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  1. What a steaming plie, flogged to death then punted on to some poor sap... But thats enough about the Audi. This Ital looks like an exchange and mart listing from the 1980s. Looks honest. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MORRIS-ITAL-1973-SLX-WITH-MOT/373543770745?hash=item56f8f19a79:g:ZBkAAOSwmc9gefj4
  2. I would have picked up more to distribute, but there was only one unfortunately, I'll keep a look out. I almost missed them, they where on the bottom shelf opposite to the rest of the HW/MB. Yeah, it seems a strange one for MB to cast but a very welcome one.
  3. Thanks to the tip off from bunglebus I got these from The Entertainer today. I didn't know this one existed in Matchbox form. I might have a go at making a Midget racer and trailer. More info on the George DuVall / So California Plating Co 1936 Ford. https://www.customcarchronicle.com/early-custom-cars/socalif-plating-truck/
  4. It's amazing what you can find with number plate searches on the world wide web.
  5. Ivan's Shed. 2 Cylinder Mini prototype engine.
  6. Spotted this today it looked in fine fettle.
  7. Brilliant! I'm guessing limited numbers are alowed in the actual show ground (especially these days). Is there a Autoshite stand or do people meet up on the field of dreams after most have left?
  8. Thanks. For the whitewalls I use a white Uni-ball paint pen whilst spinning the wheel. Then when dry I use a scalpel blade or fine tip black marker to trim the edges down, again whilst spinning the wheel. It takes a bit of faffing around to sort out but you sort of get a feel for the angle of each tyre.
  9. I do hope this goes ahead. I don't think my Mercury or Oxford will fit in. All being well I'll borrow my Dad's Magentis and park in the normal carpark. Edit: Does not fitting in apply to this show or is that just Chumly?
  10. I finally got around to some photographing. It was the National Parks liveried Matchbox 59 Dodge Coronet. I filled the roof and converted to pillarless hard top then painted. Then I had a play in the potted plants in the garden.
  11. I'm sure that Viper is sneering at this, thinking how dare you steal my thunder you rusty hack. Money shot. White car with white room prices though. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1979-Dodge-Magnum-5-2L-V8-Auto-Coupe-Project-Calssic-American-Import-Barn-Find/353425932744?hash=item5249d3c1c8:g:DD0AAOSw0OBgVRQm
  12. A RUB Hell yeah it is! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/83-Oldsmobile-Delta-88-Coupe-350-cu-in-Diesel-American-coupe-Lowrider-project/294066402880?hash=item4477b93640:g:OaMAAOSwOFtgT8Tv
  13. I remember that hooning towards me, whilst driving the Mercury near Bolton Abbey steam railway on a narrow B road. I bet he soiled his pants as did I.
  14. Want a Ford Escort but don't want to fit in with the Escort crowd? I always thought these look like the spawn of a Mk2 Fiesta and a fox body Mustang. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ford-escort-exp-1-6-automatic/124621674239?hash=item1d0407d6ff:g:hM0AAOSwuZZgR6zQ
  15. What a honey. Here's a fiver, keep the change. Damn and blast!! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Zodiac-Estate-Automatic-Barn-Find/114717294195?hash=item1ab5aefe73:g:PVAAAOSwiYBgRL1p
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