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    meshking reacted to 320touring in 320Touring's 1993 SEAT Toledo- Clutch cable change05/08/2020   
    When Craig had the car to do the clutch, he mentioned that the hesitancy of the engine was likely due to the gasket between the injection unit and the inlet manifold.

    This is it. The diamond formation bolts to the inlet manifold, and the square section is where the injection unit bolts in.
    Installation isn't particularly complicated. Just footery.
    First, locate your quarry:


    Errits err annat.
    Remove the air inlet pipe so the 'hat' of the injection can be removed.
    Then the rocker breather can be removed and the electronic connections can be removed.

    Deploy the titchy 1/4" drive Rodentia Excreta on the top 3 bolts.

    And remove the 2 vac lines on the back of the hat.
    With the hat off, you can see the 4 10mm bolts holding the injector unit on.

    These go right through the unit and into the gasket.

    Before undoing them, I tilted the unit to see how much of a gap there was..as you can see, it's a fair bit.
    The 4 long 10mm bolts were removed, and the injection unit lifted up

    Not looking too bad. 
    Right up until I touched it.

    Aye, that'll be fuckt then.
    Fitting the new one was a doddle, and the jitters have gone. It's improved the drivability a fair bit.
    The exhaust was adjusted, 

    and the car was washed and waxed, including the Engine bay..

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    meshking got a reaction from Coprolalia in Hot Rod Projects you'll never do   
    Ford turbo diesel from MK3 escort van into a Tesla model 3.
    Not sure I've got the hang of this ...
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    meshking got a reaction from mat_the_cat in Hot Rod Projects you'll never do   
    Ford turbo diesel from MK3 escort van into a Tesla model 3.
    Not sure I've got the hang of this ...
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    meshking got a reaction from Three Speed in Hot Rod Projects you'll never do   
    Ford turbo diesel from MK3 escort van into a Tesla model 3.
    Not sure I've got the hang of this ...
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    meshking got a reaction from Christine in Hot Rod Projects you'll never do   
    Ford turbo diesel from MK3 escort van into a Tesla model 3.
    Not sure I've got the hang of this ...
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    meshking got a reaction from chaseracer in Hot Rod Projects you'll never do   
    Ford turbo diesel from MK3 escort van into a Tesla model 3.
    Not sure I've got the hang of this ...
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    meshking reacted to BertiePuntoCabrio in "Shonky" the CX - given up :-(   
    Well HELLO everybody, 
    Yes, I have the (dubious) pleasure of now looking after the CX which was the subject of a recent roffle experience.
    Now named "Shonky" after the HubNut video, it's time to actually do something with it!
    Since getting it recovered, I have had a little look over it, enjoyed the marvellous comfy seating for a cup of tea and started and moved it a few times.
    I did take the opportunity of a photo or two just before my BX was picked up on Saturday.
    Anyway, I have it booked in for an MOT tomorrow to find out exactly what is needed to become hopefully road legal.
    This of course means I get to enjoy a drive to the garage!
    This will be my first CX driving experience and I haven't driven a left hand drive for about 20 years so that should be entertaining.
    I have a 1 day insurance to get it there and back afterwards!
    The plan is simply MOT and then look through the fail sheet and get it all priced up.
    Fingers are (will be) firmly crossed as whilst prepared to spend a fair amount to get this lovely old thing roadworthy, I do not have a bottomless pit of cash available.
    Let's wait and see how many pages the fail sheet(s) run to.....

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    meshking reacted to philibusmo in Dull thread for idiots, plus various motoring antics. - Fiesta welding   
    Since the last update, nothing has happened to the Fiesta other than its had it's wheel put back on and it's been pushed to the side of the driveway, waiting for me to have a smidge more time for it because I'm back at work. 
    However, the Volvo has sold, and the Golf has been pressed into daily duties after a last bit of fettling. Firstly the rear brake shield had broken free on the drivers side and was clattering around like a right noisy bastard. I'm pretty certain it does mostly nothing and replacing it properly would require taking off the wheel bearing and hub, so fuck that for a laugh. A combination of tin snips and a junior hacksaw, followed by some brute force had it removed quick enough.

    Driving it around revealed that the power steering was heavy and grabby and the traction control would seemingly sometimes kick in without warning or on light braking the ABS would cut in. This made for an entertaining* driving experience. Plugging in a laptop with VCDS and measuring the readings from the ABS sensors showed that the rear left was reading all over the show, spiking from the same as the others to twice the speed repeatedly.
    On the rear, the ABS ring is built into the back of the wheel bearing. As it was still chucking out a reading that was within the realms of possibility I decided it was unlikely to be the sensor and so set about changing the ring.
    First problem was that it was held on with a fancy splined bolt. Similar to a torx bolt, but with many more points. These are all over more modern VAG cars and aren't a bad fitting really but I didn't have a set of bits in this country so I had to buy some.bew ones. Second problem is that VW made these with two different sizes of wheel bearings 30mm and 32mm inner diameter, with no easy way of finding out without taking the old one off, so I had to order both. It turned out to be the 30mm.
    It all came apart reasonably easily, the bolts holding the caliper carrier in place we're a bit seized and awkward, but the biggest hassle was the torque on the hub bolt. It's a stretch bolt and really really fucking tight. Putting my big breaker bar on it, then standing on the bar and bouncing up and down did eventually get it loosened off. An impact gun would have been spiffing but once again, wrong hemisphere for my impact gun. The brake back plate on this side was frisbeed into the bin asap as it was also looking like it was ready to make a bid for freedom.
    Getting it back on was even more fun, the torque setting is 132 lb ft of torque and then another 180 degrees. This is many many torques, 132 is slightly more than my old torque wrench would measure for starters so it got everything, the torque wrench had, plus a smidge and then 180 degrees. I got within a gnats bollocks of 180 degrees when on my final effort to get the extra few degrees, my brand new spline bit broke under the force, which made me decide it was probably just about tight enough. Hopefully I can return them...

    The old ABS ring has some very small cracks in its coating, which I guess was the cause of the problem.

    Anyway, with it all back together I reset the ABS light and once I'd set off and gone 50 meters, the other lights on the dash, apart from the steering light had gone out.
    The other faults stored were to do with the calibration of the steering angle sensor not being calibrated properly.
    This was easy enough to remedy. Turn the engine on, hold the wheel dead ahead for 10 seconds, then all the way left for 10, then all the way right for 10 and then back to the middle for 10 before turning off the engine, waiting a bit and starting it up again and going for a test run. The light didn't go off for me until I'd driven down to Tesco, gone to the back of the car park and done 3 circles on full lock left and 3 all the way right. On returning to the straight ahead position the light went out and the power steering started functioning properly. Sorted.
    I had tried this out before fixing the ABS but it wouldn't work. I assume that if there is other issues in the drivetrain it stops a calibration being performed.
    After a couple of days driving I found a couple more minor issues. The cruise control doesn't work and usually on reversing the parking sensors will just do one long bleep, no matter if anything is behind you. VCDS came out again, diagnosing intermittent implausible signals from one of the parking sensors, so a replacement is on the way and a faulty on/off switch on the cruise control. I took it apart and tried cleaning it to no avail so I'm replacing the stalk. A new one arrived today, and hopefully that will resolve it.
    Finally, the wheels are looking a bit sad. They are the more desirable 18" Monza alloys which were originally diamond cut. This being the least durable finish of anything other than maybe a montego dashboard, they now look a right state.

    All are in basically the same shape but it did come with a spare alloy so I thought I'd have a practice on that.
    A quick going over with the polycarbonate wheel (usually for removing paint) on the angle grinder quickly got rid of the old lacquer and corrosion, followed by sanding down with 320 and 500 grit sandpaper to get rid of any big scratches the grinder left behind and finally a polish up with some 2400 grit wet and dry I have hanging around for some reason covered in some CRC cutting compound - magical stuff in a yellow tin. This polished it up quite nicely overall, but possibly did tarnish the surface of the alloy slightly. Anyway, who gives a fuck when with a hose off, scrub down and a layer of lacquer it looks a million times better, and took just over 30 minutes and basically zero cost.

    The metallic grey between the spokes wasn't too bad on this one but will be a bit more of a faff to sort on a that have a bit of kerbing, there is an aerosol can of some sort of BMW graphite in the garage which might do the job if it's a reasonable match.
    This bus is quite a nice drive but does suffer from being too competent. I'm finding that the speed needs to be very illegal before it feels fast enough to put a grin on my face, and I'm not sure my license can withstand that long term.
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    meshking reacted to Tickman in Tickman's stuff. A bit of daily tinkering.   
    I've been chipping away at this over the last few days but I kept almost tripping over stuff as I was trying to get on with it.
    First I decided the angle grinders needed out of the way so I put this on the end of the bench on wheels.

    Loving the new welder.

    Something like that will do.

    But the cables are an issue, I know...

    That works, next the welding trolley developed a wonky wheel, I needed a spacer between the wheel and retaining split pin so I had a look around and found part of a fallen soldier.

    Then the bumper, exhaust and other bits were in the way so I dug out some steel and got to work. I also moved the lathe over and created a bit more usable space.

    Time to get on with the car. Previously I'd left it here.

    Knowing that this was going to be happening I've been gathering cereal boxes.
    Making the piece required using three bits. Card deployed and some really handy little clips to hold them in place.

    I need to sort out the flange on the end of one of the the sill panels.

    Piece cut and welded.

    After a bit of rough shaping I welded the two big bits together and tried it in place.

    Then the flange was added, this was a 10mm strip that I used the shrinker on to get the profile required. Then they were welded together and dressed back.

    A few more holes were required so they were drilled out ready to weld

    Welded in.

    I dressed this back.

    And a quick bit of paint was added.

    I'm really happy with the way that has gone today.
    Some more will happen possibly over the weekend but more likely next week.
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    meshking reacted to eddyramrod in My 1973 Cadillac, Huggy Bear   
    I don't doubt any of the above!
    Back in 2011/12 when I was going through a particularly bad time in Cyprus and trying to get back to UK, but struggling to even keep eating, I received a lot of "advice."  And I mean a LOT.  At least 99% of it was of the "I would have done this or that" which is precisely equivalent to "I wouldn't start from here," which in turn is precisely worth the paper it's written on.  I have to work with what I have.  And you know what?  The bits I've done already, I enjoyed doing.  I'm pleased with the results.  OK, now that I've moved to the back of the car, I've opened up a big job, but like anything on American cars, it's really only a matter of scale.  I can do this.  I can.  I've done it before.  And made it look good.  What I'm doing now is perhaps a bit more than I expected, but ok, I can still do it.  It won't be factory-perfect, it'll never win any shows, but that isn't what this car is about.  Or any other car I might have!  They all have to live outside, in the wind tunnel that passes for a back alley, wide open to passing members of the public.
    I could have chosen a better house in a better location.  A four-bedroomed detached bungalow with a double-entry block-paved driveway and cavernous double garage would have been much more suitable.  But we didn't buy this house to live in, that was never our intention.  It was solely to provide rental income to help us in Cyprus, which it did.  We would have been lost without it.  The bungalow would also have cost a lot more to buy, meaning we would have run out of money much earlier.  So we bought a little terraced house, and it did its job.  And still is, because when we had to come back, we were able to write to our tenants and politely ask them to move out, which they did.  We walked in here with our suitcases, dog and a rental car, because everything else was in a container being shipped.  We'd rented the house furnished, all we (I) had to do was go shopping for food.
    So you work with what you have.  I have, to paraphrase Liam Neeson, a particular and limited set of skills.  I have, very recently, proved to myself that I can still do a satisfactory job.  So while we have suitable outdoor-working weather, I might as well get as far as I can with the job.  I can't make it any worse!
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    meshking reacted to 320touring in 320Touring's 1993 SEAT Toledo- Clutch cable change05/08/2020   
    Where were we? Ah yes.
    Parts arrived:)

    Shiny new LUK clutch - the early 190mm version. Later toledos had a 200mm one.
    Next up is the release bearing - on the 020 box this is away at the opposite end from the clutch - something Maestro owners will recognise.

    Time to crack on with refitting?
    Further investigation suggests otherwise..
    We decided replacing the crank seal was sensible as the bugger is already in bits

    How about we put it back together now?
    Not quite...
    Gear linkage time!
    There was some* slip in the old mechanism.. missing bushes and tired cups saw that was a given.
    How much?
    Find out here:
    Aye "ATS YER GEAR LINKAGE FUCKT"  as they say up here.
    Nevertheless, this was all forseen, and new parts had been procured.
    "NOW, surely, for the love of all that is Holy, can this now go back together?"
    Enter stage left, my Mate Dom.
    Dom is one of these chaps who is annoyingly mechanically predisposed - to whom mechanical issues ne'r become maladies.
    He is an ace chap, and happy to share his wisdom.
    As his day job is working in a firm that rebuilds gearboxes, the pertinence of that knowledge was about to be demonstrated.
    The end of the input shaft has a small bushing and seal in it. It looks like this.

    And is located here:

    Sayeth Dom: (lightly edited for flow)
    There are 2 seals on the input. The main, and the one that seals on the clutch pin. There is brass bushing behind that, this wears out and allows the pin to move and seep oil too. They are easy to replace.
    O20 and o2k have the same diddy seal. Input seals have 2 sizes
    It's worth replacing If its leaking. Or if he has waggle on that clutch push pin. Super easy to do. Trade parts supplies should have some in stock. If you have a local branch. 
    I call the chap doing the work, and he has a look. It's the last clip in the video above. 
    Let's look in a bit more detail:
    To Quote Dom:
    "That looks moist and floppy"
    Where are we now?
    First task tomorrow is to try and locate the bush and seal for the input shaft.
    If that can be found and fitted, then it can go back together!
    If not.. who knows?
    Current situation:

    Tune in tomorrow for the next thrilling* update..
    Cheers to Craig for all his graft, and for keeping me updated throughout the day!
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    meshking reacted to Austat in eBay tat volume 3.   

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    meshking reacted to dome in Domes shonky autos-Accord interlude.   
    And after

    I've been dying to do that since I first saw this thing 2 years ago! Still a long way to go but it's looking good. Shame about the lacquer peel on it, I can only find 2 spots of rust on the whole body and not a single dent 
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    meshking got a reaction from brownnova in Mr and Mrs Brownnova's new arrival! The human arrival arrives!   
    It's nothing exciting. Probably the rear shoes are out of adjustment and the first push moves them out. There was an issue with the wheel cylinders iirc that either didn't return or returned too aggressively. 
    I would try adjusting the rear shoes first, or just live with it - that's what I do ?
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    meshking reacted to brownnova in Mr and Mrs Brownnova's new arrival! The human arrival arrives!   
    I’m sure no ones noticed I’ve been quiet here lately, but there is a reason. 
    Some 20 days after the 2cv arrived... 
    The baby arrived!! It’s a girl!! Thankfully not delivered by WorldofCeri (no offence I’m not sure of his midwifery skillz) but @Mrsbrownnova did an amazing job of expelling the womb raider. Mother and baby doing well. 
    Sadly she was not transported from home in the 2CV, indeed She’s yet to have her first ride in either 2CV, but it’ll only be a matter of days. 
    Best Father’s Day present ever! 
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    meshking reacted to 320touring in 320Touring's 1993 SEAT Toledo- Clutch cable change05/08/2020   
    After some grunty sweaty, and a bit of jiggery pokery..
    We have a complete new cat back system installed.
    All the mounts are fitted. I think the fit could do with some adjustment, but it's silent as a fish now.
    Unfortunately lost the oval tailpipe:(

    I also took it out for a wee 5 mile shakedown run and managed to get it hot enough to burn my finger on the end of the tailpipe.
    This means it's ready to go on an adventure..
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    meshking reacted to barefoot in The grumpy thread   
    OK, so it's not real, I knocked it up in a couple of minutes just before the sun came up.

    Cool sunrise though...

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    meshking reacted to dean36014 in The new news 24 thread   
    Got my zx estate from detailing it. Removing all the grime of it has revealed the horizontal surfaces to have the typical Citroen laquer. Thankfully it's not too bad and hopefully the treatment applied will halt any more degradation for a while yet. Look at that shine though, well chuffed!

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    meshking reacted to Tamworthbay in The about bloody time Capri resto thread - resto done! We are on the road!   
    With the crap weather I started looking on Gumtree. Guess what I found...... 

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    meshking got a reaction from RobT in 1980 Citroën acadiane   
    Popped down to Hampshire today to pick up a replacement door for the van. The man selling it was clearly a serial 2cv botherer,  and had many many 2cvs. He was also about to start making kits for a pony replica, this is one he had brought over from Greece

    Looks fun!
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    meshking reacted to Spottedlaurel in SL's fleet news (Laurel MoT update 29-07-20)   
    Apart from the modern Lexus RX I got last year, haven't bought a new car for a while. Until today......

    Camry and Sunny by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr
    Battery off Sunny, Camry to be used for a local collection.
    No exciting tales of public transport, meals en-route etc, it was a simple 15-minute drive to purchase something of a dream car I first saw seven years ago, when I left the owner my number. He finally rang me in the week, we agreed a price and Mrs SL kindly said it could be my delayed 50th brithday present.

    Camry and Lexus by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr

    Camry and Lexus by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr
    Petrol station shot, although none was required as it turned out to have half a tank still in it. Tyres were soft, but after being stood for six months I was pleased to find they were all just a bit low.

    Happy new owner at the jet wash.
    So, what have I bought? It's the Mk1 model with 15" wheels and the purest look of all the LS400s. And it's got the classic colour scheme of pearl white over silver.
    I think it's had just the two owners from new, it's done 161k miles and it's flipping great! Got up to temperature quickly and sat just under halfway, most things seem to work and it's an honest old things with a few scuffs and a bit of rot that drives very well.
    I think Mrs SL is quite impressed by it. Without any suggestion from me, she got some cleaning products and started scrubbing away at the interior. The rest of the family chipped-in, and it's come up pretty well.
    I'll get some more photos up in a bit.......
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    meshking got a reaction from Jimbob McGregor in 1980 Citroën acadiane   
    Acadiane in leaving the garage shocker ( just to turn it around to work on the otherside, but ...)

    Wifey seems a little too excited tbh.
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    meshking got a reaction from Skizzer in 1980 Citroën acadiane   
    Popped down to Hampshire today to pick up a replacement door for the van. The man selling it was clearly a serial 2cv botherer,  and had many many 2cvs. He was also about to start making kits for a pony replica, this is one he had brought over from Greece

    Looks fun!
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    meshking got a reaction from Tickman in 1980 Citroën acadiane   
    Acadiane in leaving the garage shocker ( just to turn it around to work on the otherside, but ...)

    Wifey seems a little too excited tbh.
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