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  1. Bee Gees drummer Colin Petersen's Broadspeed GT.
  2. MG 1100 Just needs a dog poking its head out of the rear window.
  3. The Entertainer in Tesco! I'm glad I haven't painted my low light moggy conversion now, because I was going to paint it green. The Jag is begging out for some steel wheels and maybe a paint job.
  4. Yes is the answer to that! I also de gassered and filled the bonnet hole in the HW 1965 Comet. Then lead sleded the MB 1936 Ford with a smooth over and some wheel spats. Edit I've just noticed I missed out on page 1622. I should have posted some BMC B series miniature shite.
  5. Mercury Mountaineer. Take the wheel Jess.
  6. £950 but... It comes with a unique rare number plate worth mega wonga m9! Buy it now and make a cool £2,615.71‬ profit. I've heard of tales of lost treasures and finds of gold in them there hills, but RDB 971H now that's like finding a golden goose. Also looking at the open tabs this guy seems to suffer the exact opposite of Prince Andrew's sweat problem. I suppose he's got that going for him.
  7. Needs more giffer trinkets. Look at that switch panel. Holey moley just noticed the price! It must be the sum total for all those trinkets. : ) Edit : The staring price is now £8k not £80K.
  8. Just follow the AA book of the car and it'll be reet.
  9. Be like me only smaller and in Breezeway form. I suppose the winters are long and hard (ooh matron) in Canada. 🙃
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