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  1. 1988 Lincoln Towncar , I honestly don't know why I like them. Oh and 1996-2003 F150 reg cab trucks, again not sure why I like. My recent Nissan Armada doesn't really do it for me at all, but carries lots of stuff...
  2. I had never seen one when I lived in the UK, Diesel doesnt make a lot of sense here either, its much more expensive that regular gas (petrol) at the local Kroger $3.39 Gal Regular $3.71 Gal Diesel
  3. Put the Beetle on Craigslist, now suffering the barrarge of daft questions like "how many miles?" and what is the lowest price you will take. My favourite was a lady who came to see it and said the engine sounds rattly (VW Diesel). http://jackson.craigslist.org/cto/4422173397.html I now realise why VW did not offer the TDI with an auto box in Europe, it is definately not a good combo, it ruins the economy and after a few miles the shift quality is how can I put it "variable".
  4. Sold the Jeep Cherokee to family friend, 286,400 miles and still going fine, replacement arriving in 2 weeks. Ford F150 recived much needed antifreeze change and a new fuel filter.
  5. I managed to get stung by one of those red wasps again yesterday, it attacked me while a was refueling the weed wacker at my mother in laws. Now nursing a painful swollen arm...its things like this make me miss England's safer insects!
  6. I was stung by one of those wasp things that had attempted to take up residence in my old Toyota, it felt like getting electrocuted, my arm swelled up like michelin man, it wasn't a pleasant introduction to the deep south at all, I have gotten used to the insects and snakes here now.
  7. I noticed that it has the base Nissan Versa instrument cluster, but has electric windows.
  8. I remember getting annoyed with some old lady turning into the road where I live while I was waiting to pull out, until I noticed that she did not actually have an indicator on the front of the car at all. You've got to love the Mississippi state inspection standards
  9. My daily till I move to San Francisco, surprisingly does 20mpg.
  10. Had a 1988 Lincoln town car for a short while, it was like a poor mans roller.....
  11. My wife has asked me why I have something written on the tailgate of my truck...I need to think a a more secure location for my password
  12. Dave, Thank you for fixing this, I think I have had brain fade, I have written the new password in indelible ink on the tailgate of my pickup truck so I wont forget...
  13. They are not an unnoticed modern classic, http://www.w124.co.uk/ Nick Froome has a wealth of knowledge on these.
  14. There may only be one possible way to make it road legal....
  15. It may also include Apartments/condos/houses
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