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    solid61 reacted to Rocket88 in Princess Xantia.......a vendre   
    1998 Xantia 2.0 pez auto [Desire...........Papa, Nicolle etc etc] located in Kent
    115k miles, full cow and wind..............
    Comprehensive service book history, although very few receipts.
    I'll let the pictures tell the story. Now superfluous to requirements, and far too good for a WBOD.
    Spheres and Cambelt recently done.
    700 snotters to a shiter.......would take commodious WBOD in p/x

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    solid61 reacted to The Reverend Bluejeans in Cars or jobs you hate working on   
    Working on cars full stop. I keep it to an absolute minimum now.
    I paid to have a clutch replaced a few days ago - I'm just not interested in doing that sort of thing anymore. It's easier for me to earn the money and pay someone else!
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    solid61 reacted to JimH in Eye-catching black and whites   
    Breaking what appears to be the rules with a photo with no motoring content. It is, however, black and white and rather eye catching. I found it on the floor of the engineering archive of a recently(ish) shut down paper mill in Fife. Everything was going in the skip so I saved it. This is a rag boiler. Those with some knowledge of engineering and pressure vessels will look at the rivetted butt straps and the number and size of the bolts on the access door and wonder what sort of pressure it ran at.

    The date pencilled on the back tells me it was taken in 1977.
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    solid61 reacted to egg in Car mags... do you bother now?   
    Did anyone else used to read 'Supercar Classics', I had a couple which were great reads - I remember this issue being a particular fave....

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    solid61 reacted to Lanciaman in Car mags... do you bother now?   
    Totally agree with comment ref Car mag. I got it religiously from 1983 to 1995. George Bishop, Ian Fraser as well as the others mentioned. Excellent reading. I gave up for the same reason. They abandoned what for me were interesting cars and went down the performance only and all things German route. One favourite was the front cover piece 'driving the untouchables' where they took a Skoda Estelle, Lada Riva (if it was the Riva then),2cv and a reliant robin to Wales. Alfa 75s back from Italy, Ferrari Mondial to Scotland. Fantastic writing. The current Car is just a shit 'lifestyle'mag.
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    solid61 reacted to chaseracer in Rules? There ARE* no rules...   
    Greetings, rammle fans
      AS is, generally speaking, a happy place where we shiters rub along pretty well with each other, celebrating our many differences as well as our shared love of disreputable old chod.   There are a few well-known discussion points to be careful with, of which we are all aware by now, politics being just one - though meaningful debate is possible if those taking part are respectful of differing viewpoints.   Racism, sexism, incitement to violence?  Completely unwelcome here.  Similarly, use of terms which disparage the disabled and people with learning difficulties.   We've made it clear before that we will hide, move or delete any thread or post which causes egregious or deliberate offence.  If you still feel the need, the interweb is large and there are plenty of other places to do it.   And this is not THE MODS being "fascists", this is to keep AS being, generally speaking, a happy place where shiters rub along pretty well with each other, etc. etc.   Essentially, as had been said before, DON'T BE A DICK.   Cheers and happy shiting The Mod Team
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    solid61 reacted to Tamworthbay in LED astray   
    Fuck I am losing it, I read that as LED ashtray and was trying to work out what the fuck the pics were showing.
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    solid61 reacted to Wingz123 in Have a guess what car this is...   
    This was close by too and judging by the branches that were across the entrace to this place these had both been there absolutely years.....
    A hijet camper....

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    solid61 reacted to Justin Case in bangernomics, where do you draw the line?   
    In my opinion, Bangernomics is motoring with the sole aim of making it as cost-effective as possible, taking into account your needs and your ability to fix things, but Autoshite is taking on old, interesting and unloved cars and lavishing more care and attention on them than you could ever justify. Of course the two overlap, but you can have one that isn't the other.
    Spot on. It isn't difficult to find something 3-5 years old with a history rather than a past. I have found over the years that the secret is to buy something recently obsolete, unfashionable and Japanese. This needn't necessarily be an unpleasant experience and you can get some cracking bargains that way.
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    solid61 reacted to Yoss in Best car in the world?   
    I'm a bit late to this and most of my choices have already gone. First thing that sprang to mind was a Tatra. Any Tatra. From the outlandish style of the 77 or 87 to the almost bland but still classy communist era styling of the 613 or 700. Basically the first one that came up for sale. But they've already been mentioned several times.
    So I'll have one of these.

    Not a standard Routemaster, I've already got one of those, but a Green Line RCL. And if, as the original brief states, money was no object, I'd use it as my daily. It's fast (cruises at 60, easily fast enough for most journeys), comfortable, handles much better than most people realise, exceptionally well built and easy to park. No, honestly it is, you can just leave it on a bus stop. It's also exempt from the congestion charge and LEZ. Perfect.
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    solid61 reacted to Marm Toastsmith in Best car in the world?   
    Citroen SM
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    solid61 got a reaction from The Reverend Bluejeans in Best car in the world?   
    1961 Pontiac bonneville bubble top,421,4speed,8 lugs would be my ultimate but a Citroen sm in metallic green with tan leather would run a very very close second.
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    solid61 reacted to Skizzer in Best car in the world?   
    This month’s all time favourite best car of evah for me would be a throughly sorted and reliable Citroen SM, in that bronze colour.
    Next month’s will be something different, mind.
    Not a bad shout on the XJ12C, either.
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    solid61 reacted to Squire_Dawson in 1974 MGB GT - The Mustard (Mit) Mobility Scooter - 6yrs ownership & the end is potentially nigh!   
    What the hell is this doing in a 25D distributor? Give me strength.
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    solid61 reacted to bolognasal spray in The 2000 Fuel Crisis   
    read that as cardiac blue for a second there
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    solid61 reacted to warren t claim in The 2000 Fuel Crisis   
    Being a naughty taxi driver back then I was running a Montego Diesel and had a stash of about 50 gallons of red diesel bunkered in my shed. Not because of the fuel shortages but because I always ran on cherry back in those days.
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    solid61 reacted to Vantman in Saab 9000 CSE Auto 2.3---NOW WITH A NEW OWNER!   
    I haven't had the pleasure of this car for very long but due to unforeseen circumstances I am relunctantly selling it--

    1993 Saab 9000 CSE hatchback,automatic with 2.3 Full Pressure Turbo Engine.MOT expires in December 2018,todays mileage is 187115 and will increase very slightly as I still use the car sparingly.Unusual colour of Nocturne Blue Metallic,full grey leather interior with heated front seats with electric adjustment plus memory function on the drivers seat,air conditioning,cruise control,electric mirrors,sunroof,headlamp wash-wipe,aftermarket Blaupunkt Orlando radio-CD,clean alloy wheels with very good Dunlop tyres.

    It has a good service history book but no supporting invoices,a good portion of the service book is hand written by a long term previous owner detailing lots of servicing,in my humble opinion the car has been over serviced. Recent work last week,aircon recharged,coolant flushed and renewed,new coolant header tank fitted,only because the old one was grotty!

    Paintwork is good and shiny with only a few age related marks including some rust bubbling but no holes on both rear wheel arches. I have a pair of repair panels for the arches and a few service items that will come with the sale. I have two keys for the car and the V5 in my name.

    Located in Ashford,Kent, quite near the railway station,tea and cake,or fish and chips available.

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    solid61 reacted to LightBulbFun in 1951 Pontiac Chieftain   
    I was not sure if I should explain why they failed the way they did (while I certainly enjoy lightbulbs I understand not everyone wants to hear someone yap on about them) but since you went through the trouble of posting pics ill do so
    the one which failed all shiny black/silver, is generally how a incandescent lightbulb normally fails
    over the life time of an incandescent lightbulbs light tungsten metal slowly evaporates from the filament ending up deposited onto the surface of the glass bulb causing it to blacken/go dark eventually as more and more tungsten evaporates away the filament gets thiner and runs hotter because of that forming hot spots in the filament, which eventually get too hot and fail blowing the filament open. (halogen lamps work on the princiable of using halogens/chemestry to re-deposit the evaporated tungsten back onto the filament reducing/eliminating bulb blackening so you have much better lumen maintenance over a bulbs life time and you also increase the life time of the filament as your putting metal back onto it)
    the one which failed all white failed because air somehow leaked into the glass bulb causing the hot tungsten filament to react with oxygen in said air, turning into tungsten trioxide which is a yellow-white colour
    hopefully this all makes sense 
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    solid61 reacted to Matty in Shiters, Average chod-age? Where on the spectrum are you   
    One at 20 years old one at 15 only cars both in daily use. still got a 22 year old that's going back into daily use in autumn. I firmly believe that mid 90s till mid 00s is the golden period for cars and vans. Fuck knows what I'm going to do in the future
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    solid61 reacted to timolloyd in Electric conversions of classics   
    I’d quite like to convert, say, a Tesla to fossil fuel power. Imagine hearing an XUD humming* beneath the bonnet of one of those.
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    solid61 reacted to Hawkeyethenoo in 1993 E36 316I München Express Automatisch   
    Minor update and victory! Managed to bust open sunroof fully using emergency manuwell Windy Miller winder option. Once fully open, mucho silicone grease was applied to the runners and outer rubber seal. Winning! It now opens and closes easily using just pure muscle power and a ratchet - no electricity required!
    Also set about removing 2" wood screws used by someone unknown to replace broken door trim clips, wood screws now removed and saved for future use & replaced with proper clips and while I was there, filled in the big dirty screw holes left by using yon Supafix stuff. Mega super glue which comes with filling powders. Impressive stuff but gloves are essential and although I used the grey filling powder, it looks a bit more brown Autoshite beige in this case.



    This shiny 325i also parked up across the road the other day. Thing of lovelyness. #Swoon.... Although really badly parked they walked to the kerb from there, I guess...

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    solid61 reacted to Psycho Charlie Knobcheese in Royal Enfield 500 Bullet. Worc's   
    Offering it up here first, for obvious reasons!
    2004 Royal Enfield Bullet 500 in a semi scrambler type style.
    It was modified by the previous owner and has some nice bits added.
    Off the top of my head it has:
    Boyer Powerbox (does away with the original reg/rec)
    Longer Koni shocks
    Trails tyres
    Ally mudguards
    Extended centre and side stands to compensate for longer shocks and increased profile of the tyres.
    Ally sumpguard and a few other nice touches like the rack which was made by the previous (fabricator) owner as well as the headlight guard and lucas rep back light.
    It runs well and was laid up for about 7 months earlier this year- on starting it had absolutely no wet sumping issues which I think for one of these is a good indication of a fit engine.
    In my ownership I have probably covered less than 300 miles so it has to go really. Age old story of life getting in the way etc...
    New gel battery fitted a couple of weeks ago.
    It's quite an event riding the thing with the vibration and lack of pace but its a hoot all the same!
    12 Months MOT as of last week.
    It's not immaculate and has a few petrol marks on the tank but it is all in keeping (I think) with the faux classic looks/experience.
    Speedo has packed up but I think this is almost definitely just a cable due to it dancing around prior to stopping working.
    Front indicators do not match the rear due to a bike/garage wall interface and I needed some at short notice for the MOT- Easily and cheaply sorted if it bothers you.
    Happy to answer any questions and you're more than welcome to come and view it/take it up the road.
    Shiters price- £1695
    Obviously, I'll chuck some cash into the Autoshite coffers.
    Thanks all  

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    solid61 reacted to sierraman in Ford Mondeo is at an end?   
    Not a fan of the crossover SUV type thing, I can feel nothing but acute embarrassment at the thought of riding about in one. It just says to me ‘I’ve given up, I’m now waiting to waste away driving round in this massive blob from retail park to retail park then settle down in front of a television of an evening to watch brainless rubbish’
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    solid61 reacted to Mr_Bo11ox in 2003 Fiat Stilo JTD 128.8k few months MOT £2.75 a ticket   
    Just back from driving this 1700 miles in a week for my holiday to France. As I zipped along the Belgian motorways at a cruise-controlled 80mph, achieving 52mpg in my air-conditioned box while listening to podcasts through the stereo, I had to admit that despite the world seemingly accelerating itself towards Armageddon, we are living in truly amazing times for tight-fisted shite car lovers.

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