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  1. Don't often see 37 year old cars this in this nick LOL at the window decal https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/255201502333?hash=item3b6b31e47d:g:mKsAAOSw9Dthe9VT
  2. Yes and no, in the wrong order.
  3. That reminds me of the team that 'won' the Mongol Rally 2018.
  4. Travel Coventry also is in the running for bendy bus obscurity, with what I think could be UK unique O405 low floor things. A pleasant place to sit, decent build quality and a nice sounding powerful engine. A photo would be less interesting to share but I also really like First Yorkshire B10LAs and B7LAs. They were never replaced and I seem to remember the latter were very underpowered and noisy, even in hill-less York.
  5. Western Elms Avenue, Reading... actually one of the rougher parts of town, half of the passers by are the local smackheads
  6. Barn find is as always utter bullshit. It's been parked half a mile from me for about ten years in a state of disrepair on some chap's driveway.
  7. Look at its face. So unhappy about having to leave the A406.
  8. Ford's Merseyside investment to secure 500 UK jobs - BBC News Positive UK car factory news. But I thought JLR inherited Halewood, unless Ford got to keep part of it?
  9. Just Googled - who knew Mitsi had a go in the Renault/GM Trafic rebadging experiment?
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203643406597?hash=item2f6a17c905:g:kxwAAOSwYT1hYRpv Could be an import registration error or could be legit - wiki says these were made until 2013 (!!) and the odd bumper and lights may be a more recent variant.
  11. Possible contender for last EU market car to have the engine the wrong way round.
  12. This must handle well*... Acclaim with 1,000 hp Honda VTEC turbo conversion according to the 15 year old owner who needs to work on his photography skills. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/165115416239?hash=item2671a54eaf:g:4EsAAOSwtzphX2IQ No m8 pretty sure that's your job.
  13. Dog for sale. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324822450208?hash=item4ba0ed4020:g:7IcAAOSwwAhhYI~K
  14. Reminds me of Renault's VE10 and VE20 concepts, which ultimately became the Magnum. Electronic shifting.
  15. I bought a Kawasaki ER5 as a first bike in similar circumstances in 2013. £900 bought me a FSH, 38k, garaged since new bike which was fantastic. It only let me down once when I broke it myself - but despite this I conducted my first ever carb repair in the garden and it fired up first time afterwards. Build quality was good and if you like the feel, as I did, it's one of the last 'all metal' bikes that was made - nowadays chrome is replaced with plastic. I loved the classic round headlight look. It has more than enough power for any 'fun' scenario but if you wanted to do over 80 on the motorway it began to struggle. To demonstrate this I took my shit bike to the Alps: Gear I bought all second hand on ebay. I'm wearing about £200 of all second hand clothing there, and bags were cheap too. The helmet was the cheapest HJC I could buy from the local bike shop but it was really good - although I can see why you'd spend more (sun visor, better ratchet would have been handy). Anyway, I would 100% recommend an ER5. They look cool, make a brilliant sound (aftermarket exhausts sound shit though), have six gears, are easy to ride and I got 70+ mpg from mine. 150 miles on a tank was normal.
  16. Seller looks legit, imagine having to write this on the returns label
  17. Meeting an internet lady this afternoon... definitely grinning... and turns out she lives down chod avenue!
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