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  1. Herman ❤️ Lovely old bus to drive, that.
  2. Mk2 Golf - utter shitbag of a car. I ended up nicknaming it Thrush. Allegric to starting if it was wet. Or cold. Or wet and cold. Or dry. Or warm. Or on a day ending in Y. Did everything to try and get the bastard thing to start in the morning. Swapped the Pierburg carb for the usual modification, it started perfectly but ran like shit. Swapped back so it ran ok l, just took an age to start. Things fell off, things broke. I was absolutely delighted* when the headgasket went. Not all that to drive, either. Ford Ka - it was a cheap runaround, but was crap. Starting issues, body panels fall
  3. It didn't come with one of those. It still has this:
  4. A plethora of Fiats. The Bravo, Brava and Mk2 Punto are owned by the guy I bought the Fabia from
  5. Maestro van M535i Mk1 Fester Regie 16 Tidy Phase 1 205
  6. Some recent spots Volvo 440 Tidy Polo Tidy derv 106 just moved in opposite Onion Carina II VW LT HPE
  7. Skodas aren't necessarily my first choice, but I do like Favorits, Felicia and the miserably specced Fabias. I do miss the old Flintstones 156.
  8. Zenith Blue 1. 4 SX. Exactly the spec and colour that my Dad had back in 1998. That looks fabulous ❤️
  9. Absolutely. He's an absolute legend and, in the words of Tim Nice But Dim, a thoroughly bloody nice bloke.
  10. I meant to post this before Christmas but totally forgot. My 216 decided to take a sabbatical from working at the end of November, so a mate of mine said "I've got just the car for you". Only problem was, he was in Chatteris, I'm in Cornwall. At that point, you were allowed to travel, and he lived in a Tier 2 area which meant green light go. So, me, the wife and the 9 year old phone screen goblin piled into herself's Rover 75 diseasel and headed for Chatteris. Arrived at the destination after an uneventful drive in the Rover. Remained socially distanced, had a chat and drove off, wife an
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