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  1. I'm using Astonish Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner from Wilkinsons. 99p from memory and works excellently.
  2. Mosky Mark is well known in East European car circles and has some nice cars, Moskvich etc.
  3. Hi NC, the ignition system is totally conventional so the usual checks apply - plugs, points, condensor, leads, fuel etc. Ref the rear lamp our spares guy should be able to supply either a new or secondhand item otherwise they appear on Ebay from time to time. The link below to our website will explain about membership if you're still interested; http://www.zastava-yugo.co.uk/2.html Ian
  4. Here Yugo http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?q=zastav ... ,r:0,s:291
  5. I'm guessing the red car in Hibaldstow is G204PND? I used to own the car and sold it in 2005 to a Spanish guy who lives up that way. I haven't seen him with the car since the SALT rally in June 2009 but I understand he still owns it.
  6. Hi Warren - I am Editor for the Yugo Club magazine so any info on the Sana would be greatly appreciated. I have already said previously that this 313 is an important car being the only known surviving example in the UK and even when new extremely rare. Unfortunately in Yugo circles rarity doesn't equal financial value. Nonetheless, we are extremely interested in this car and keen to keep abreast pf progress. They're not known for electrical problems so the indicators and heater fan are unlikely to be anything sinister - probably fan switch and flasher unit at an educated guess. As correctly stated the car is basically a Fiat 128 but as someone once unkindy commented;"Yugo took the best that Fiat had to offer and spoilt it..". In short, a Yugo will never drive as well as the Fiat equivalent as it was built down to a price. I have upgraded mine by fitting Fiat 128 dampers (much firmer) and decent tyres which have totally transformed the handling. Many enthusiasts in Serbia upgrade to Fiat X19 spec which is ok I guess but not for me..!! Rust isn't usually a huge problem - rear sills, inner arches and jacking points are generally as bad as it gets. Keep us informed. Ian (mac311@zastava-yugo.co.uk)
  7. Wasn't that difficult - it said under the picture..!!! It's definite one-upmanship on a Nissan Figaro though - I'd buy one at the right price...
  8. Oh well, good luck with it. We have two resident directors, me and one other. I shudder to think how the place would be run otherwise...
  9. http://www.flickr.com/photos/gipiosio/3548260972/ I actually quite like this...
  10. If you 'hack away' the clamp you could be charged with criminal damage although it is perfectly ok to remove the clamp without causing damage. One possible method is to deflate the tyre which may loosen the clamp and allow you to drive out of it. Another more extreme option is to dismantle the hub at the roadside. If your car is front wheel drive though this may involve removal of the complete driveshaft as you'll be unable to access the hub nut. As a resident director of a managed estate however I do appreciate the problem caused by incorrect parking. In short, If you're a tenant it's the responsibility of your landlord to resolve any issues - there is no point in going into battle with the management company as their contract is with the owner of your property rather than you as the tenant. Your estate should have resident directors though so it wouldn't hurt to track them down and discuss your concerns. Basically, a resident director is simply a property owner who lives on the estate and has volunteered to become a director (unpaid) to help make sure the management company fulfil their obligations. if you have no resident director then personally I'd be inclined to move as it basically means no one gives a damn about how the estate is run and the property owners are only interested in their monthly rental income. PM me if you need further advice. Ian
  11. I'm keen to improve my photography skills but I only have a Sony Cybershot 7.2 megapixel with 4x optical zoom and a 'smile shutter'. Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced better alternative or can I do stuff with this camera I'm unaware of?
  12. The sensible thing would be to scrap road tax and add it to fuel duty. That way, those who drive the most pay the most and it would resolve tax evasion at a stroke...
  13. Hi Albert. Perhaps I can impose on you to put some thoughts together about your time in a Yugo dealership which I can use as an article in our Club magazine? Cheers... Ian
  14. Tax exempt cars aren't subject to any mileage limitation although the original idea was based on Government recognition that most vehicles in the exempted class only received limited usage for shows etc. This doesn't necessarily apply nowadays as more of us are using our old car as everyday transport. My Yugo is currently my daily driver until I eventually get the Volvo on the road. The Yugo will be 30 next year and to be honest I don't mind paying the road tax. I'd mind even less if the condition of the roads could be improved but thats another story...
  15. We have a huge national debt and rising unemployment so the re-introduction of a rolling tax exemption is unlikely to happen any time soon, probably never. To grant this sort of perk to one sector of the motoring public whilst everyone else faces annual road tax increases would cause a huge public outcry and it would be highly irresponsible of the government to even consider it. Far better that people who use old cars keep them well maintained and continue to prove that we have no significant detrimental effect on the envirionment because make no mistake, the green lobbyists would prefer to see our cars off the road completely so this isn't a good time to press for greater perks. After all, we choose to run old cars but I'm not sure that means everyone else should pay for it. In my humble opinion.. Ian
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