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  1. Those RX4 always look like a watered down armoured/tracked style vehicle from UFO to me....
  2. Ferrari-shite.... https://www.autoscout24.com/offers/maserati-224-gasoline-red-927f1659-ffb1-0e66-e053-e350040a5451?cldtidx=7
  3. What a honey. Reckon the panel colour difference is due to the vertical windows? https://m.subito.it/auto/citroen-diane-1978-padova-231775942.htm
  4. Rare as fook anywhere, never mind Italy, which surely takes rarity to another level? Did they have a dealer in Italy?!! https://m.subito.it/auto/reliant-scimitar-ss1-sabre-1800-turbo-rarita-milano-212820263.htm?&last=1
  5. Yep I think I’ve seen that, awesome little motor!
  6. This looks nice for 3000 Euro tokens. https://m.subito.it/auto/rover-p6-2000-tc-twin-car-la-piccola-rolls-royce-gorizia-217335244.htm
  7. Innocenti by Zastava..... cutest Yugo I’ve seen all week! https://m.subito.it/auto/innocenti-koral-1300-cabrio-frosinone-188076628.htm?&first=1&last=1
  8. Be JR. https://m.subito.it/auto/cadillac-allante-1991-perugia-229257336.htm
  9. I think I just won everything ever..... best interior EVAH!!!!! “Oh, Edmund... can it be true? That I hold here, in my mortal hand, a nugget of purest Green?” https://m.subito.it/auto/ford-capri-ii-1600-s-realizzo-immediato-caserta-230880651.htm
  10. Gadzooks, Niva 5 Door!!!!! https://m.subito.it/auto/lada-44-1-7-mpi-urban-5p-lada-niva-fuoristrada-padova-231002455.htm
  11. Southern Italy US shite: https://m.subito.it/auto/chevrolet-altro-modello-anni-70-bari-227319700.htm?&first=1&last=1 https://m.subito.it/auto/dodge-ramcharger-5-2-del-1992-bari-228339361.htmM https://m.subito.it/auto/chevrolet-blazer-gmc-jimmy-6-2-v8-diesel-taranto-228949100.htm?&last=1
  12. That’s epic...... You’d be surprised, there’s quite a bit of stuff like that down there as they have a few US Navy, radar, NSA and NATO bases dotted around. Or really awesome classics just street parked.
  13. A friend’s Dad at school bought one of these new in RHD. At the height of Falklands War tensions...... https://m.subito.it/auto/fiat-argenta-1984-roma-230991089.htm
  14. Look like you work at The Vatican even though you live in Penrith.... https://m.subito.it/auto/lancia-thesis-2004-messina-231718544.htm
  15. I have absolutely got to own a 75 1.6 on wheel trims and live in a small town with a couple of decent bars by the coast in South Italy..... https://m.subito.it/auto/alfa-romeo-75-1986-mantova-231475077.htm
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