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  1. Ha, I remember those from work. Quite a few of these where imported over here at one point. The speedometer faces where cream but obviously not all of them. A work colleague dropped the cluster and smashed the lens on one. It's the same cluster as a Fiat Ducato ect, so it was way easier than the owner thought it would be to fix.
  2. This springs into mind with old car shite and crimes. The Freddie Mills' (Champion Boxer) Citroen DS. He was the one of the main suspects for being Jack the stripper (aka Hammersmith nude murders) and Epsteined his self whilst sat in the DS. Another story or perhaps the same story, says he was shot by one of the Kray twins.
  3. Save me! Well at that price there is no worries about pre 68 then.
  4. Ensign Estate. It'll be reet, just stick a pinto innit m8.
  5. On offer until December. Heavy duty black bin bags. Looks a bit like a Lancia. Come and get your black bin bags. Just rip with me.
  6. Lebaron. A bit steep at 6.5K Wash yer mouth out m8.
  7. More from the Yorkshire classic car show It was a good day.
  8. Some from the Yorkshire classic car show. Next door to the Motorist at the Sherburn aero club.
  9. I had a drive over to the Motorist Hub again. Unbeknownst to me it was Drive it day and there was a Yorkshire classic car club meet next to the Motorist. I arrived late on looked like it had been packed at both shows, with some cars attending both shows. Motorist
  10. There wasn't much in One Below other than the MGB. Blue Willys Jeep, Red and beige Jeep Wrangler, Blue Jag F Type and some modern mini bus/van thing. All in the boxes not the blisters, It had been well picked over though. Yes. You can get away with sanding down the bubble arches there is just enough metal. Ditched the spotlights and filled the bumper with a split pin added some MBX wheels. I need to figure out what I've posted on here. I'll get some finished pictures up soon.
  11. I was noticeably excited to spot this, I probably looked like a right weirdo. Lada Niva 4dr on German plates. Badged up as a XR3i?
  12. Emm Gee Bee Gee Tee Matchbox in a box in One Below zero. I should have got some more as those wheels are nice. Which reminds me I've not posted my roof chopped version. I need to get a picture of them next to each other now.
  13. Avenger. WARNING ALL IN CAPS.
  14. Nice pictures. Blimey that's a lot of pictures to upload in one post, it usually bricks it on me. I can definitely see that place going places. Hopefully it's doesn't go down high rollers hangout way and still caters for us normal folk. I'm off to youtube now to see how many videos I'm in the background of awkwardly shuffling out of shot.
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