 boots   
    Had a bit of a silly moment in the Rover the other day, driving down the A23 there was a bit of noise coming from the o/s front wheel, and for some reason I started imagining all sorts of horrendous wishbone/track rod/ kingpin/ spring issue which were going to cost me loads of money to sort, ignoring the fact that it was wearing ancient tyres. Anyway, I was overtaking somebody at 70mph and it suddenly went from 'annoying noise' to 'something's about to fall off' so I pulled into a layby and of course the tyre had just completely given up

    Anyway. Got on the blower to the lovely folks at Longstone Tyres and got a set of Cinturatos sent over, which arrived the next day. GR9 service as usual, highly recommended etc

    Unsurprisingly the ride and handling are significantly improved. Even though the old rubber looked 'fine' it just goes to show how much of an improvement can be made. It feels much more sure-footed now and I've been tossing it around with gay abandon (fnar). Really need to find a replacement driver's door now, as that one is rapidly disintegrating.
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    phil_lihp reacted to gricer in Kia Pride epic shite rescue - times three.   
    After the epic rescues of 2016, not a lot happened. The blue Pride kept passing its MoT. I trailered the van up north so all the Prides could be together (aaah!) and then came Covid, so I couldn't even visit them for almost a year.

    Meanwhile I'd had an amazing find online - a NOS front bumper, all the way from Bulgaria. I paid my €43 and waited. After a few weeks, it arrived, in a cardboard box the size of a car. Amazingly, it was the right part. And I'd located another supplier of significance - of which more later (he said, mysteriously)
    The blue Pride's rust wasn't getting any better, so it was time to get the bodywork done.  And it was its 30th birthday in May, so what better time for a refresh? A suitable bodyshop was recommended to me (High Gloss Motor Bodies of Stockport) and the trip was on. I drove the car from Blackpool to Stockport, which is probably the longest journey it's made in decades. As I left, I realised it was probably the last time it'd see its home since 1991, as the plan was to bring it home to Surrey.  Lump in the throat...

    Not a peep, despite monsoon conditions. 10 days later I'm on the train to Stockport to collect - and drive it back home to Weybridge. Chris at the bodyshop has done a superb job of matching the difficult metallic blue paint colour on the resprayed side panels and doors.  Rust door bottoms and wheel arches are gone, and the mum-inflicted bashed wing is fixed.  And the new bumper makes it look rather special. But it needs another touch to make it properly special...

    The journey home involves a stop in Stafford. Because Stafford is the home of Mr Whitewalls. By a process involving alchemy, the dark arts, a motorised contraption, a heat gun and a bottle of paint, Mr Whitewalls set about the task of whiting my walls, baby.

    And then it's onward down the M6 for the 200-mile journey home (not a peep from it - what a great little car it is) to be reunited with a matching set of original wheel trims...

    I honestly can't keep smiling, just looking at it, with its little whitewalls and proper trims. The Pride did us proud for 30 years, and now I've repaid the favour. And even better - it's been accepted for the Concours at Festival of the Unexceptional. Come and  say hello.
    Next job - project van!
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    phil_lihp reacted to Lanciaman in Mojo gone - what to do!   
    Mojo may have returned..... New mot yesterday with no advisories.   I suspect the 400 quid a corner strut refurb might destroy current enthusiasm but will be taxing it and using for the daily 15 mile commute from August.  Then the troubles will really start..... M

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    phil_lihp reacted to Lanciaman in Mojo gone - what to do!   
    So today was a momentous day. The bastarding thing gained it's first UK MOT - well, not quite. The replacement RHD lamps I pu t in it turned out to be very nice condition LHD lamps as well. So it did fail, but the MOT chaps going to put stickies on and it should pass tomorrow. So, by any definition, a result!  Not all a bed of roses as the clutch appears to be slipping - although it has plenty of meat on it. I did ask when the egnine out whether to replace the clutch - should have done anyway. Twat. Anyway, I think it is a cable clutch so maybe can be adjusted. But the MOT is a huge step - can now get it UK registered and actually use it.  And I will. It is a high miles car so no need to be paranoid about running up the miles. 
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    phil_lihp reacted to bunglebus in Youtube moments   
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    phil_lihp reacted to wuvvum in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Have we had this yet?

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    phil_lihp reacted to barrett in eBay tat volume 3.   
    What a shame that's so far away - when I was a kid, the first car in my family was a Mk1 Astra SR, registered A761 SDE. That's enough to make me want the LNA (plus it's one of the Citroens I haven't had yet)
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    phil_lihp reacted to DodgyBastard in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Drives well!

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    phil_lihp reacted to Kringle in eBay tat volume 3.   
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    phil_lihp reacted to Dyslexic Viking in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Another car I have looked at that is close to me is this 1978 Ford Fairmont estate with strait six engine and manual transmission that I like. And only 55,000 miles but it is unfortunately too expensive for me right now but it has been for sale for a long time so could be lucky. It's for sale for £ 3,700.

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    phil_lihp reacted to trigger in The new news 24 thread   
    In other news I've been busy on the Golf, I've spent many hours polishing and cleaning it up and it's now looking quite respectable. 

    Hopefully you can see the difference in shine here. 

    I've removed a load of the tat and stickers off the car, serviced it, fixed a few bits and today replaced the 165/65/13 tyres for the correct 175/70/13 Uniroyals which have transformed the way the car drives and wound back up the coilovers by a inch. 

    I've also removed them shit German plate surrounds now too. 
    With the 165 tyres

    And the 175s

    The rear quarter trim should be here tomorrow and all in all its bloody lovely now! 
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