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    mercedade reacted to rob88h in Harrison's Garage - That'll be the Daewoo   
    Harrison's History #56 - Daewoo Leganza
    Mine's a @Mine's a Leganza! Leganza!

    More to follow...
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    mercedade reacted to HillmanImp in The new news 24 thread   
    Buy it off me? That's a great idea! 
    I'll send you my bank details. 
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    mercedade reacted to Saabnut in 83C's Shite-esque Fleet: Holy fuck.   
    I said this just recently, although that did not end well:
    Welcome to the Blown Bentley Club  
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    mercedade reacted to 83C in 83C's Shite-esque Fleet: Holy fuck.   
    They say you should learn from the mistakes of others. I’m obviously a bit slow on the uptake, especially given another shiter’s recent experiences of old British metal. 
    Not content with one car capable of throwing ruinously expensive bills, and timed perfectly to coincide with a global recession, I spent a load of my now near worthless pounds on this:

    The best bit:

    Back in a bit, there’s someone at the door in what looks like a white coat, holding something that looks suspiciously like a rolled up straitjacket.
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    mercedade reacted to Back_For_More in The new news 24 thread   
    I misread them as Stuboy ratchets... Posh personalised gear ftw 
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    mercedade reacted to junkyarddog in The new news 24 thread   
    Prime shite spotted in North Norfolk. 

    Complete with my Mondeo lurking in the background. 
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    mercedade reacted to JJ0063 in Transit Jumbo Camper capers…   
    That went bloody well apart from my Ferex multi tool just died but luckily I had the Dewalt cordless car boot special to save the day.
    Was actually really simple. As per pics, cut a hole roughly in the middle, felt with my hand where the edges of the window cut would be - luckily pretty much bang on with the edge of a cladding slat. Did the same for each edge just making the hole bigger each time.
    I now just need to clean all the shit out, hoover the area I’ve cut to get all the loose kingspan out then do a final trim cut on the edges as I only did it by eye so it’s not going to be dead straight. 

    Once I’ve fitted the window I’ll get some nice wood and make a box frame to slot in, that way I’ll have a window ledge, somewhere to mount a curtain and it’ll look neat. 

    Well chuffed, multi tools are the one.

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    mercedade reacted to yes oui si in The new news 24 thread   
    New front struts
    New rear beam
    New bearings
    New abs sensors
    New track rod ends
    New drop links

    Back needs to come down a bit more. Another 50mm should do it. 
    Welding booked in for next month. 
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    mercedade reacted to SRi05 in The new news 24 thread   
    This old boy has a fresh years ticket as of this morning. Required its annual front  spring to pass. Saab convertible owners will understand 😂

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    mercedade reacted to wuvvum in Memoirs from the Hard Shoulder: One out (more to follow)   
    No matter how often you slip that into conversation, nobody is going to give you £10K for the Sierra. 😉
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    mercedade reacted to Schaefft in Schaefft's Bargain Barge Extravaganza - SL TLC   
    Yes, it has happened! As the title revealed I finally own a Cadillac! And what a beast it is.
    What you see below is a 1996 Cadillac Sedan DeVille, Cadillac's FWD (!) Fullsize offering featuring the famous Northstar V8 (similar to that in my Olds Auroras). Yeah, the one blowing head gaskets left and right...
    I never really seriously considered getting one as the Rwd, body on frame Fleetwood is way more interesting to me (and even larger). With this DeVille coming up for sale literally 5 minutes from my GFs house, and with a deal to be had, how could I resist though?
    I don't have a huge amount of info yet. The car apparently stood in a garage in Sunderland for years before the current owner dumped it in a storage yard only about a year ago sometime around mot time. There it just sat until now, the yard is getting converted into self storage and everything must go. And boy are there some interesting cars there...
    The car clearly needs a clean, but with only 77k on the clock and a reasonably easy life it should clean up well enough. Had it run for a while, no signs of omghgf.
    Plans are to get it thoroughly checked asap, put an mot on (unless it needs a ton of work, which hopefully is not the case...) and then slowly restore it as I've done with my other cars before. More info soon!
    But wait, there is more... There may have been another car... More soon...

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    mercedade reacted to Schaefft in Schaefft's Bargain Barge Extravaganza - SL TLC   
    A few quick updates!
    As mentioned in the car theft thread, some idiot attempted to steal my Opel Senator last week. It was parked right in front of the house, with the battery disconnected. They made it all the way down to the bottom of the estate where they must have run out of fuel. For god knows what reason they decided to cut off the steering wheel, obviously ruining the steering column shaft.

    I didn't touch the car for a day waiting for police to respond (which they did at 1:30 in the morning, with not consequences for the thieves Im sure). I used the Saturday morning to get the remains of the shaft into a shape where I can easily clamp some vice grips onto it (its very soft metal so surprisingly easy) and drove it like that back to my house...

    Being a LHD Opel I now need to order a replacement column from Germany, as well as a replacement steering wheel etc. It is however interesting to learn how they managed to steal it so easily so theres that lol. I've made sure that the Corona and E38 aren't going anywhere now.
    On the Mercedes SL front:
    I've managed to get the SL started after screwing around with the crank position sensor on the back of the engine for 2 days. Naturally it was seized in place, making removal a joyous experience.

    In the end the tool of year (Dremel) saved the day again by drilling out the plastic casing around the magnet core of the sensor. Thats better:

    Naturally the car didnt start after that ordeal. So I checked the fuses, realizing that the fuse for the ignition coils was missing... I don't regret replacing the sensor as it clearly was original and would have died relatively soon anyway (and the sensor was cheap). What I am however wondering is why the fuse was pulled in the first place (the previous owner checked for spark and probably never bothered checking fuses either).
    As mentioned the car runs now, but only in a limp home mode where it doesn't take much throttle at all, it won't rev above 1500rpm, opening the throttle body manually results in bad misfiring. It does run perfectly otherwise and goes into gear easily. My guess is a bad MAF that has no clue how much air is going into the engine.
    The alternator also turned out to not charge, I've ordered a used replacement on ebay that only cost 39 quid, hopefully that will sort that issue. Getting the old one out is an easy job on these, remove the fan cowl and you got all the space you'd ever need:

    While removing the alternator I unfortunately must have damaged one of the high pressure power steering lines. Naturally that particular line is not available from Mercedes anymore so I now need to check how I can patch a high pressure line...

    Any advice would be appreciated, it started leaking right behind the fitting, probably rotting through below where the pipe bracket sits. I might be able to fabrice something if I can find out what fitting Merdedes is using.
    Meanwhile, not much progress on the Cadillac. My insurance provider never bothered calling me back regarding their investigations whether a Cadillac Seville is close enough to a Cadillac Deville, as the later isn't in their database... I ordered a new battery and wiper blades though, and will get it ready for an MOT this Saturday hopefully.
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    mercedade reacted to DodgyBastard in FOAD's fleet   
    After Sunday's shite in the park we went to see a BX I'd enquired about over the weekend. I didn't end up buying it but Ged did and I drove it back to the unit.
    It seems to go well enough although I was scared to drive it too hard as it had been off the road for a while and fuel gauge was either at zero or inoperative.
    It goes up and down fine too.
    It's had a wee bump on the rear corner but damage looks superficial.

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    mercedade reacted to barefoot in Corrado VR6 Cylinder Head Rebuild - 3 months of fun?   
    There's a Corrado specialist just down the road from me.
    Mark's a nice bloke, give him a bell & send him the pictures.
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    mercedade reacted to juular in 1964 Volvo 122S - Amazonian rustforest. Chopathon - Weldathon. Knocking lumps out of it.   
    More poking and prodding. On the left here is the plate that has been welded over the inner sill. It's randomly tacked in place at the top and bottom and isn't really providing much in the way of structure.  In most places I tore it away by hand or a quick knock with a chisel.

    Onto rebuilding the front section of inner sill. Here, I just made a flat piece, laid it over the inner sill and cut through both, discarded the rotten lower section then welded the new panel on.

    Saves messing around trying to get them to fit together.

    I cut out the floor where it joined the inner sill and replaced it, as none of it was particularly nice.

    The floor was welded straight to the inner.


    Moving to the back, it looks like someone didn't even bother opening the door while welding a repair section in place.

    No point hanging about with this part.

    Braced and chopped.

    Back seats out.

    A bit of poking some painted floor in the rear corner quickly produced a large hole.

    Rear inner sill replaced and welded to the rear crossmember.

    Only gap left is under the B pillar.

    That's the inner sill complete on this side.

    Here is a bit I cut off the inner sill - floor join.  Quality.

    I'd hoped to be able to rescue the mid-sill panel and weld this on, but it was much worse than expected. 
    Here, I'd cut off the lower half of the panel and started chipping away the remnants of the outer sill, which again had been loosely tacked in place and wasn't providing any structure.

    At this point, I gave up.  The whole panel has been coated in some kind of horrible sticky bitumen style paint which has then been topcoated.  The belt sander, flap disk, wire wheel and blowtorch failed to shift it. I am just going to buy a complete panel.

    That brings the sill job to a stop, and since the weather was turning anyway, I decided to have a tidy up and clear out.
    Rust mountain.

    Jigsaw puzzle. Here's all the bits I've cut off the car and replaced so far.

    Took time to box all the engine components since they were lying scattered around the back of the car.

    And then something I should have done from the start: box and label the screws, nuts and bolts lying around.

    Finally, I had an hour or so left of daylight, so I went over the chassis welds again with a new roll of wire and on a higher setting.  Looks significantly stronger I hope you'll agree.

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    mercedade reacted to 4wheeledstool in Polo G40 oddball   
    I try to give all my heaps a coat of wax once a year. This one was the last to get its annual paint love session this year, and for a change, didn't get rained on straight afterwards. 

    Colour looks very different in the sun

    compared to the doom blue look you get in lower light conditions. 

    Tyres are 9 years old now, hopefully I can still get decent tyres in this size.
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    mercedade reacted to HMC in HMC new - Bentley SOLD   
    Well this sold the day after the ad was listed for close to the asking.
    I’ve got to give a massive thanks to @panhard65 for saving my bacon with that old Bentley. He sussed out the things needing attention, advised against putting much money into it, did the ad and handled the sale. 
    What a brilliant guy.
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    mercedade reacted to bicycle repairman in needed something keep me busy so got pile off s%%te   
    why did i dont know but haggled on price he wanted kings ramson but he needed space it was his late fathers car,but its got its good points it runs stops and starts really nice interior nice as your going get them still got its orignal lw,mw radio lol,rock solid underneath innerwings inside the boot,and parts i need are very reasonable used to over price ford panels be tax exempt next year,stood in lock up for 15 years and front window was smashed so damp air got to front wings but only bolted on, its had 90s repair on end off sills,its in my lock up be slow rebuld ,its not been botched so i think got a good starting point lol,wanted something get my teeth stuck into,am so bored so it should keep me busy

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    mercedade reacted to St.Jude in 2006 Toyota Land Cruiser - Randy: Illuminating upgrades   
    So to close the air con book for another year - the garage never called me back. We will look at it again in the new year.
    The 120 series has an annoying fault with the rear door where over time the door tends to slip down. The door is too heavy (especially with the spare wheel) and the bottom hinge can’t cope. It can also (apparently) cause the door skin seam to split. That’s not happened to me, but over time I’ve noticed the door slipping and yesterday it slipped to a point that it was hard to close the door right.
    The solution? Two 12mm washers.

    Held up with a floor Jack and some breeze blocks.

    Shuts like a new door. Annoyed with myself that I didn’t do it sooner!
    Inside I’m in the process of upgrading or replacing bulbs in the car. I’ve not done the switch gears yet, but tried out the map lights with some LED ones.

    I think it’s brighter, but it feels like a more modern car inside which is better I think.
    One thing that’s annoyed me is when I have the baby in the car, and it gets dark, I can’t see him in the mirror. The solution to this is a rechargeable book light.

    Works really well at the dimmest setting and is the right colour to not affect his sleeping.
    Next bits of work to do before I go on holiday is the timing belt, water belt (both on order), LED lights for the inside, and maybe a new tension lock for the rear wheel cover as mine is seized. Timing belt and water pump is being outsourced, I have serious CBA vibes with that job.
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    mercedade reacted to Ged in The new news 24 thread   
    BX TZD Turbo obtained, could be doing with a rear bumper or atleast the red trim bit but will probably have to buy a black one and paint it.
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    mercedade reacted to HillmanImp in The new news 24 thread   
    Finally motivated myself to actually go outside and try sorting out the starting issue on the Elgrand. 
    Spent a good half hour wrestling with the undertray to get it off as half the bolts had been mangled. 
    With it finally removed, I could clearly see that the starter motor wasn't there. Quick search showed it was behind the wheelarch, accessible without removing the undertray. 
    Spent a while with an angle grinder reshaping the knackered bolts that had caused the undertray removal so difficult and it was okay getting it back on and should come off easier next time. 
    Then it started raining so I went back in having not actually done anything. 
    Will try and find motivation during the week. 
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    mercedade reacted to juular in The new news 24 thread   
    Moved my car using a brush today.

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    mercedade reacted to Fumbler in The new news 24 thread   
    It's turned green.

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    mercedade reacted to dozeydustman in The new news 24 thread   
    Bit of ingenuity required. I reamed out the sheared bolt to 10mm. It’s an M12 thread so with my assistant we tapped a new thread in it. But the replacement bolt wouldn’t go home. So after a chat with the tame fitter at work he brought round a bit of hi tensile 10mm studding with a nyloc and washer on each end which acts as a temporary pinch bolt.
    Everything else went back on like a dream which was nice. A quick drive up the road and the difference in the car is night and day. Feels a lot more responsive. I’ll retorque things tomorrow before stepdaughter goes home.
    Does mean with some urgency I need to rebuild the second hub carrier I bought yesterday so I’ll start acquiring bits for that and get building it up.
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    mercedade reacted to meshking in The new news 24 thread   
    Got fed up of tripping over my acadianes engine, so started cleaning it up ready to refit. 
    Carb was a bit mucky.

    But a few hours in a nice hot bath

    Got it a bit more presentable. 

    No idea of it'll work, but it's cleaner so that's good, right?
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