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  1. If you take into account repair bills then ironically a petrol Lucida Emina thingy would probably be cheaper... Or this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1994-VOLVO-94 ... 0973499973 Also, if you did have an Enema as you put it, then you you probably would find shite. Literally
  2. Another Soviet sunshine seeker: http://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/301173784.htm?ca=7_s
  3. ^^ There you go, the only things I'd trade in my BX for http://upthear.se/ebay405
  4. Where abouts are those engines? And is that seawater or just a river? That's pretty remerkable, if it's the former I'd guess they're from a washed up shipping container.
  5. And today's modified fail award goes to... This is £3000 but doesn't look bad for recreating your favourite James May Top Gear moments: And finally, spesh photo of the day:
  6. Let's not kid ourselves, it's cheap rhetoric. Also something to bear in mind - weirdly high tax Britain (and Scandinavia) is best positioned to absorb oil price shocks. This 10p increase we've had in 2012 is what 7ish% increase on the price of fuel? In cheap fuel countries like France then that's a 10% increase, and in the ever ridiculous USA that could be a 20% increase. Our inflation will be lower, and the change, although still significant, is more easily absorbed. Plus, since we're such a small country these increased transport costs are far less significant than in say France and the States where travelling distances are double what we have. Swings and roundabouts really, others have it far worse off.
  7. Nice that BBC news at ten managed to squeeze a 2CV into their petrol prices report They commented on rising prices encouraging manufacturers to develop more efficient engines etc, but the irony of this is that it is highly reductive. The exciting laws of economics tell us that if you make a process more efficient then you will use more of it - as in far more than you would have with its less efficient predecessor. Your 2litre TDi will use more fuel than your Dad's Perkins-Montego, purely as the enormous power it creates encourages a more lively driving style, plus it'll be a lot heavier. Although you must genuinely sympathise with commercial drivers, the people who make no effort to stop driving like an oaf don't really have the same qualification to moan about how much it is at the pumps. It is sad though - people who have to race between the lights in their Audi Q7s - it must be so difficult living with a penis that small.
  8. Entry level hydropneumatique. £375 - good value, spend the change on some better wheeltrims. Got the thumbs up from the BXClub. http://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-moto ... x/98071207
  9. Pretend you're piloting a fighter-bomber in one of the coolest interiors of the 80s: £850 gets you a Gumtree Renault 25 that looks to be in decent nick, rare manual too. Had to change my pants halfway through writing this post.
  10. Where are these even legally allowed to be used? Pavements or roads? In Harrogate they seem to get around by bashing (sometimes violently) into your ankles yelling "move!", but to be fair all the oldies here do vote BNP.
  11. I can narrow down massively exhibit #B by saying that it is, er, rear wheel drive. I spy leaf springs and long-travel dampers, and is that a steel fuel tank? when did they stop making those?
  12. P1020654 by willswitchengage, on Flickr There are loads of these around Birmingham - this was taken from the train window of a scrapyard in Tyseley. Nice little reminder of the 70s. Another Haflinger, RHD good runner avec V5:
  13. Increase chances of sale by making sure your dog's arse is in the foreground when taking photos. That's three R21 turbos on ebay right now, this probs the best albeit with council estate alloys. This is expensive, but super sexy. Ebay picker-upper man a month ago had one of these but in a shitter colour, still, WANT.
  14. I agree with most of the above, except paragraph 3. Cyclists and horse molesters pay nothing towards the upkeep of the highway, so as far as I'm concerned, they're there on sufferance. I observe the Highway Code in dealing with them, but don't expect me to be particularly sanguine if they damage my car, or unlawfully impede my progress. Well, we, er do, indirectly. Fuel taxes + VED pays about four times the highways agency Gov't, so there really is no direct link to "pay as you go" motoring. Everybody, except Michael Ashcroft, pays their fair share of taxes into the "big pool". Electric cars pay no VED or fuel duty, so by the same logic should they have less road priority (obviously they should though )? Although horse turd is obviously messy and may chemically attack road surfaces, cyclists make practically no road wear compared to motor vehicles, anyway. Roads are a public service and are open to everybody within the rules of the highway code I fail to understand the "impeding progress" argument brought by yourself and others. Everybody impedes on each other's progress - through being underpowered up a hill, being a tractor or digger or simply observing the speed limit.
  15. The 2012 Mercedes Vaneo is to be a badge engineering Renault Kangoo. This is only a photoshop but still, conjures feeling of the barf smiley which is notably missing from here --> Oooo then there's everyone's favourite Maestego
  16. Woah, look at that massive real-terms increase in fuel duty when Tony Brown was in charge, and that huge decrease when John "I like trains" Major was in Gov't. My mate used to run his CDTi-stra on Kerosene as he used to work by an airfield, only thing that stopped him was guilt. Countryside, everybody does it.
  17. Yes and no. It's de facto legal, in that there's no enforceable penalty for horses, Davey C on RB's horse etc - one of those peculiar loopholes. Scooters seems to be talking a lot of sense here, other than that I'm pretty shocked by people's blatant boasts of undue and pointless aggression towards other road users. Old AXA ad comes to mind... Yes, lots of cyclists run red lights, but how many of you "gun" the lights in your cars? I also fail to see why there's some sort of necessity for cyclists and horses to have insurance - just a little dig, or is there any reasoning here? Car drivers can afford to be careless - scratches and bumps generate repair just bills. Get hit on a bike or horse at even those slow speeds and you end up like Christopher Reeve (RIP). Vulnerability leads to awareness, being in your big steel box leads to complacency.
  18. Despite this rise, the IATA can still find something to complain about. Airlines pay no VAT or duty whatsoever on their fuel, but are still finding room to moan about how the rise in wholesale prices is crippling their unsustainable, elitist and environmentally insulting "industry". Cleary, 40p per litre is too expensive for Branso or Walsh.
  19. Somehow I think privatised roads should be the least of our worries right now. Oh well, glad I bought those Circle health shares. http://upthear.se/al1
  20. We can use these the wrong way now Never actually had a problem with horses though, only when they take their kids out to "learn" on those roads that say "15 fatalities the the past 8 years..." etc. Horsey people on the other hand? Well...
  21. To be fair, even if it was no meant to be, any cyclist would interpret that initial action as an impatient sign of aggression. Let's face it, horns these days are only used by lorries on narrow bridges and people saying hello to each other to exchange a casual racist joke. Any other time, it's, let's face it, accompanied by either one or two specific fingers. Surely patience is the key here? If that was a tractor, which moves at cyclist speed, you wouldn't do that. And let's face it - on practically any non-trunk single carriageway you need a clear oncoming lane to overtake a cyclist (or horse), so I fail to see how a cyclist being a couple of feet further into the road makes such a difference.
  22. As a frequent urban and country cyclist I beg to differ - although I do appreciate that, as with any road user group, there are the complete mongs who are either pointlessly aggressive or run the lights. To be fair though, it has taken me personally a decade or so, half of which additionally driving, to really know the laws of the road. Novice cyclists = just as irritating as learner drivers, but far more vulnerable. As as a driver I've never taken issue with any cyclist/horse (I live in the countryside too so there are plenty). Other road users on the other hand? Cycling around Birmingham where I spend most of my time I find weirdly that, without prejudice, there is a general correlation between price of car and courtesy. It is always an impatient, small penised X5 or RR Sport that cuts you up, not the Ford Escort in the impoverished area.
  23. Last time I filled up, fuelly says petrol was 10p less than it is now. Fail. Good luck with the A14. I was up cycling near Cannock the other day, and as usual the A5 was congested with lorries with the M6 toll empty save for an occasional coach or BMW.
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