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  1. Thanks folks - I knew someone would know!
  2. Might be a daft.stupidly easy question for the folk on here, but can anyone tell me what the 2 cars are to the side of the bus please? Pic is from the Leyland Atlantean Flickr Group
  3. Apparently, "Mingjue is the level of pure consciousness that goes beyond all feelings, thoughts, ideas and emotions." So, the mental state of every MG owner, natch...
  4. Yep, well, typo anyway - at the bottom of the ad it says "1850£ "... Ah well, didn't want it anyway... *sniff*
  5. At this point, I shall drag this pic out again; World's gone mad, etc...
  6. How about Chichester Local Interesting Transport Organisation Relocating Interesting Stuff? (edited to add) Or possibly the Chichester Ultimate New Transport Society?
  7. That is utterly hideous, no amount of eye bleach will remove the image now burnt onto my brain... Great work.
  8. I always thought that Capri's were massive things... *picture probably originally pinched form somewhere on here
  9. jayroller

    Transit T280

    You're welcome to it squire - use it well! Also - is he trying to part-ex the Geordie Sister against the van now? Looks like you'll have to collect her yourself though - that's a collection thread I'd like to see, although I'm not sure about the "arrange inspection and collection" bit...
  10. jayroller

    Transit T280

    "Will you post to Lagos?" "yeah, of course mate - I'll cover the windscreen with fucking stamps and leave it by the postbox on Monday morning" #sympathies
  11. I'd say it would probably best to finish with her then... sorry.
  12. I love the "absolute minimum, get it just over the red" fuel top-up - the obligatory pez station shot has been fulfilled in a not-wasting-a-drop-if-it-snuffs-it manner... Kudos to you sir! *salutes a tatty copy of MG Enthusiast*
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