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  1. hi all , sadly i have had to sell both of my sierra vans due to ill health , they are now on there way to the new owner in oldham so keep an eye out for em .
  2. hi lads , i had the white van out for a run yesterday and i thought id put up a few pictures . :up: :up:
  3. here is a video of the white one running at last !!!! first time in ten years ,,,,,, biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
  4. hi all , just a quick update , i put a bit of a push on both of the sierra vans over the weekend because we have a big ford show ( Neal Egan run ) coming up on the 5th of august ( ( sorry bout the plug !!! ) ) ;D anyway i got great help from a few of my mates and we got the red van converted to power steering sourced a new interior and got her running it went out to donkeys then for a full valet inside and out while me and my ould fella the brother gus and jonny nitro got stuck into an engine swap on the white one , while we were at it nitro stripped out the remainder of the dash and fou
  5. hi all just a quick note to say the Neal Egan memorial club is have its fifth annual all ford show and run this year at the radisson hotel rosses point rd sligo Ireland on the 5th of august , static show starts from 1.00pm ( please come early if you are displaying your motor ) , scenic run leaves at 4.00pm approx and back to the hotel after for a buffet dinner and disco and a whole nights craic !!!!!!!! some nice surprises booked for this years show and indoor entertainment throughout the day for the kiddies , there will also be the usual ford related trade stands and a barbecue and
  6. well lads here is one for the books , i got a call from a man in roscommon last week saying he knew the whereabouts of another sierra van !!! took a chance yesterday and went down for a look and ended up buying , its in better shape than the white one and i actually had it running very quick despite it being parked up for over ten years ! the fun stated when we tried to extract it from its resting place , took about four hours enlisting the help of a chainsaw , sledge , pickaxe and numerous garden implements , oh and a very tasty bit if off road driving by declan rafter ( blackmagic) in his
  7. hi all myself and mark mex decided ( at the last minute ) to head down to a " cars and coffee " gathering organised by damien murphy to kick off his " drive for down syndrome ireland run" , when we arrived in galway there was a nice turn out of vehicles and the weather was good wich was a big help , anyway we got wind of another meet happening in limerick and we decided to blow her down for the crack , anyway 330 miles and € 100 of juice later i made the round trip in the granada , have to say i thoroughly enjoyed it and met a great bunch of lads down there with some fantastic ca
  8. hi again , just a quick story and a few pics about a recent engine swap we did on the fathers old sierra , 90 SO 1212 has had a geat life bought new by a local man and kept in pristine condition until the father purchased her from hendersons of sligo ( main ford dealers ) in 1995 with only 45000 miles on the clock , he used it daily for the next ten or twelve years and kept her in great shape , plenty of driving but the ould fella is super safe and real old skool ( ten to two on the steering etc !!! ) he did a couple of trips to england in her also but long story short a few years back he pull
  9. bit of an update lads , spent all day yesterday shoveling pooh.gif and taking off a lot of bits off the van to see what the actual shell itself was like , turns out its not too bad at all despite twenty years of dog and sheep pee rotting away into the carpet and the sound proofing , it came out in chunks instead of one piece !!!! bit of a nightmare getting out the seats and the rear door was siezed shut but plenty of WD40 and brute force shifted her , we found and managed to remove five rats nests from the back of the dash , id say there is more in there just have to get the dash out first !!!
  10. HI ALL im new to this site but i thought id ask a few questions about my latest purchase , oh i live in ireland , after months of speculation and head scratching and with a huge thank you to declan rafter ( black magic ) i am now the proud owner of what is believed to be the only sierra van in exsistance , now i know the sceptics among you will say " ah sure thats just a feckin estate with panels instead of glass " !!!!! but you'r wrong , from what we can gather from the first owners they wanted a mid size van from ford and something " a bit different " ,the local ford dealers here tried to
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