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  1. What a beauty these were. This one is also cheap, low miles and has a full MOT! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265300753529?hash=item3dc5283c79:g:NxgAAOSw8oJhNTMZ Bluebird that looks well looked after at a very fair price. 126 not included. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154593410818?hash=item23fe7c3f02:g:naEAAOSw1UphL9P8 Very fairly priced Scirocco GT, again in excellent condition and a decent sounding seller. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/384375169884?hash=item597e8ba35c:g:E8QAAOSwfbZhNw~u
  2. Sadly not as many listings up as earlier in the year but Manor Park Classics have everything up now for their 22nd Sept auction. https://auctions.manorparkclassics.com/auction/details/3-the-autumn-2021-classic-car-auction/?au=5&g=1
  3. I suspect just falling into the 90s boring styling, not rare enough yet but expensive to run category. A really nice manual 530d from a decent looking seller failed to get past £1000 at auction which someone shared here not long ago... I reckon these sadly fall into the run it til death builder's car category.
  4. And I think had indie front suspension too. That design really was full of innovation. I might be talking total tosh here but wasn't there 'bus regionalism' back then? London for the Titan, the Midlands the Metrobus and Scotland the Ailsa.
  5. Steyr's Pinzgauer and Haflinger also utilised the 'backbone chassis' concept:
  6. They were only ever really a temporary thing on some of the first rear-engined DDs and at the time were a sensible idea with easy maintenance access, better cooling performance and better isolation of sound and heat from the saloon. With improvements in engines these requirements became less relevant over the years and the smooth aesthetics of an integrated body became of greater importance. Leyland's Titan was an interesting middle ground with a peephole at the rear. I believe there have been single-decker Atlantean conversions over the years but Google images isn't being a massive help!
  7. Low miles turbosaab. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/165056862416?hash=item266e27d8d0:g:oK0AAOSwdWZhNnLj
  8. When your Nan wins the lottery she can buy this stunning 1.4 auto and spend her change from £6000 (reserve not met) on actually putting it through an MOT! FFS https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/194336387826?hash=item2d3f59f2f2:g:lFAAAOSwIUZhMxfl
  9. Not quite. The Volvo small thing and Renault Midlum share the same Renault-designed cab, which shares pedigree with the old Renault Premium cab. These cabs are all made in a factory in Caen, France, and those for LFs are shipped to Leyland for final assembly. The LF is otherwise generally of British component origin, using Cummins engines from Darlington and axles from American Axle Co in the old Albion factory in Glasgow. LHD LFs are also made for export. Only RHD CFs and XFs are made at Leyland for the British and presumably Irish markets, but pretty much all components are again imported so for these the factory is pretty much assembling CKD kits. That has now got me searching for De Rooy transporters. They made some weird stuff over the years!
  10. Don't Renault use Volvo engines as they belong to the same parent group? I would have thought a Renault truck would be a nice discount offering - like Skoda is to VW these days.
  11. It did the hillclimb at Goodwood. I'm sure the hay bales would offer full protection to spectators if something went wrong.
  12. I've been monitoring the price of this for several months now. Snow in the photos suggests it's been for sale for a long time. It's now at a realistic sale price, although it's in mid Scotland which doesn't help. https://www.gumtree.com/p/saab/saab-900-5-door-manual-flat-nose-/1412757704
  13. That looks like the 206 from that old 'panel beating' ad in India.
  14. Is the US and A there are some strange attempts at increasing trailer aerodynamics, with side and trailer-end spoilers being fairly common.
  15. Old sign. £500. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/274919135487?hash=item40027518ff:g:4r0AAOSw4G9g2uXP None of his other items have bids either against their low and reasonable starting prices.
  16. Do not type cum 80y into Google image search!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Hippies and their Volvo trying to negotiate their way into Reading Festival.
  18. That's pretty normal for a standard North American market truck. Most are relatively aerodynamic like that and built for big fleet operators... just like over here. That's probably equivalent to a DAF CF, i.e. no sleeper and designed for day distribution and a bit of motorway. Line haul tractors are significantly larger and have huge accommodation. Peterbilt will still sell you a 'classic' appearance tractor with no attempt at aerodynamics and a traditional manual gearbox.
  19. Again, the trailer is puzzling. Rear mounted axles, no side protection, dual wheels and imperial measurements suggest it's an import. But the Boalloy badge suggests home-made and curtainsiders aren't really a thing in North America.
  20. Combination great business name and numberplate. Spotted today in Ventnor and stolen from his Facebook page.
  21. The Zil 135 had two V8 petrol engines, each driving one half of the vehicle. Bizarre!
  22. Potentially legal activities spotted.
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