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  1. All proper MBs should have these. My current 190E does not and is inferior as a result. Why do they fit these things? Probably so you can have this.... An armrest.... My W201 doesn't have one of those either. Pah. Also you already have two less things to worry about in a Benz - depreciation and breakdown. Therefore they figure you can handle another foot pedal.
  2. Lovely things aren't they! It did/does irk me though, that having changed the wording on the baseplate die to read "Mini-Cooper" instead of "Mini-Minor" they never went to the bother of changing that for the radiator grille! The only correctly-snouted Mini Cooper of the Mettoy/Playcraft era was the Magnifique. All those superb rally cars still had the 850 grille!
  3. To be fair to Lesney I think they probably fitted the door before the base plate. We shouldn't complain I suppose - the fine-ness of these castings were quite extraordinary for 1950s pocket-money toys.
  4. Those white metal doors are an arse to fit properly.
  5. Cough....Countryman. You are right, though....Extremely valuable despite the inevitable glass floors.
  6. Some of my favourites there, for sure....That Camaro was one of Corgi's finest.
  7. Aye, if the wheels are still on they will be fine. Don't under-estimate a Husky though! They were pretty plentiful back in the day and made a good compromise between van and estate car. An Aunt of mine had the Commer Cob version which was supplied in van form but often converted with side windows. Local nick had a couple for a while in non-uniform two-tone brown. The floorpan formed the basis of that for the Sunbeam Alpine IIRC.
  8. Liked for the great pic and thread, not for the shutting down bit.
  9. That look will come back round, don't you worry.
  10. I had mates like that in my biking days. I always had by far the slowest ride but (or because) always copped the coppers. After they crept out of whatever hiding place they had found their first utterance was always the same....."Didn't grass us up did'ya?" Nah, but the copper reckoned you were twats, too.
  11. A random and inconsequential grump, nonetheless, but one I feel aggrieved about...... Watching Pointless tonight on t'telly (it is literally the only thing I watch) and there was a question about Roman Britain. I understood the questions well enough and even knew one or two answers but who the flippity fuck has renamed BC and AD as BCE and CE? More to the point - Why? Is it a problem to understand or accept the meaning of Anno Domini? Or, more likely, just another attempt to re-write history? I haven't been so narked about Pre-Arthurian Britain on a game-show since that bloody Icelandic bloke started calling Boadicea "Buddica". That was c. AD 1989 by the way....
  12. Be ideal for re-enacting the Great Train Robbery on a Dublo layout though...!
  13. Not so much look of love, more look of "been on wakin' shift at care home all fookin night and all as he's 'ad to do is clean that fookin bike he never rides....Well, I hope it sells so he can get our Sky a proper fookin bicycle now, she's 12 for fooksake"
  14. That Vanguard is FIT.....Six-er too.
  15. I pretty much only listen to one (albeit very broad) genre of music. For driving, most of it is on MP3 as I find that the most reliable and least cluttering medium in a car. I have one player that is loaded with mainly early Sixties rock and roll - Shadows, Billy Fury and all sorts of other Decca stuff - and this resides in the Minor which seems to suit it. Last car I had with a cassette player was my old Pontiac and even then I only had two tapes in the car - one Duane Eddy and a Johnny Cash compilation. They suited the drive perfectly! The camper van still has a CD player which normally pumps out current rock and roll from modern Ted bands and the like. Still haven't put any sounds in the Cowley though, still planning how best to do that without incongruous lumps of ICE everywhere. Also dynamo.....
  16. Could I have the Opel and the Shaguar please? Thank you muchly!
  17. I would rather live in that than the fucking horse box.
  18. Eight Fucking Bags they want for that! That has to be about the most cheer-less space designed to contain a human outside of an Immigrant Removal Centre. Bet it still stinks of horse piss too....
  19. I've stopped going to Poundland because of them. It was quite amusing when they had the Elvis but not for long. What gets me is that they deploy staff to "help" shoppers at the self-service - why not just man the fucking tills?
  20. Oxford-shaped block of cornflakes for sale. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Morris-Oxford/143214839239?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D57478%26meid%3D0cd6b84b1d534de6a735186c61f30667%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D4%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D273809145772%26itm%3D143214839239&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851 If only there had been a building near by to have kept it in.....
  21. Be nice if those were old Lesney castings but I think sadly not....The Grand Prix Pontiac looks decidedly different and in fact the last Superfast ones of those didn't have the opening doors either.
  22. I'd have one of those just for the steering column.
  23. Neighbour just phoned to say my door mirror's hanging off....So it is. Bastard..... This sort of thing happens nearly every school holiday - silly old git up the road has his grand-kids camping in the garden and then ignores what they do once he has gone to bed. Apparently they were scooting round and round last night on their crappy little scooters. Time for a broom handle through an alloy wheel slot, I reckon. NB - not really but I will be having a word or two....One of which will be "off"
  24. Great stuff as always! There must be at least a bit of Avon estate in that Daimler, though, judging by the side fillers.
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