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  1. Well I'm glad man, it wasn't meant to upset you so much at all. It wasn't meant to mock your choice of car or you personally or whatever, it was meant as a helpful bump. Its constructive imput based on the number of people who seem to be messing you around or all those 'have no room/not needed' posts over the last 4 pages. But if you're not in a hurry then you're probably right to wait around for a gentle home here than throwing it to the wolves on Gumtree or eBay. And again GLWS
  2. Honestly retrogeezer like I said I wasn't having a pop or anything and I'm sorry you've let this get to you personally. I honestly thought that as this was a sale thread and as you were saying you've been messed around several times and so on that you might be better off trying to flog it on with a listing on Gumtree or wherever. I'm not trying to impugn you or denigrate your car I just thought that you might want to consider other options vis a vis selling the car? Like I said before its an honest old lump and keenly priced GLWS and again I didn't intend that you become so upset.
  3. Not sure how you arrive at this mis-conception retrogeezer seeing as there is absolutely no basis in content for it. I haven't commented to have a pop at you, not sure why you're taking it personally?
  4. Well tbh thats the problem isn't it? Its a reliable practical cheap car that isn't the kind to light any fires under anyone being offered here to a market where no-one actually needs it. It doesn't really have qualities to make it a 'want purchase' so it has to be a 'need purchase' and if you were without wheels it would do the job with ringing bells on. Its one for the market place where people are in desperate need of cheap wheels, probably Gumtree or whatever, its just a question of holding your nose and dealing with them I guess. Honestly this isn't to have a pop or anything it looks like an honest old lump and certainly good value, definitely something I'd want to stumble across when I was between cars.
  5. Well I thought the 'official' Crayford rag-tops had a sort of split rear window arrangement with a tall weirdly slim wind-up window just behind the front doors, only thing I ever saw close to this on the road was a circa 1990/91 home-made one entered by the local scrapy in the Hayle town show with the roof sliced off as the 'SKUD Allegro'
  6. http://cars.donedeal.ie/for-sale/vintagecars/5155408 Not peanuts but €1,500 for a curiously fresh looking 'barn find' here in Ireland probably counts as quite cheap!
  7. Why not try to buy the interior trim VA off the fella? HLS have those cool arm-rest chairs don't they? Would make an awesome and do-able mini-roadtrip from north Notts to Cambridgeshire
  8. Sellers who put 'no dreamers' in their adverts, what a bunch of knobs. I don't mean people who offer scrap prices for any car no matter what it is or the condition its in, those guys are tools. But I find it annoying to see that written in adverts by sellers as a sort of 'pre-emptive strike' when the car they are trying to shift is already comically over-priced by these chancers. They know in their bones that realistically the price they are asking is a joke and they do it to cow any purchaser out of bringing them back to earth. No dreamers? GTF!
  9. I've heard that theory bandied about that the car is marketed over here so the Chinese home market can enjoy the perceived 'Halo-Effect' of the car being one from the European market. That might be true, then again it also sounds like some dreadfully paternalistic bullshit. Its hard to judge, but then the China market is very different to here and those sorts of perceptions might carry some sway, but what is abundantly clear is there doesn't seem to be any desire for MG to take actually selling cars in any meaningful numbers seriously.
  10. Its just a shame they weren't able to complete pinching those disgraceful alloys from the Montego imho biscuit tins would be less heinous looking
  11. Oh yeah I think you're right, nice one!
  12. Does anyone have any experience of removing matt paint from a car? I'm looking at a Renault 5 that has been given the once over with matt NATO green and I have some idea that it could be polished off with some turps or something. Is that actually total bullshit or would it work? I don't have any desire to buff myself into a white-spirit induced coma and if it won't shift I'm thinking of a plan B that might involve some sort of razzle dazzle WW1 paint job
  13. Either you were very fortunate in the calibre of your greasy spoon or you could be applying a thick coat of sepia to your recollections Junkman. My recall of the old days in greasy spoonland was that it was some foully bitter instant coffee drek in a polystyrene cup. However you only had to pay 30p for it as opposed to £3.70 so perhaps that balances out
  14. When complaining at a restaurant its advisable not to accept replacement foods or free whatever. That is unless you have a hankering for the good old fashioned taste of jism in your food. One particular episode comes to mind when I was working in a pizza parlour and the cleaning of the electric fly-trap happened to coincide with some luckless harness lurching in and his order of a large pizza
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