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  1. That yard is full of old chod. Is that a Landcrab hearse parked on the right? Edit: Austin 3 liter Landcrab ambulance. The wonders of tinternet.
  2. Nice. Someone's knocking at the door. Somebody's ringing the bell. I do hope the that's the horn button, and it chimes DING DONG when you get road rage.
  3. Wow! Was it that long ago? I remember that story like it was yesterday, maybe I have some kind of odd car memory. But I can't remember that thing err... You know that whatsit... Oh who cares anyway. My Dad and I give each other directions with car locations. Turn right just after where that Citroën XM used to park etc.
  4. That crashed Chevy that turned up in that there London. Unfortunately the seller doesn't mention the odd story, of how it wound up abandoned and smashed up. Oh... I'm out. Edit: Link to some of the story www.hemmings.com
  5. Today's desire 1952 Healey Tickford. DO NOT PAINT.
  6. A ropey red Fury what could possibly go wrong. All you would have to do is say "show me" and it will fix it's self. Money shot
  7. I can't remember the last time I saw one of these, they used to be everywhere. Shame it comes with some Bed points.
  8. Pah! I call Chicken shit. Oh!
  9. Got this from The Original Factory shop for £3. I going to paint in green with a wonky front wheel, and put a collection of cactus' in the back. Like Terry Thomas has in It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.
  10. They sound a bit like over exaggeration bearded tit explorer. Reminds me of my Dad going around sharp corners too fast and losing Mk2 & 3 Cav wheel trims before cable ties where common. My Brother and I would be forced into the brambles to look for the trim, only to find a pile of not quite the right Vaux trims. When he got a Fiat Brava (because Cavs got pinched a lot) he insisted on a spare set of trims that we didn't need because they never fell off.
  11. The Topolino is Noddy & his car a Morestone product, some ones painted it a nice shade of blue. I didn't know what is was until my dad saw it and got all nostalgic about it, he had one as a small child (it's now his). It used to have a Noddy figure driving. Ah the folded up box thing makes sense now. The Husky F350 is usually the blue tow truck I don't really know what its supposed to be. They where in Wakefield Ridings if that helps.
  12. I couldn't resist this bag of cars for £8. I thought I saw a Mk 5 Cortina in blue (I've never a blue one) in the mix, but turns out it was a Mercedes 450SEL with a dent in the roof. The F350 is one I have been after for a while. The Growlers Can Am car still makes the Click Click Boink noise I remember that sounded better when pushed slower. These where in the same shop, very nice heavy castings with some kind of poster in some. I guess they came with a magazine? I should have got at least the Autobianchi or the Multipla. Spotted these in Poundland for £2.50 each I should have got some of these too. P.S. the big Tescos near me has had no toys in for weeks now. I went in yesterday and has signage saying "coming soon The Entertainer" So I guess they are taking over the toy section of Tescos.
  13. Estate with dangly mirrors in Pogweasel pink.
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