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  1. Absolutely love that metallic blue
  2. Ah, the old body kit falling off. It's now a Superlegerra. I do like the facelift models, one of the few cars where a facelift didn't totally ruin the look of the car. Here's my jalopy. It wears its 178,000 miles reasonably well
  3. Have now acquired a pre-facelift 1.9JTD saloon in literally some shades of red. It already has had that section of floor pan welded up. I don't have a picture to hand but if you open up this month's issue of Retro Cars to the 156 article, it's that one. Bit of a 10 yarder but drives bloody beautifully. Looking at it and driving it, even with the lowly 8v JTD engine, reminds me why I loved them back in the day.
  4. That 120Y Coupe is FIT. My Dad had a Coupe as his first car, resplendent in vivid turquoise complete with mag slots. My Uncle had a 100A FII at around the same time
  5. I like most stuff to be fair, but Volkswanker Twatsporters of all ages and variants can get in the sea, as can Kia Rios, Golfs, MGBs, Escort Mk5/6, All Fiestas from Mk3 onwards, Ka, Itchypussy Evos, Imprezas - though I'd rock a bog standard one.
  6. Utterly brilliant! Glad it has been saved
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