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  1. And have some more. @Dick Longbridge, thank you. Sadly not and I've been keeping my eyes peeled for that Montrose. I've even stalke... I mean driven up and down roads that I saw it on regular occasions quite often.
  2. Datsun 120Y in Redruth. This has been sat in this state for years and is getting more Superlegerra by the day.
  3. Had a Felicia LXi a few years back, Absolutely loved it. That is a nice colour!
  4. My wife works in a four star hotel resort money magnet that charges eleventy billion pounds per night per person and is full of superficial, shallow empty airheads that spend eleventy hundred pounds per month on a car, usually with a German PRESSED EEEEEEGE badge on the back. And that's just the staff. Except, of course, the wife who drives to work in a 17 year old Rover 75 presently. Last year, though, she had a CVT Rover 25 - a car so shoddy looking we took pity on it and bought it. The drive plate made more noise than skeletons having an orgy in a tin bath and the previous owner had d
  5. What a cracking thread. I do love a Land Prawn
  6. I'm not* suggesting we bombard this e-mail address Phil.weeden@kelsey.co.uk (CEO of Kelsey) with what a stupid bloody idea getting rid of Retro Cars is... Actually, I am. Please bombard the above e-mail with what a stupid idea getting rid of Retro Cars is...
  7. I've been spending quite a bit of time during this lock down scanning brochures and old road tests. I've uploaded most of them to my Flickr account, but I thought this one would appeal to you lot. https://flic.kr/s/aHsmMTpv64
  8. What a fantastic thread. That Croma is lovely.
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