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  1. Love the museum and would love to be there but weather permitting I have to go to visit me Mum in Gloucestershire on Sunday. Since shes's now 92 and I had to cancel last time because of the weather she'll get a bit shirty if I don't turn up.
  2. 28 please. As a Roffle virgin please remind me how and when payment should be made. Ta
  3. Citroen C4 random opening of tailgate when unlocking the car. This could be failure of the wiring loom where it passes from body to tailgate or it could be microswitch failure (as on every Fiat Multipla I've owned) but it is more likely to be that the plastic bit that you touch when opening is no longer bowed away from the switch. I fixed mine by sticking a cut down rubber foot from a redundant laptop behind the plate. Others have used bits of foam rubber or cut down battery locating springs from a tele remote control. Anyway, a free fix for an annoying niggle.
  4. Panic over. Eventually managed to speak to someone is DVLA and for future reference the new purchaser will need to take the full V5C with them and notification of sale to DVLA is done by letter. Should be straightforward...
  5. I am today selling a car to a German who is flying in to pick it up and drive iot back to Germany. I am, however, not sure about what to complete on the V5C as I am not "personaly exporting the vehicle" which to me implies that I will continue to be the owner. (Section 11) Should I just pass on the gren slip (Section 10) in the usual fashion and send off the front page as normal?
  6. In amongst the documentation, I have a "Car" magazine Giant Test comparing the ZX Aura with Golf 1.8, Escort 1.8 and Mitsubishi 1.6 from June 1992; the conclusions are quite interesting. The Golf is dismissed as slow "dowdy and frumpy"! It concludes that: "What wins the day for the ZX is its superior ride, handling and all round poise."
  7. 1992 ZX Aura 1.6i Manual 74k. MOT until Dec 2017 (no advisories on the current MOT) Well loved (I've had it for a full year!), lots of service history including cam belt in 2015 at 63k. In the last year it has had 4 new tyres, an exhaust back box, a new battery and a service costing nearly £500! This car is lovely to drive and looks pretty good for 25 years old - at least I think so - but it is 25 so there are always things that could be done to improve it. The passenger side front window doesn't want to open any more so the car will come with a brand new replacment regulator. There are a couple of scratches on the bonnet and the correct Speedline alloys aren't showroom fresh, but it is remarkably free of dents and scrapes and there really doesn't appear to be any tin worm concerns anywhere. The interior is complete and lovely and the sunroof works and is watertight I am selling because I have bought a Xantia ('cos I've not had one of those). Location is Darlington. Happy to collect from the station or Durham Tees Valley Airport (Goosepool Aerodrome) Price- £575 If I didn't already own it and three other Cits, I would be prepared to pay more for it. Sorry, not interestred in a raffle or swaps no matter how tempting.
  8. 'Smine Shiter's discount available to not be buggered about. It's not perfect but it's not bad for a quarter of a century. http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C847068
  9. Done the colchicine and the dog doesn't want to know. It appears than when treated early it will respond rapidly but once it has set in, as mine clearly has, it can be a real bugger to get rid of.
  10. Gout. Everyone thinks it is funny. It isn't. It friggin' knacks, and I have had it since October and it isn't responding to treatment. I can at least drive an auto, but I've got a perfectly lovely ZX that I want to drive because I like it and I can't because it hurts. Taken all the NSAIDs going, had two injections of steroids into the ankle and tried all the mumbo jumbo ju-ju treatments known to everyone who once knew somebody who said it worked for them. Very grumpy.
  11. Does look nice. What happened to the number plate?
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