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    phil_lihp got a reaction from Low Horatio gearbox in Project Madonna. 1993 Range Rover 3.9 Vogue SE.   
    Superb stuff, those coloured three spokes are the only wheel for a Classic.
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    phil_lihp reacted to Jack D in Project Madonna. 1993 Range Rover 3.9 Vogue SE.   
    Next on the agenda was the welding.  It was full of bran flakes and moths in the usual areas, rear door shuts, front inner wings and a tickle at the rear crossmember.   Someone pointed the sparkly stick at it for long enough to vanquish the bran flakes.  It was no longer liable to snap in half in the breeze.  BL did a *wonderful job making sure there were no rust traps in the design. 

    The jobs snowballed while we were in there as they always do.  Ended up rebuilding the hubs with fresh bearings and seals.  The goal was a truly non leaky Range Rover in every regard. 
    Meanwhile the wheel man had done a blinder on the body coloured three spokes.  Most people think these are a bit *nice but they chub me right up. 

    These tyres are absolutely marvellous.  They'll give you 90% of what a full off road knobbly noisy bastard will while retaining braking ability and acceptable noise levels.  11/10. 
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    phil_lihp reacted to Jack D in Project Madonna. 1993 Range Rover 3.9 Vogue SE.   
    So I should clarify that this is not happening in real time.
    First job was to get a bodyshop on the task of repainting this used bonnet.  It had a rather fetching twin coachline on it so I measuered it up and got some of it ordered.  The colour is Ardennes Green over Sorrel Brown/Beige interior.  Next job was to stick it in for an MOT to see how bad it was.  I was expecting horrors.  In truth the "off the system" MOT only failed on about five things.  Nevertheless I embarked on a major refurbishment.  I like my cars to be right and my girlie would be abusing driving it. 

    Right.  Brakes.  We'll have new ones I think.  Discs, pads, calipers (pleasingly made by Lockheed), lines, flexis.  Front and rear, right and left and all that ABS stuff too.  It'll be towing a lot so we might as well have it right condisering how inexpensive old Land Rover parts are. 
    As you can see I have been using MK1 Axle stands courtesy of British Rail.  Old coils pictured, temporarily stopping it chinning the ground. 
    At the same time my good friend J and I were doing this work, My pal C got to work stripping these wheels which had been ingraciated with remoulded off road shit rubber and tubes.

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    phil_lihp reacted to cort1977 in Project Madonna. 1993 Range Rover 3.9 Vogue SE.   
    A neighbour of mine had one in the late 90's.  Rode in it a few times and they are magnificent.  The way the glass comes right down to your waist, the sound, the seats - they're just great.  Proper motor. 
    Along with a P38 they're about the only LR product that I would roll the dice on owning.
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    phil_lihp got a reaction from Jack D in Project Madonna. 1993 Range Rover 3.9 Vogue SE.   
    Love it, that's the right colour too.  I've ridden in one a few times and theres not much else quite like it, top work.
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    phil_lihp reacted to Jack D in Project Madonna. 1993 Range Rover 3.9 Vogue SE.   
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    phil_lihp reacted to Jack D in Project Madonna. 1993 Range Rover 3.9 Vogue SE.   
    This tale starts a long time ago, in 1998 to be precise.  Coming off the M1 in Northern Ireland a young lad sat in the back of a 1997 Ford Escort 1.8TD. A GLX in bright red, for you perverts.  Gazing out the side window my eye caught something, a shape which has stayed with me all these years.  It was a Range Rover towing a horse trailer accelerating laboriously uphill away from a roundabout, its rear end squatted right down.  There was something enchanting about it.  I heard the noise it made.  Low, warm and knackered.  I knew Range Rovers existed but were really quite rare in Northern Ireland in the 1990s.  I was up until that point only aware of the existance of the P38 yet this was clearly and unmistakably from the same bloodline.  It looked so decrepit and derelict by design.  Like a Range Rover that had melted a bit at the corners.  I knew at this point that it was the car for me.  Twenty two years has passed and that particular Range Rover is now almost certainly dead but here is the story of mine, it's spiritual successor. 

    The day started like this,  I took the obligatory flat cap and a banana to what I assumed would be another dissappontment.  I've looked at quite a few and there are many out there which dissapoint. 

    A couple of hours later I was in the furniture capital of Great Britain looking under an old Land Rover, and you know what?   It wasn't that bad.   It drove terribly but it was all there and appeared never to have done any rough work.

    The best part was in here.  Where they've all been knocked about, this one just hadn't. 
    I paid up and negotiated a set of three spoke wheels from the seller.  She's going back standard boys and here's the story. 
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    phil_lihp reacted to catsinthewelder in Daft tyre names   
    We have a lot of them at work on the hire vans and they seem perfectly acceptable.
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    phil_lihp reacted to wuvvum in The new news 24 thread   
    I went for a drive in the Volvo 164 today.  Not very far, just round the estate - probably only about a mile all in - but it was the first time it's been out of my road under its own power in over 10 years.  It's not running 100% - it's a bit spluttery under power, I think it might not be getting enough fuel - but it drove OK considering.  The heater works too, started putting out heat within a couple of minutes of starting the car.  I only got up to about 35mph but that was enough for the gearbox to shift up into third, and the 'box doesn't seem to have suffered from its long dormancy (it's a BW35 so would probably survive a direct nuclear strike).  The brakes are still working and stop the car well enough, although it really needs a pair of discs on the front.  The alternator still isn't charging so I didn't dare take it too far for fear of running out of electricity (the battery isn't in the first flush of youth), but it was nice to drive it again after so long.
    I went to see a mate this evening in the Caliber, which he had previously taken a fancy to.  The Caliber ended up staying there, and I came away with a slightly dented K12 Micra and a bit of cash.  Not sure how long the Micra will be staying - it's a nippy bugger for a 1.2, and would be useful as a commuting machine, but it's not really my cup of tea.
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    phil_lihp reacted to Isopon in eBay tat volume 3.   
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    phil_lihp got a reaction from bunglebus in Daft tyre names   
    My old Jag XJ40 had an unworn but very aged pair of Heroes on the back when I got it.  They were at least exciting, letting go at 20mph on a damp roundabout.  They got binned rather quickly.
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    phil_lihp reacted to dollywobbler in Dollywobbler's Consolidated Tat Thread   
    Took the GSA to Chevronics today. They had some epic shite floating about.

    Singer SM 1500. Very rare and odd. Saw loads of them in NZ. Barely see any here.
    We were there to fix the suspension leak, which turned out to be a piston/cylinder fault on the opposite side, but then Rob noticed the engine was running a bit lumpy and we discovered the valve clearances were all too tight, and there was an inlet manifold leak, so ended up being quite the session. He also fixed a known leak on the exhaust and got the rear silencer to look less like it was about to fall off. Both rear suspension gaiters needed replacing too. Oh and the fuel tank breather system was sorted out to hopefully banish the petrol stink.
    The difference in the way the car drives is truly magical. Less pissing-about at traffic-jam speeds, much cleaner pick-up and gone is the farty exhaust blow I've been meaning to sort for ages. Turns out there was a spring support missing for the exhaust near where the leak was, that probably didn't help.
    Tomorrow, yet more driving as it's off to see the Trigger, the wonderful Trigger of Cars.
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    phil_lihp reacted to louiepj in The new news 24 thread   
    Friend drove round in his toyota aygo with engine light on and fluctuating idle. We plugged obd dongle on and discovered fault code P0511 idle air control valve fault.
    We peer under bonnet and poke at engine while tutting to ourselves and sucking through our teeth at the expenses this will incur like real mekaniks.
    Then we find a broken wire to the idle control valve that is broken right on the plug.
    To confirm this was the issue I poked a t-pin in to the plug connector and bared back the wire and soldered it on. She idled again!!!
    we called it a temporary* fix that we covered in silicone sealant and electrical tape while we look into getting a replacement 4 pin wiring plug for it.
    We then drink tea and bask in the glory of fixing a car.
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    phil_lihp reacted to twosmoke300 in Truck Shite   
    Talking of Tatra and mot lorry related but look what I saw today 😍

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    phil_lihp reacted to rickvw72 in Daihatsu Fourtrak - Get on the floor! Anti Flintstones specification   
    Whisper it quietly, but I think the drivers side is done!
    First order of business is to close up the inner rear arch.
    Made this up, and welded it all in. Outer arch cover is on here too, fits nice and covers so much of the work done.
    Inside, the rear bulkhead (which I had to make loads of previously) needed to be joined to the floor.
    Had to fabricate and fit a floor crossmember, which is fitted to the inner sills (which I made too).
    Ive renamed it a DaiRicksu now, as it’s basically coachbuilt in this area.
    Welded a big chunk of floor in. Had to repair and fit the rear seat support bracket, under the black panel that takes the seat base. Ground back and zinc primed it.
    Terrible pic of underside. Lots of new steel here, needs a tidy, prime and seal up. This is taken under the door area, looking back at the front of the rear wheel. 
    It’s had some bloody welding, this old crate!
    I do still need to weld the outer sill on, which means it’s not 100 percent done this side, but all fabrication is done this side I reckon. I’m also fairly sure the other side is better to start with, so tune in next time to share my disappointment when I realise it’s a complete kipper!

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    phil_lihp reacted to rickvw72 in Daihatsu Fourtrak - Get on the floor! Anti Flintstones specification   
    Another day, another 7000 miles of MiG wire sacrificed to the gods of rusty Japanese steel.
    Inner sills then...

    Original is spanked
    Folded some strips to length and blobbed them on
    With a coat of zinc primer, the inner sills started to come together
    Strengthening panel at the bottom of the quarter panel. This was not even attached to the box section I chopped off
    No Now I could attach the outer to some steel, so I cut it to size.
    Fitting well in the door shut area 
    the hole to close up in the under arch, but shows the three sill layers together. Most the metal in this pic has never been in a Daihatsu factory.
    New sill will fit lovely. Gonna butt weld it, so hopefully should look nice and neat. 
    Progress is good, but may slow a little. Partners Civic gearbox is crying enough and the Mk2 Golf is clonking over bumps, and has a months MoT.  Good job it’s holiday time soon! 
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    phil_lihp reacted to seacow in West coast collection thread - Freelander Van Content   
    Here she is. Really pleased. Few bits to sort and clean but really good condition and only 66k. Been decently recommissioned after long time in slumber. Will do some more bits myself. Deep clean inside first.  No idea why that’s where I start!

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    phil_lihp reacted to JeeExEll in Eye-catching black and whites   
    Narrows down identifying old cars a little bit, sometimes.
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    phil_lihp reacted to D.E in Eye-catching black and whites   
    Looks like a match!
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    phil_lihp reacted to JeeExEll in Eye-catching black and whites   
    Good find.  Check out 1926 Buick Master.  (Pic deliberately reversed).

    Still just a guess.   Maybe check out other 1926 General Motors models.
    A Buick would have been a serious chunk of cash in 1926.  95 years ago.
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    phil_lihp reacted to JeeExEll in Eye-catching black and whites   
    First thoughts were a Crossley tourer (14 or 15 or something like that) because of the radiator grille but after looking at a few pics I don't think I was right at all.
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    phil_lihp reacted to D.E in Eye-catching black and whites   
    I am quite sure they did, yes. American brands were much more popular than today, and most of them had  a network of distributors and dealers across Europe. The UK was likely no exception.
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    phil_lihp reacted to D.E in Eye-catching black and whites   
    Looks American. Mid 1920s Oldsmobile Model 30?
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    phil_lihp reacted to cort16 in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Optimistically prices given it's issues 605 v6

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    phil_lihp reacted to JeeExEll in Eye-catching black and whites   
    YN issued in London in 1926.
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