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    solid61 reacted to Bucketeer in Cycling North After Winter   
    Thanks everyone.
    The old guy who owns the guesthouse I stayed at and lives there alone asked me to stay for a few days and help out around the place in return for free lodgings, and this coincided with me feeling low, so here I am.

    Also, tractors and trains.


    I know at least myself and mat_the_cat enjoy the occasional electricity pylon, so here you go Mat.

    Not sure when I'm leaving here, probably today or tomorrow.
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    solid61 reacted to carlo in Can we have a Yank thread?   
    If this isn't classy I don't know what is.  I love all American cars from the fifties to early sixties, just the way they look as I've never driven one.

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    solid61 reacted to The Reverend Bluejeans in Can we have a Yank thread?   
    If I had a workshop big enough - and I haven't - I'd own a sixties or early seventies US motor. To me, they were the best cars built in this era - styling, quality, and technical advancements. 
    A 1960 Cadillac Coupe, be it a base Series 62 or a Coupe DeVille, it matters not. The 1959 car is still a hero chariot but the 1960 car has lower fins and a tidier front end. Cadillac pioneered stuff like self dipping headlights with the Autronic Eye in the 1950's, a light sensing device on the dash top that could sense oncoming cars. That was sixty years ago. Self seeking FM radio? Let's have it. 

    1970 Dodge Challenger. Like the similar Plymouth Barracuda (both Chrysler E Body) the Challenger arrived too late to oust the Mustang and by 1970, the Pony Car thing was dying out anyway. But it's incredibly pretty and it has the best of American V8's, the magnificent 426 ci Hemi. I love late sixties/early seventies Mustangs but these to me are in a different league. 

    1962/3 Lincoln Continental. When the Mark 10 Jag appeared in the US in 1962, most Americans laughed at the 3.8 litre six pot, wheezing away whilst trying haul the portly thing along with the AC barely able to cope and Lucas bits falling off. The 61 onwards Continental was a proper car. The 430 ci V8 was not a regular Ford V8 but a special design. Each one was built, bench run, stripped and reassembled again to make sure it was right. Zinc coating was used in the bodyshell. Stuff like a laminated screen was standard along with vacuum operated central locking as well as a two year 25'000 mile warranty, in 1961.......
    The 62/3 car was restyled front and rear and to my eyes is a better looking car.

    1965 Buick Riviera. Really, there's no bad year for these but the 1963-66 cars are best and some like the original 1963 car the most. But I like these so there. Bob Monkhouse and Dusty Springfield are amongst the original owners. 
    What a thing of beauty. Buick of course pioneered the turbocharged road car whilst Porsche was still making Beetle engined bathtubs.

    So fire away. Waiting photos photos of a 1983 Dodge Aries complete with a Confederate flag and an American accent picked up after a fortnight in Miami. 
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    solid61 reacted to nigel bickle in Cycling North After Winter   
    I commend what you are doing - I’ve done daft, but nowt like this.
    What I don’t understand is why you are on the Eastern side of Europe, rather than the West?
    If I was “ heading south” at this time of year, I’d be hugging the warmer Atlantic side, to get a few extra degrees.
    You seem, to me, to be suffering unnecessarily?
    I’m clearly wrong, and apologise as no offence is intended, but I’m old. I like to be warm. This feels like pain.
    Brave man. One of the few threads here worth reading these days.
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    solid61 reacted to Vince70 in Meg the Visa.   
    It looks a steal for the money and rarer than a Ferrari and more presence on the road than a Porsche all for £335.
    Cheap to run and well maintained with a good history and bags of character, I would say you've got yourself the perfect little Citroen.
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    solid61 reacted to Bucketeer in Cycling North After Winter   
    Xmas day round up time.
    This morning started like most others. A river, a bicycle, and cold.

    Spots were limited.

    I did see some containers and container trucks though, which for some reason I always find fascinating.


    This section of the Rhein has all the mod cons.

    As the day progressed I began to attract the birds.


    About ten or fifteen kms short of Koblenz I got the opportunity to chuck a left over to the other side of the river.

    To take this next photo I had to hop over the railings and stand next to the train tracks. As I was clambering back over towards the footpath a train came sneakily whizzing past. Ten seconds earlier and I would have been squished brown bread. One to file under 'live and learn'.

    And to cap it all off, about two thirds of the way over the bridge someone appeared at the other side coming towards me on a moped. There was no chance he could squeeze past my bike and trailer but despite my hand waving and head shaking he just continued across until he was ten feet away and we were both stuck. The idiot just sat there looking at me. I was tempted to wait it out until he buckled and walked his moped back to the start of the bridge, but it was chilly up there so in the end I had to disconnect the trailer and safety line, stand it on end, and remove the wheels before he could get past (without a word of thanks obvs).
    It's hard to make him out in the picture, or the trailer stood up with wheels removed, but it was either take a picture or throw something at him and the nearest thing to hand was a bottle of brandy I'd just bought at a petrol station.

    I had a cig, calmed down a bit, and continued onwards.
    There must be a very wide age range for graffitiers in Germany. On the other side to this was 'AC/DC'.

    I hadn't reckoned on my hotel for tonight being about six kms away from Koblenz, and all of those kms uphill (I say I hadn't reckoned on it, but actually I did know and had just ignored that information). I was pushing up near vertical mud tracks and was a broken man by the time I got to the plateau at the top of the hills.

    I did however find an apple tree with fruit still on it for my first proper foraging of the trip.

    And eventually, with jelly legs, I got to the village I am staying in.

    I arrived about 3pm but the earliest check-in time mentioned online was 4pm. The doors were locked so I dragged myself around the village to see if I could pap anything.





    I got back to the hotel just after four and everything was still locked. Then I spied a handwritten note in the window saying that they were closed 25th and 26th. I was ready to cry but before tears I did a circuit of the outside and thankfully found a back door with another handwritten note attached to it, with my name and floor 2 room 8 on it. The door was open and the room keys were inside the room. I still haven't seen or heard anyone, I think I'm the only person here.
    That all matters not, as I now have a warm room.

    Just before my legs completely died, I managed a sock wash.

    I found the TV remote and turned it on out of idle curiosity. One of the first things I saw was this.

    Which, as it sounds, was a documentary about the Manta. Which was great.

    That was a couple of hours ago now, and I think my legs might be ready to work again, so I'm going to have summat to eat and then have a right good bash at the brandy. Cue me being fast asleep in thirty mins.
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    solid61 reacted to richardmorris in Cycling North After Winter   
    Well enjoy the day and Happy Christmas!
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    solid61 reacted to Bucketeer in Cycling North After Winter   
    ^^^ I wish.
    I've been on the road the last couple of days. It's been a bit too wet and no signal to update. This morning is dry and will hopefully stay that way.
    I hoovered up a last few spots as I left Cologne.






    Industrial Zone - level complete.


    Then I hit the Rhein and headed South.


    I've been (mostly) resisting the temptation to keep swapping sides of the river every time I see one of the little ferries.

    Koblenz is not too far away now. I'm going to stick down the Rhein 'til there, and whilst idly looking online the other day I saw a hotel room near Koblenz for 18€ on Christmas Day night. So I booked that. It'll give me chance to dry everything out.
    Anyway, I'm getting chilly, need to start moving again.

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    solid61 reacted to The Old Bloke Next Door in Autoshite's official for sale/wanted thread   
    Four Uniroyal Rain Experts, bought new in 2012, date stamped 2011 to 2012. Never fitted been in dry storage, I'll check the size later, from memory 155 x 14.
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    solid61 reacted to ProgRocker in V**hall Carlton 2.3TD. Insurance finally sorted!   
    An ill tempered Audi 'blobbymobile' driver - quelle surprise.
    Good luck sorting it out. Hope the Audiot pays dearly for this and the Carlton is repaired soon.
    Police seem more interested in going after people who call others derogatory names on social media these days. British Policing is losing the plot big time.
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    solid61 reacted to Daniel R25 in Cycling North After Winter   

    I would not consider your trip during winter... However, I enjoy reading about it. As you are close to Cologne I can offer my support.

    Bike parts, a washing machine, a warm shower or a bed are available in central Cologne. That's what they told me one should offer to a biker when I checked into Sarajevo's The doctor's house hostel last summer... Since then you will also find me on warm showers.

    I prefer temperatures over 30 degrees to this cold: I did Corfu-Sarajevo last summer. This picture was taken close to the Tara canyon / Montenegro. Send a PM for my number.



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    solid61 reacted to bigstraight6 in Sons 68 Mercury Cougar slight update   
    The ‘68 Mercury Cougar my 19 year old son imported back in the summer has turned out to be an excellent buy, it hasn’t needed much work so far with just a new brake master cylinder needed to pass an MOT, we also replaced the starter motor, alternator and voltage regulator to cure some starting and charging issues and it’s fine now. All said parts came off the shelf from UK suppliers and were keenly priced.
    The amazing thing is he’s managed to get insurance on it himself from a specialist broker for under a grand, so he’s spent plenty of time driving the car over the last few months and he loves it. He also managed too trace the grandson of the first owner of the car on the internets who remembered the car well and confirmed that his grandmother hardly ever drove it backing up the fact the car only has 48,000 miles showing....
    Being a California car there is no rust anywhere, the paint is a bit tired but my son is happy to leave it as is, he likes originality. Here’s a few pics...

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    solid61 got a reaction from Burnside in SAVED for a 2nd time Visa Cabriolet in Edinburgh! - New Clutch fitted   
    This is great news and just goes to show what a load of bollox the mot test can be,wonder how many basically sound old cars have been condemned by an over enthusiastic mot tester?,bravo, a good little machine lives to fight another day.
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    solid61 reacted to OliD-E in Oli’s cars Reliant Jubilee Robin, Rover Metro Rio, Rover 211i, Rover 75 Club CDTi Tourer, AC Model 70   
    Well i have downloaded tapatalk as i am on my phone not a computer firstly let me explain that first post it said tags so i thought it meant things to search to find this by anyway let me show you the cars
    First this is my 1977 Reliant Jubilee Robin a limited edition for the queens jubilee it is number 721 out of 750
    apologies for this photo it isnt very good but here is the CityRover this is one of the MG Rover press fleet so is a very early one
    this is the 200 its a rare 1.1
    and here is the Metro it doesn’t have a floor
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    solid61 got a reaction from Mrs6C in SAVED for a 2nd time Visa Cabriolet in Edinburgh! - New Clutch fitted   
    This is great news and just goes to show what a load of bollox the mot test can be,wonder how many basically sound old cars have been condemned by an over enthusiastic mot tester?,bravo, a good little machine lives to fight another day.
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    solid61 got a reaction from Scruffy Bodger in SAVED for a 2nd time Visa Cabriolet in Edinburgh! - New Clutch fitted   
    This is great news and just goes to show what a load of bollox the mot test can be,wonder how many basically sound old cars have been condemned by an over enthusiastic mot tester?,bravo, a good little machine lives to fight another day.
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    solid61 got a reaction from LightBulbFun in SAVED for a 2nd time Visa Cabriolet in Edinburgh! - New Clutch fitted   
    This is great news and just goes to show what a load of bollox the mot test can be,wonder how many basically sound old cars have been condemned by an over enthusiastic mot tester?,bravo, a good little machine lives to fight another day.
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    solid61 reacted to barrett in Cycling North After Winter   
    I haven't had a holiday since 2011. The idea of fucking off for Christmas on my jones is hugely appealing. I would die if I tried to ride a bike, though. Insanely jealous and disappointed in my own lifestyle choices in equal measure. Cheers!
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    solid61 reacted to Dan the van in Cars that don't exist but should   
    Proper car derived vans rather than the horrid Postman Pat stuff.I loved my Astravans,they sold gazillions of all models.Fuck knows why Vauxhall stopped making them.
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    solid61 reacted to Amishtat in Lazy spotters thread   
    Not in Scotland
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    solid61 reacted to richardthestag in Jaaaaaaaaaaag......For Sale £17 a ticket, two for £30 - £900 Sale - 30 tickets sold   
    I tried hard to get that onboard to read anything over 26.6 but failed. I reckon to brim the tank and calculate manually might give better (or worse*) results. 
    Have you driven it in a downpour yet? the noise of the rain hitting the roof might make you think it is hailing.
    I am missing that low down lazy waft with the ability to point and squirt when needed. 
    Audi twat was tailgating me on M4, I had no place to go because of middle lane botherers. I wasnt hanging around either! When I got past I pulled back to lane 2, waited for Audi to get alongside and hit the loud pedal, in sport of course. It pulled clear of that audi pretty rapidly, I then slowed and let him go and spoil someone else's day and got back to the waft
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    solid61 reacted to DVee8 in Collection fail   
    Maybe a little new,but with giffa corners


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    solid61 reacted to Andyrew in SAVED for a 2nd time Visa Cabriolet in Edinburgh! - New Clutch fitted   
    Too much worrying going on here.
    The story summarised, I think
    -Sixcylinder a serial visa fondler hears on 'le grapevine' of a doomed visa owned by someone who loves the car but is unable to find someone willing to fix it.
    In a moment of panic and desperation the visa fondler alerts the secret club of shite members for someone to save the poor French damsel in distress before le evil council have their wicked way and turn it into "le spam Tins"
    Out of the rainy Scottish hills, shite knight appears to rescue the damsel even tho it's undercarriage seems to be a bit "flakey"
    Upon meeting the damsels custodian, shite knight can see the heartbreak and holds sympathy. Knowing that maybe they are the only person who really should behold such a fine steed, And that returning this steed back to the road would make someone very happy, and back to them even more so should they wish.
    Due to his good deed the locals welcome his return, and shower him with £5 notes to help him save something that he really didn't want or need. But he is just to much of a knight in shite'ing armour.
    Good on you dudes.
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    solid61 reacted to Raff in The reason we drive shite/chod/cars no one wants anymore   
    That Focus looks OK but I can't get over how enormous and ugly most new cars are. Particularly the not-quite-SUVs that apparently will be the only option before too long. I'd just feel a berk driving something that looks like they do and takes up that much space in the world for no good reason.
    That and I'm cheap.
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    solid61 got a reaction from oldcars in SAVED for a 2nd time Visa Cabriolet in Edinburgh! - New Clutch fitted   
    Don't look too bad to me,bear in mind it's a 35 year old car made out of quite thin steel with its roof cut off living in Scotland it's done very well,a big mot failure can sometimes be not much at all,just needs a sensible second opinion and it looks like it's in the right hands,well done Mr foad.
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