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  1. Had a 6 cylinder Land Rover for a short while in the 1980s,max speed about 50 screaming it's nuts off,so slow it was genuinely funny.Engine was sweet as a nut but was just gutless,a 2.25 four pot would have left it for dead and 12 mpg didn't help,it would be dangerous these days.

  2. Had a brand new one on a V plate at a Vauxhall/Bedford main dealers that I worked at,it was light blue and would you believe had a Harvey frost recovery crane bolted to the back!!!,other than that I can't remember much about it but I think it was petrol with column change,it wasn't there very long,I think around that time the rules for single wheel recovery vehicles changed so it became illegal.

  3. Last one I bought out of the Luton news in 1983 was a rover p6,it was badly advertised but cheap,£250.00 ono,turned out to be a 3500s in almond with tobacco vynil roof,power steering,green tints and off White vynil trim,rotten rear wings but soon put right with a pair of s/h fibreglass replacements,got it for £200 as well,reg no DOB164K,fitted a sharp ANSS cassette/radio and thought I was the bollox.

  4. I was driving an Astra 1.7d at that time,L790JBM in carabic blue.Had 2x 205 litre barrels of white diesel in a mates garage so plenty fuel for me,driving about was great for a few weeks cos there was very little traffic on the roads.

  5. Do they like racing 800s? I didn't think the shells would be tough enough for them?

    Ive been to many banger meetings over the years but have never seen an 800 raced,I'm in no position to save it but this car needs sorting out by someone,low mileage mk1 800 saloons must be nearly extinct, these cars were a cut above in their day and still look real good today compared to the oversized,overweight,overtyred,overspecced blobs foisted on us these days.In my opinion the 1991 mk2 800 facelift looked awfull compared to the super clean lines of the mk1,it would be lovely to see this car saved,I think it deserves it.
  6. Think I'll look out for a cheap Stilo in winter, they're decent hacks. Plenty in the bargain basement searches I have.

    good winter hack indeed,cheap to buy,cheap to run and don't piss water in or rot like the more popular so called quality cars (VW golfs),my Jtd 3door is very good in the snow and after 8 years ownership has averaged 55 mpg,it will be a very hard act to follow.
  7. Oh shit.

    Its all gone horribly wrong. The car was sold an hour before we arrived.

    Now we're in the middle of nowhere. Half an hours walk to the next village down these roads. 820ee32e334f42a7dfcdc3fb0d115209.jpg

    Fuck knows what we're going to do in this village. It's called Hayton Regis. d1fd884b12912d6ec2f23df12cb4c8d6.jpg


    looks like thorn turn,not the safest place to be walking,I'm local and can assist but it looks like you have plenty offers of help.
  8. I for one will be gutted if the vauxhall name dies,having been bought up near luton it seemed every other car was a vauxhall,my grandad worked there and was on duty when it got bombed in ww2,my dad worked there for many years and only joined vauxhall because it paid better money than aircraft fitting in the 1950s,i started my working life at a vauxhall/bedford main dealer in 1978.When we were kids at school everybodys parents seemed to work there or have something to do with it and they nearly all drove vivas or victors.I have owned loads of them in my driving carrer including a 1957 f type victor, 3 year old royale saloon and a 2 door mk2 cav 1300 auto and plenty of ventoras,crestas whilst enjoying the 3.3 litre 6 cylinder engine.Shame its all downhill but the recent models seem a bit lackluster and the badge has no cred anymore,the residual values are poor ( nothing new ) so i suppose the writing is on the wall.

  9. Intrestingly a friend of mine worked in the service departement of a fiat main dealer in luton,they had a launch night at the dealership with drinks and party food were arranged for all the potential stilo buyers invited.Not 1 turned up so we did the only decent thing and ate all the grub,drank the drink and pissed off,i think it took them at least a month to sell one after launch,not a popular car at all.

  10. Sorry to take your post slightly out of context but yes...couldnt agree more.  I had Mk3s throughout the 80s and tagged along on quite a few of those Brighton runs.   Just turn up and tag on - absolutely brilliant.   No facebook, no apps, no satnav - just follow that Mk2!

    Just to add,no speed cameras,not much traffic,no parking restrictions,just a good bunch enjoying the old cars,just about anything was welcome to join in,i followed it in a pb cresta one year !!!
  11. Have to disagree slightly.   The average age of a Mk2 in the early 80s was 25 years.   There were hundreds of them about back then, many in fine fettle and on their original engines.   Its the time when restoration became necessary that the extent of the tinworm became apparent and as I alluded to earlier, not always properly repaired.    They are a classic case of being run by people with more enthusiasm than cash....Properly repaired they should last indefinitely with careful ownership.


    funny you should mention mk2 numbers in the early 80s,i was on the mk2 owners club poole harbour run circa 1980/81 in a lowline consul (538 peg) and there must have been over 100 cars on poole harbour that day,many of them being run on enthusiasm and definately not lots of cash,the mk2 london to brighton in the early 80s had many more cars on it and was a great sight going down the m23,you would never get the same numbers again,great times to be a mk2 fan,the club was well organised with also a monthly meet at stanwell village near heathrow,i dont know what happens these days but you can bet it wont be as much fun as then.
  12. These things rarely got repaired properly - a rust-prone and troublesome sill and B post section design transformed into a convertible away from the main factory and then sent mainly to live in a damp, salty environment does not give decades of corrosion-resistance..... I have seen one undergo a proper restoration and its an eye-watering amount of time and money to get right.   A £500 number plate isn't going to make a dent in it....

    very true,I saw this car not long after it was restored and not wishing to sound like a know it all you could see it wasnt in it for the long run,these cars are very hard to get right,no disrespect to anyone but it was a poor old thing to start with.
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