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  1. I guess historically it was the corporate colour before much 'proper' thought was put into how effective it is. VW's blue instruments I find poorly contrasted against the black of night, red/orange I find just looks a bit tacky and 'hides' warning lights which are the same colour. Luckily most manufacturers seem to be converging on white which I find the easiest to read.
  2. I currently have this which was purchased from here... I always liked the look of them, from the back especially. Strictly speaking they're based on the Jetta not the Golf and were all made in Mexico not Germany. Build quality is second to none, nothing feels 'cheap' at all, and it's great to drive despite being the basic 1.9 flavour. The boot is huge.
  3. 2013 archive photos: Citreon BX estate TD, from the days when they could still be picked up for peanuts. I still love the look of these event though the build quality is woeful, I had to bite my tongue for every MOT and the handling was just bizarre.
  4. For anyone interested, a not particularly clear article on Iranian plates here: https://www.licenseplatemania.com/landenpaginas/iran.htm This is a photo I took of an Iranian truck in Turkey: The domestic plate is in Arabic characters with the muddied 'out of state' plate being underneath. I see a lot of Turkish trucks in the UK (for those who have never been there... Turkey uses the Latin alphabet pretty much universally), the most 'exotic' plates I've ever seen over here on trucks (i.e. not daft London cars that have been flown in from Dubai) are Belarussian and Ukrainian. Just been through my Mongol Rally photos trying to find more, have this photo of a totally fucked Zafira in Kyrgyzstan:
  5. Not Morocco, not sure they would be allowed here anyway as they contain non-latin characters. Iranian plates are also in the Arabic alphabet and they wear export plates abroad, maybe there's some international law saying only numbers and the Latin alphabet is allowed. Russian plates are clever as whilst they technically are in Cyrillic, they only allow the characters that also exist in our alphabet (but don't necessarily mean the same thing!). Mongolian plates use some of the Cyrillic characters that look like gibberish to us. Fun facts!
  6. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/4652646594855561/?ref=facebook_story_share Decent looking Saab 900 - but with paint damage due to 'acid attack'?!
  7. That ZX TD is back up for sale again... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/393841994912?hash=item5bb2cfeca0:g:RRQAAOSwt5Fhuzsl
  8. Volvo's B5LHs have an automated manual in conjunction with the hybrid drive. As a passenger/pedestrian listening to on riding on the things, I actually really like them. Make a nice sound changing gear. I believe they use the electric motor in lieu of a harsh start on the clutch as they usually set off with the engine off, which then cuts in where second or third gear usually would. Gear changes at driving speeds feel really smooth although obviously they are quite long leading to a somewhat odd experience compared to normal bi. They are everywhere in London and the Wright bodywork is decent quality I find. There are Volvo own-brand SDs in Slough which look nice too.
  9. Rare old Japaneseish truck, never 'officially' sold in Europe but there was an Irish import/CKD operation. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/165266970932?hash=item267aadd934:g:N4YAAOSwhDRh1L06
  10. Where is the poverty spec bumpers thread? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265468815673?hash=item3dcf2ca939:g:KxUAAOSwHoVhxsaR
  11. On the bicycles: 7500 miles. Usually do over 10,000 but this year was mired by pants weather, injury, government restrictions and trying out other sports.
  12. I'm very disappointed that the DVLA didn't specially give them the suffix letters of 'IOW'.
  13. Where's the bargains thread? I recently had a thing for these - one in better nick went for a bag at a classic auction and a local flipper put one in pristine nick up for 3grand, took months to sell with him incrementally lowering the price.
  14. Freight Rover! I remember going to scout camp in these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133965500701?hash=item1f30f7511d:g:4U4AAOSw2VFhunZy
  15. Does anyone actually press all the buttons? Hire cars are terrifying. I pretty much just stick safely to winding the windows up and down. Even the radio and AC in new cars is too complicated for me! Also does that redline at 7000? Nice
  16. The best numberplates contain an appropriate verb for the car.
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