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  1. Hooray for the oil pump, not so much for the anti-corrosion system it's developed to celebrate.
  2. About as close as I'll ever be to a monarchist. These are Uniroyal Rainexpert, it says so on the side, and I just realised that with a little forethought I can letter them to read Royal Pain. It's incredibly tempting.
  3. To celebrate failing the MoT and then passing the MoT, I felt I could actually commit to the next Safety Dad Tat video with all the accessories I've been acquiring. First, I just needed to test a little something out... Yeah. That's just the right amount of ridiculous and tasteless for what I'm doing here.
  4. Glorious. Cheers me up no end popping into this thread.
  5. Retest complete: PASS As if there was any doubt.
  6. All repaired and ready to go. Booked in for the retest at 16:30 today. Literally took me longer to get out the tools and tidy up than to do the repairs. Blown rear bulb decided to work because it wasn't blown at all, it was just being a little shit.
  7. Same car park, different day, and another magnificent white beast. Torslanda edition too. Quite jealous of whoever owns it as this is peak Volvo for me.
  8. FAIL Rear marker light - blown bulb. Typically this happened on the way to the MoT since I tested everything before setting off. Insecure headlight - the two screws holding the bracket in had backed out a bit, they need a fraction of a turn. Already fixed that one. Rust to inner wing/hole in chassis - I should have spotted this, somehow I didn't. It appears to just be the inner skin, the structure behind it seems okay. I'll know better when I get the angry disc on it, but I can't see it being too nightmarish to resolve. Rust to inner sill - an historic repair with a loose edge. There doesn't look to be any rust, just an unfinished edge that needs securing. Don't have a photo of this to show you at the moment, so you'll have to use your brain pictures. Advisory - oil leak to front. It's the rocker cover gasket, TADTS. I've got a new one to go on, I'll do the tappets at the same time, probably shan't bother for the retest since it's not vital and the leak is just your usual nonsense. The nice thing is all the work I've done on it, like the rear arches, has been considered perfectly fine. It's only work others have done, or general entropy, that's been flagged.
  9. I've finally got all my ducks in a row and the Maestro is off for its MoT next Tuesday. It's not that the car needed that much, self-ejecting rear arches aside, it's just that I've had An Lot going on lately. I'm convinced the tester will find something I haven't, but then that's basically their job so if it fails, it fails. Realistically, I think it stands a good chance of a pass since it was basically a clean sheet on the last test and I've done a fair bit of work to it and not many miles since.
  10. yeah... I don't have any suitable heat making device so I've been trying other methods. Tried using an easy-out but as soon as it bites in the chuck on the drill slips and I haven't got a square drive that's about 4mm to go on the end of the easy-out so I'm currently trying to figure another work around on this. I'm going to end up having to replace this whole sodding brake line and I really don't want to, all because of one stupid union that was given a smear of grease when it was done up years ago.
  11. Eon really are rubbish. Since moving in here we were unknowingly accruing debt. We've got a smart meter, we paid what was asked when it was asked for, and were none the wiser about the debt until a demand for payment arrived to the tune of several hundred quid we didn't have. Great. Because we didn't know we were under-paying by so much (Eon never warned us, and never raised it with us when we called them, we literally didn't know) it took a while to clear it and Eon managed to get about £300 interest out of us on top of the debt. Today it was cleared, and the bill re-estimated based on actual use. They confirmed it was going to be just shy of £200 per month and they'll be charging us £240 per month for that. Er... what? If the bill is £200 per month estimated over the year's usage based on the past three years of usage, then the bill is £200, not £240. Had we not gone to the bother of working out what the rates etc. were and checked that with them then we wouldn't have known and Eon would likely not have told us that we were going into credit on the account. Perhaps the £240 was to bring the bill into line with the £2500 cap, or close to, and they assumed we wouldn't question it since everyone is expecting to pay that much with energy costs being what they are. £40 a month might not seem a lot to some, but when everything is creeping up in price it all adds up and that extra tenner a week is going to have to work a lot harder than it was. Suffice to say, we're switching to someone else as soon as we can. Eon have been useless and their customer service is on par with Virgin media.
  12. Foolish of me to think nobody would notice my bad tool practice >.>
  13. Onwards and upwards! Good luck in the new digs, all that space for hoarded rusty old crap very useful items you'll definitely use some day.
  14. Lion batteries are okay actually. Fix a few other bits and bobs too.
  15. I'm wondering if the new gasket you fitted to the oil pump isn't thick enough so the oil pump is sitting in just the wrong place and jamming things. Either that or it's one of those where you have to load it up with grease/oil before installing, like on an SD1.
  16. Pretty much. At least one picture (three quarter view works best to sell the illusion, but isn't mandatory) of the vehicle in question is needed for reference. Worth noting as well that commissions cover the artwork but not the reproduction rights. That means you can't take the artwork and upload it to Redbubble or similar to make money off prints of it at the price these are at. If you're making a one-off non-profit print for yourself, like putting it on a tee-shirt for a show or something, that's fine, just a bit of common sense really on that front. Reposting the artwork online isn't an issue either, I'll provide a version that's ideal for that whether you go for Traditional or Digital. Best thing to do is drop me a private message on here and I can go through the details in full. Happy to answer any questions about the process etc. I do my best to keep it as simple as possible. Payment by Paypal is my preference too, keeps everyone safe and able to get their money back in the unlikely event something goes amiss and gives a solid record of what was paid for. I can do alternatives, but Paypal is easiest and what I've used for every commission for several years now.
  17. As far as I can work out, it's only a problem for prints. Original commissions don't seem to incur the same wrath so anything goes on that front. Thanks for the compliment too
  18. It's been a very long time since I did any automotive commissions. I'm ready to do some more. Doing a limited run of Negative Space style pieces. Traditional or Digital (all examples shown here are Traditional) on white or coloured background. White normally works best. Any vehicle considered. Worldwide postage available, but cost will depend on where you are and whether or not you want the piece insured. Digital I can send you files to download in both original size and online-reposting friendly format. You'll get an online-reposting friendly format with Traditional too so you don't have to try and get a photo or a scan of it yourself. £50 GBP each (plus any P&P cost if Traditional) Completed at A4 (approx. 210mm x 297mm) in Traditional and Digital. Drop me a private message here to get yours. I'll be doing these until I'm not. Ford Escort Mexico Renault Estafette Mercedes Benz CLK Austin Allegro (on green paper, I can do coloured backgrounds but white works better. Traditional media has a more limited selection of colours than Digital if you do want a colour) Talbot Tagora
  19. This was An Job. That's the dynamo from the Lanchester, and the old fan belt. You see the bolts that go through it for the bracket there? Not plain through bolts. You have to undo the nuts on the inside of the bracket then hold the two flat sides on the threaded bar with pliers and undo the outer nuts before being able to slide the bolts out. There's also holes in the threaded bar that look like they should take a locking wire, just to make it even harder to deal with, and thankfully those wires were long gone. On the plus side, the mounting bracket makes for a perfect handle to carry the dynamo with. Now I can deal with that stud that's spinning which I couldn't access with the dynamo installed. Did I mention it took two of us to remove this because of how it's all designed? I suspect when the engine isn't in the chassis this is a lot easier to deal with.
  20. This is one of my favourite recent custom builds, it seems to be really well done from the photos I've seen of it and the appearance of it has gradually evolved and refined from where it started. I like it a lot and it's great to see so much effort going into a show car. That's the thing, I always assumed this was a show car because it doesn't look road legal and it's not the sort of thing I'd expect to see someone driving on the road. Fair play if they had actually gone to the trouble of putting it through the SVA/IVA stuff, as has been proven elsewhere you can get pretty radical stuff through without compromising your vision completely and, if you're smart, you can have the ugly bits you need for road legality be removable for show use. Claiming it as an historic vehicle that's MoT and Tax exempt is a bit rich though, this is a very recently built kit car, effectively, and should be logged as such. Do older kit cars become historic though? If you built a kit car forty years ago and haven't changed anything on that build since, then technically that would presumably now be MoT/Tax exempt. Whatever, this car looks like a potential can of worms for the next owner because of a choice by the current owner to ignore legal obligations.
  21. That's loads of good progress, great stuff.
  22. You just reminded me that a little blob of oil paint on top of the wiper blades works a treat too. Hardly has to be anything and the more you try and wipe it away, the worse it gets. Squirt of washer fluid tends to make it worse too.
  23. Completely unrelated I'm reminded of the spate of flat tyres we got on our own driveway from someone propping wood screws and nails between the drive and the tyre tread. It was very annoying because sometimes you didn't even know you'd got a puncture until the next day. Never did prove who was doing it, unfortunately.
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