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    solid61 reacted to rovamota in Most obscure car you’ve owned?   
    Rover 200 BRM. I was always having to explain the orange mouth after regularly being asked, 'did you do that yourself? Great cars, though; I had two during the Naughties but they have never been 'on trend'. Largely forgotten these days.

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    solid61 got a reaction from JeeExEll in Most obscure car you’ve owned?   
    Last time I saw it was in a classic ford type magazine about 20years ago,it was indeed re sprayed light blue metallic and living in Scotland,it's original colour was silver fox and I seem to remember it had many owners and I can tell you it looked good but was king rotten.
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    solid61 reacted to Inspector Morose in Most obscure car you’ve owned?   
    Dunno, take your pick out of these I can remember off the top of my head.

    There’s more, including 2 Dedras, a Fiat Regatta diesel, numerous Trabants - not Nigel Bickel levels but I tried.
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    solid61 got a reaction from eddyramrod in Most obscure car you’ve owned?   
    Had a Crayford corsair back in 1981,was a stylish looking thing in red with White vynil trim,WRO299F,sold it for £500.00,no silly ford added tax in those days.
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    solid61 reacted to JeeExEll in Most obscure car you’ve owned?   
    It's still around.DVLA says 1662cc, (so still a V4), now 'blue', taxed and MOT'd til August 2019
    Being such a rare car there could well be pics around on the net.
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    solid61 reacted to 1970mgb in My (US, LHD) 1970 MGB   
    My final post for this evening-
    I'm limping along until a complete engine rebuild(I have a lot of blow-by), but a few years ago a burnt exhaust valve caused me to expedite rebuilding the top end.
    Although my engine is a factory "high compression" engine, it does have what's known as a "smog head"-it was designed to be used with a(long gone) smog pump that pumped air into the exhaust to theoretically help burn up any unburned HCs and CO, although its effect was questionable before catalytic converters came along. Since the pumps weren't overly reliable, they typically are only still installed in cars registered in states that actually check for those things(and even though '68 and later had them, I don't think any state checks emissions on cars that old). Still, though, the so-called "smog heads" are more prone to cracking. Thus, rather than rebuilding my existing head, I opted to just source another.
    That presented me with another option. Stock "high compression" engines use shallow dish pistons with a combustion chamber volume of 42ccs. The low compression engines switched to deep dish pistons, but dropped the combustion chamber volume to 38cc. Thus, one can "mix and match" a late head with shallow dish pistons and get 9.5:1 without any extraordinary effort(but a noticeable performance increase). I have a friend who sells "reconditioned" heads, and I bought a ready-to-go 12H2923 head, crack checked, surfaced, and with new exhaust valves and hardened exhaust seats installed. The 12H2923 was one of two "small chamber" castings, and it's more desirable partially for its factory large diameter intake valves. For a street car they probably make zero difference, but they're nice bragging rights (this head casting was used 73-76, 77-80 got the infamous and notoriously crack prone CAM1106 casting).

    The difference when installed was remarkable.
    Unfortunately, about a year later I discovered the "wisdom" of not replacing the head studs when doing head work. I blew out the head gasket between cylinders 2 and 3, most likely due to a stretched stud. Aside from my lack of compression, I found some nice "milk" on the rockers when I pulled the rocker cover

    The breech isn't overly obvious in this photo, but none the less was there

    Fortunately, I didn't worry too much about the head. I took it in to work and had the machinist check it for flatness, then spent some time in the machine shop cleaning it up.

    Including of course chasing all the threads in the head and block

    I threw it back together with ARP studs-about $130 a set but worth every penny-and put it all back together



    That's just a snapshot of a few projects on the car over the past 3 1/2 years. Now, I'm mostly just enjoying it, although as I mentioned I hope to fit a rebuilt bottom end and overdrive transmission some time this year.
    The rebuilt will likely get a small overbore(20 over hopefully)-for wear and not displacement-along with of course crank grinding and a replacement of all the bits and pieces that wear out. I'll put it back together with a "street performance" cam-either a Delta D9 or APT VP-12-and enjoy probably somewhere in the ballpark of 110hp.
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    solid61 reacted to panhard65 in 2019 Stan Woods Memorial - A GGG Climate Improvement Appeal (CIA)   
    Just thought I would dig this thread back up as I am thinking about going again this April if I can find a decent hotel for a sensible price.
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    solid61 reacted to Amishtat in Eye-catching black and whites   
    Austin A110 mk.1.
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    solid61 reacted to Squire_Dawson in Collection time.   
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    solid61 reacted to Barry Cade in Tools you bought but never used   
    I always got the piss taken out of me at work for my wee box of tools, when most of the other guys had huge Snap On boxes full of stuff still in the packet.. and they'd still borrow stuff off me. I've never got into the habit of buying tools for the sake of it. I saw guys handing over a third of their wages every week to the tool van man. f**k that. My arguement was, If I drove for Eddie Stobart,would I be expected to buy a Scania?
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    solid61 reacted to 0ldCh0d in Volvo S60 T5.....Has FTP'D!!!!.....Aaaahhh bollocks.   
    Ok, update on the Volvo. I spoke today with one of the mechanics I know & that I asked yesterday. It's going to cost between £600-650, which is better than the £955. So, it's is now booked in for 8:30am Monday morning, for some major surgery,being done by someone that I know & trust. It is also getting transported to my friend, I sorted that out also.
    So my Volvo is going to live on, which is a result.
    I am more upbeat about it now than I was yesterday.
    So, it will be, new clutch plate, flywheel, & clutch slave cylinder, plus brake/clutch fluid & gearbox oil. Oh & he is going to sort the track rod end & ball joint whilst he is at it.
    I will update once it is sorted, but I am well happy & looking forward to getting it back sorted. So to summarise....it is not getting & will not be bridged...Result.
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    solid61 reacted to Minimad5 in Volvo S60 T5.....Has FTP'D!!!!.....Aaaahhh bollocks.   
    Drop subframe (plenty of wood offcuts, axle stands and jacks needed)
    Remove the cooling fan, it's easier & don't stretch any oil or water cooling lines.
    I'd also undo the bottom arms etc for access, but not always needed.
    Undo gearbox
    Drag the fucker out
    *easily* line up the clutch and bang it all back together.
    Took me 2 days (3 hours getting to the subframe drop point) then it pissed it down, so gave up and called it a day.
    Next day - 2 hours burning my flabby arms having the box in and out - As clutch wouldn't line up.
    Then 5 hours putting it all back up.
    Yeah it's not a quick job, but easier if you're not on a driveway
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    solid61 reacted to wuvvum in New arrival at Colc towers   
    Yeah, lorry engine innit - more about torque than power.  I had a PB with the same engine and a manual 'box - went like f*ck.
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    solid61 reacted to paulscavalier in Collection thread - my first one   
    The car
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    solid61 reacted to Junkman in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Another sub 500 'Trelle.


    Note that it is possible to sit on a seat without devastating it.
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    solid61 reacted to Junkman in Safety Last.   
    You know, those people, who drive their fucking 27 airbagged NCAP 17 ABS ESP adaptive CC lane change assisted patronising shits, have taken out a Euro AA and RAC assistance package, travel insurance, abroad NHS card, scam protected credit card, child restraints, so the children become one with the car, unemployment insurance for their mortgage and God knows what other insurances to cover all their insurances in case they let a fart, to Bad Kleinkirchheim to go skiing on those ever so slightly inclined slopes for wimps? 
    I wish they get buried by an avalanche.
    We are living on a hostile planet. Life is dangerous. Get fucking over it.
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    solid61 reacted to PhilA in Safety Last.   
    My Chieftain has lap belts. They are aftermarket, and I'm not sure how well attached to the car.
    The steering column is secured very well to the chassis. The dashboard is made from solid metal.
    My plan is never to crash it.
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    solid61 reacted to Jim Bell in Boring car collection.   
    That's the best thing about the world, different people have different tastes. How boring would the world be if everyone liked the same things?
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    solid61 reacted to mercrocker in 60MPH   
    If 60 is your bag, all you need are these.....

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    solid61 reacted to meggersdog in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Vauxhall Viva covered in rust
    cos you can't fuck your bird on the 29 bus

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    solid61 reacted to Three Speed in Can we have a Yank thread?   
    This is my New Yorker 2 door hardtop convertible. 6.8 litres of V8ness. We did a road trip to Sweden for the Power Big Meet a few years ago. It did 21.4 mpg on the way out at a steady 55 mph. We were doing 70-80 on the way back and I didn't dare measure the mpg. The sticker on the windscreen is from when I did the Sheer Hill climb. It was the only automatic car there. Push button gear change of course.
    It's quite big on the outside but it's not as roomy inside as you might think - although it will just about take six six-footers but the leg room in the back is a bit tight.
    Being a left hooker car park barrier buttons are a bit of a stretch but a new Mondeo is actually wider - mirror to mirror. You notice the length when parking - especially the overhang at the rear which swings out the wrong way. And it sticks out a couple of feet more than most other cars. Otherwise it's not too hard to get around in. 

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    solid61 reacted to Rocket88 in Collecting this in a fortnight.......   

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    solid61 reacted to Saabnut in Cycling North After Winter   
    There is an easy solution Alex.
    I am typing this on the tunnel so will be near Le Mans tonight. I empty the car and in the morning come an collect you, the bike and the trailer. You can then stop at mine til the weather improved
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    Yes, i washed AND degreased it
    This is my everyday commuter bike, bought last summer with a knackered engine ( hit from the side and bent the crank)
    It needed a new battery and a bigger front sprocket ( doing a winter rally soon and it was revving its tits off at 80) so i thought i would.treat it to a wash - first time since i started riding it!

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    solid61 reacted to primeradoner in Ask a Shiter   
    Its a great night out if you pick the right meeting. Go to the Stan Woods Memorial meeting if you can. There will be forum members both sides of the armco
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