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  1. I thought them Southerners couldn't get hold of them? Anyhow I can send you a boxed W123 if you want? I was going to turn it into the Griswolds family truckster for my Dad. However I have now bought a Greenlight Truckster in metallic pea green with greenwall tyres and graffiti!!
  2. Brown ✔️ Estate ✔️ V8 ✔️ Cloth interior ✔️ Diesel ✔️ Automatic ✔️ What more do you need? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Oldsmobile-diesel-station-wagon-V8-diesel/233371031563?hash=item3655ff580b:g:k5gAAOSw0Ehdp03I
  3. Strange! It shall be known as the great North South Matchbox divide of 2019. I bought three of them, there was a few more in the massive storage box thing in Tescos. Although the next day most of the 'good ones' had gone. I may be able to un-give one of the two wagons if you're desperate. They had a few green Trekkers in. Do you want me to pick one up for you if I can find one?
  4. More Matchbox in Tescos. I do like the Mercedes, think I'll take the numbers off if I can. There also was a Banana car and a Vw Trekker/Thing too but I passed on those.
  5. What a fine design on this Fiat, it just sits there majestically. This was back when Fiat did things right... But that's enough about the Multipla. Nice! That steering wheel cover needs to be launched in the bin, and replaced with nice pair of driving gloves. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fiat-130-Coupe/143408491769?hash=item2163cfecf9:g:gf4AAOSwKc5doFmH
  6. Imagine looking at this every time you come home or go out, or for that matter look out of the window. However it does sport a wizard digital dash! Also, it may have the cool triple cluster headlights. I reckon there is a hidden message in this picture (below) that could solve this problem. Maybe even a phone number? I say this in jest knowing full well I have similar hunks of metal festering away. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pontiac-6000-UK-Registered-LHD-Project-Good-Engine-Made-in-USA
  7. Crikey! Buy this and win at life. Every normal person you know will hate it, so you don't have to be the designated driver ever again. Win win in my eyes. Comes with a boot full of cassettes. What are you driving these days? A Metro that's what! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1992-Chevrolet-Geo-Metro-LSI-Convertible-1-0-Auto-Automatic-Cabriolet/174058437025?hash=item2886b0f9a1:g:qsUAAOSwTg5dnN~x EDIT: Ned Flanders had the Hatch version of this, so be like Ned. You know he's a winner. Also I got offered a Geo Storm for free when I was 16. It had no wheels or radiator and the insurance was monumental so I think it went to scrap. That always haunts me.
  8. Thanks! I might have one myself somewhere. If I can't cobble something I'll send you a pm. Yeah I think it is, my Dad and I where questioning that.
  9. Charity shop 50p finds. The single CD was 49p, from one of my favorite bands and signed by all members! The Husky Commer van has both sliding doors and very thin looking driver inside. The Cortina is missing the passengers door and Diplomats bonnet is missing, I'll knock something together for those. I think that was a score for £2.49
  10. This looks nice. Comes with two tea towels on the back seats, to stop that pesky head grease from ruining the upholstery. oof https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Peugeot-504-Ti-Saloon/202790266024?hash=item2f373de4a8:g:DakAAOSwHuldgjLn
  11. Original front white wall tyre! That's a bit harsh. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201905027556137
  12. This is bloody lovely. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fiat-1100r-Familiare-Barn-Find-1967-LHD/233349523659?hash=item3654b728cb:g:TKEAAOSwVxddiPt-
  13. Yeah it was, very tidy it was too. I failed to get any pictures of it, got there too late really.
  14. Some more pics Future classic I tell you. Astra mid corner action shot I took this shot on the sly. Normal people thought I was taking a picture of the Pork in the background Little did they know I was papping a hammered Nissan
  15. Friday evening my Dad says shall we go to the Yorkshire thoroughbred meet? I answered: Nah they seem to be stuck up. We went just to test the Oxfords brakes. Turned out nice and easy going, here's some snaps. Nice plate. Lovely Honda City with Motocompo. This chap was off like a stabbed Gerbil.
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