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    mercedade reacted to Sigmund Fraud in 2004 BMW Z4 2.2 - Live Collection   
    I'm also allergic to BMWs, but I've never had to take antihistamines before I can drive them ūüėĀ
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    mercedade reacted to PhilA in 2000 Jaguar XJ8   
    Depends on the state, some require a front plate also. Louisiana is not one of those states though thankfully. 
    Also, the trunk lid appears to ne a USA-specific pressing...?
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    mercedade got a reaction from JMotor in 1964 Volvo 122S - Amazonian rustforest. Electroshite.   
    Between this and the 240, @juular maintains two of the finest threads on AS at the moment.
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    mercedade got a reaction from Datsuncog in 1964 Volvo 122S - Amazonian rustforest. Electroshite.   
    Between this and the 240, @juular maintains two of the finest threads on AS at the moment.
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    mercedade reacted to gm in gm's unhealthy obsession with mx5s - the green monster has now left the building   
    the new owner of greenie sent me this pic, he’s been out with the cleaning kit

    his wife has now had a drive and loves it too  
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    mercedade reacted to Sham in Tales of a new business, trials and endless uphill battles   
    A proper workshop, and not a parts fitter - there are far too few of these. Good luck.
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    mercedade reacted to Jikovron in Tales of a new business, trials and endless uphill battles   
    For aslong as I can remember I've wanted to be directing my own path in business but never had the actual confidence to overcome huge self doubt and fears of failure, in 2021 when I nearly met with my mortality thanks to covid I remember hating that I'd played things safe as houses like a boring nobody and literally despite continued health maladies I feel that I've got a second run up at life , so I'm starting from nothing at 35 and want to get pushing forward with what is abit of a dream for me .
    So basically my sister and I have teamed up to create a new garage/engineering works of which provides the usual bread and butter garage services and also more specialised work less commonly found like large manual machining capability and welding.
    We're looking to stock up on a range of common classic parts too so that we can take on most project work without waiting on parts turning up in ebay etc albeit limited space prevents stocking a vast amount.
    So far over the last 8 months !

    Obligatory huge lathe brought back somewhat inappropriately 

    Company car brought down , inappropriately 

    Lathe electrical rebuild done because it was dangerous as hell, 415 through the soaked push buttons etc ,,horrible ! Once cleaned and generally setup it's been put to work straight away!

    this s100 k series swap was quite aquite to drive, getting one to fit the earlier car isn't bolt in like with the estelle and rapid !

    Cambelt snappage job on an iveco 2.3, lots of new valves and lapping required!

    loads of work done, and loads more hopefully to come ! 

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    mercedade reacted to egg in Six Cylinders Motoring Notes - I know it was wrong but peer pressure is hard to resist!   
    ooh blimey. Can I suggest the first part you need...

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    mercedade reacted to PhilA in 2000 Jaguar XJ8   
    Interior is nice. New headlining also.

    Someone spent more on the stereo than I did on the car. That's nice. 
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    mercedade reacted to PhilA in 2000 Jaguar XJ8   
    I bought a new car.

    It's nice but also broken, because Jaguar.
    New engine required. 
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    mercedade reacted to garellikatia in That yellow SLK - new owner and new fixes! (the thread of history)   
    Finally set about doing the service. Turns out the sump plug bolt was fairly rounded so instead of wasting time and effort trying to botch it off and risking damaging the sump I bought an electric oil extractor pump. Was £30 from eurocarparts. 
    I'm actually very impressed  sucked out 5L in next to no time. All sorted now until the next 6 months!! 

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    mercedade reacted to fatharris in FatHarris - tales of a motoring moron ***Giving it the boot 10/4***   
    Ah Christ. One of those days.
    Started off promising, with me submitting two days work next week for the sole purpose of building and not installing the engine.
    Thought I'd get a head start on it by dragging the block out to clean it of all the swarf from the machining. Covered in neat degreaser, brushed on and pressure washed off.

    Popped it in front of the UV lamp to fully dry it off.

    Then, I loaded the piston rings onto the first piston.

    Then, the fuckery came in waves. Firstly the two piston ring compressors I had wouldn't tighten the rings enough to get in the liner.
    Then, big problem. 

    The liner was found to have a crack in it. Granted, I'm not sure if this occurred when it fell off the bench earlier or wether it was always there, but it put me in a proper foul mood, so I stopped for the evening before I did something I regretted, fired up eBay to get a new one, and went inside for lots of booze.
    This is going to be tight to make the NL trip.
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    mercedade reacted to Schaefft in Schaefft's Bargain Barge Extravaganza - Celsior (Parts) Collection   
    Thanks for the advice, I'm still hoping to get a call back from the agent eventually because the sale did end up falling through (way too early for that at the moment though). The property was rare enough with the combination of price, seller's motivation, location and curb appeal that I can't imagine anything similar coming up anytime soon. We've been looking for over a year by now after all and our set of requirements are quite specific. But we'll see.
    Quick update on the Celsior today. The new driver seat triggered a seatbelt warning after putting it in the car. Turns out even the seatbelt buckle is slightly different on the Celsior, it has 4 wires coming from it while the UK LS400 one only has two (which are used for the nighttime illumation of the buckle on both cars). The wiring loom of the seat is identical, it's really only the loom of the buckle thats different, very odd but an easy fix.

    I finished (for now) polishing the bonnet as well. I could keep going forever to get it all perfect but a) I got enough after like 5 hours and b) my Halfords polisher died once and for all. That means it might be time soon to finally get a better polisher with more power that should hopefully speed things up significantly.
    600 grid wetsanding to get the worst scratches out first:

    1500 and 3000 grid discs next (thats where you really need to be careful to not burn through the clearcoat. In hindsight I didn't have to be nearly as careful as I was, the super close-up results probably would have been better.

    Done. These photos were actually before I spent another 2 hours today polishing the paint further, daylight wont show all the fine scratches that would become very visible under streetlights.

    It's probably still not perfect but the difference is like night and day. The before photo below was after me cleaning the hell out of the bonnet, including using the claybar that normally removes everything. I ended up having to sand the dirt off of it.

    So yeah, there's the proof that you can polish a turd as long as there's some clearcoat left on it. The problem really is that damage over such a large area takes absolute ages to remove. A better polisher might make a difference but as of right now it would take days to really cover the entire car. It might save you a respray though.

    Depending on when I get a replacement polisher I might have a go at saving the paint on the front bumper. Its mainly scuffs that should mostly come out. The rear bumper received such a piss poor respray at some point that there's little hope in rectifying that though. Next update is hopefully me figuring out what O2 sensors I need to order and finally doing a brake flush. I might even change the ancient pads and/or hoses.
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    mercedade got a reaction from juular in 1964 Volvo 122S - Amazonian rustforest. Electroshite.   
    Between this and the 240, @juular maintains two of the finest threads on AS at the moment.
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    mercedade got a reaction from scdan4 in 1964 Volvo 122S - Amazonian rustforest. Electroshite.   
    Between this and the 240, @juular maintains two of the finest threads on AS at the moment.
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    mercedade got a reaction from Sunny Jim in 1964 Volvo 122S - Amazonian rustforest. Electroshite.   
    Between this and the 240, @juular maintains two of the finest threads on AS at the moment.
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    mercedade reacted to loserone in 1964 Volvo 122S - Amazonian rustforest. Electroshite.   
    And a very fine fleet!
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    mercedade got a reaction from Rust Collector in 1964 Volvo 122S - Amazonian rustforest. Electroshite.   
    Between this and the 240, @juular maintains two of the finest threads on AS at the moment.
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    mercedade got a reaction from myglaren in The grumpy thread   
    I used to have a fabulous Panasonic plasma - weighed 3 metric fucktonnes and heated the living room.
    I managed to get a good deal on a Samsung QLED (their 'better than LED but not quite OLED' offering) last year after working out that once I'd taken up their £150 cashback for my old TV, 12 months 0% finance, and a banging offer through my Perks at Work, the TV would pay for itself in under three years of energy bill savings.
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    mercedade got a reaction from loserone in 1964 Volvo 122S - Amazonian rustforest. Electroshite.   
    Between this and the 240, @juular maintains two of the finest threads on AS at the moment.
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    mercedade reacted to loserone in The grumpy thread   
    Fixed that for you
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    mercedade reacted to NorfolkNWeigh in The grumpy thread   
    I’m now lost in an ironic vortex.
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    mercedade reacted to Saabnut in LightBulbFun's Invacar & general ramble thread, index on page 1, survivors lists on Pages 24/134 & AdgeCutler's Invacar Mk12 Restoration from Page 186 onwards, still harping on...   
    Today I swung in by Duncans workshop to have a discussion on the way forward with the kingpin on REV, He has it fully disassembled and we measured everything and came to the conclusion that it is worn!  By kingpin standards not badly worn, enough to probably induce a speed* wobble but nothing dagerous. Fortunately the housing for the bushes is showing no wear at all, so the new kingpin and bushes should be an easy fit and solve the problem. The bushes do in fact appear to be oilite type, and the bottom of the kingpin tube is open into the front drum, which explains why no grease nipples are fitted.  In the bottom of the tube was a ball of rock hard grease that had obviously been put in many many years ago.  Dunc has also spoken to a few of the old boys who tend to congregate at interesting workshops, including the fella who maintained the 1920s bus in Aberdeen which used a similar, if somewhat larger, kingpin assembly.
    The unanimous decision is to leave things as original and reassemble with a good coating of heavy weight oil. After all, it was good enough for the government for the lifetimes of these vehicles. He will hopefully start putting it back together later this week.
    We started discussing speed wobbles, as you do and we decided to see if we could improve the aerodynamics of REV
    The first attempt using Seat parts was not great
    So we looked around and found a yellow and white body kit on an old Audi in the corner which we think will work better!

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    mercedade reacted to fatharris in FatHarris - tales of a motoring moron ***Giving it the boot 10/4***   
    No point pussyfooting around it, I had to do one of the most unpleasant jobs on a BX today.
    The steering rack boot - usually a fairly simple swap. Not so with a BX.
    The power steering hydraulic ram is external to the steering rack, so ram eye-end attaches to the nearside rack arm via a protruding lug (shown after I installed the boot)

    First things first, the old one was whipped off. The track rod end was left connected to the hub on each side, and simply unscrewed from the steering rack, to roughly retain the tracking settings.

    The old rack boot had been fouling a bent handbrake cable bracket, and had also dislodged it at one end.

    The new boot was thrown into a boiling kettle for a while, in an attempt to soften the boot and give a bit more elasticity. The kitchen drawers were raided for spare spoons, in an attempt to allow the boot to safely stretch over the lug without tearing it. 
    This was a total arseache, compounded by the fact the BX is on the lowest point of the axle stands at the moment. Crawling underneath it every few minutes was a pain, especially with the pigtail hydraulic pipes running through the middle of the engine bay.
    Through divine intervention, I eventually got it on after much swearing. The aftermarket boot was much bigger at one end than the 44mm either side, so a jubilee clip was utilised to evenly take the slack up.

    The other side was a breeze by comparison, and within half an hour, the offside boot was replaced and the track rod ends reconnected. The nearside boot does touch the hydraulic ram, but it shouldn't cause any issues.
    Pretty sure this concludes the jobs around the engine bay. I'm planning to take two days off work next week so I can try and put some graft in to get back on schedule for the target date.
    Oh yeah, here are a few random spots I forgot to post from last week:

    The Xantia was very bouncy on the road, suggesting the spheres are not having a good time.

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    mercedade reacted to Stanky in Stanky's Car Fixing Thread - Fixing the worlds most reliable car 10/4   
    I had a day off work today so made use of some tinkering time.
    First job was replacing the rear inner light lens. One of the previous owners has reversed into something I think, there is some scuffing on the bumper, a very small ding in the metal quarter panel, and a crack in the rear light lens which is hard to see, harder to photograph but easy to replace.

    Its not too bad, but water has got in and its going green in the cracks, and is only a matter of time before it mists up and makes the car look tatty and uncared for. I bagged a replacement unit for £16 on ebay which arrived earlier in the week. Easy enough to do, open the boot and remove the sound deadening felt

    undo 3x 10mm nuts through the access holes and gently lift it out

    I took the opportunity to clean the muck out of the stamped recess in the panel before reassembling it all with the new unit. 

    Much better.
    Then onto some other jobs. The Laser 4880 oil filter tool had arrived earlier in the week too so I lifted the front end up and had another go at getting the oil filter housing to release. I followed @RoverFolkUs advice and used a 24mm socket on it, rather than fitting the cup tool direct to the 12" breaker bar. I used the Power of Grayskull and amazingly it undid - I was sure I'd trashed the cup wrench again, but astonishingly it survived. I drained the oil out of the filter housing (maybe 1/2" litre?) into a washing up bowl and then replaced the filter and o-ring, making sure I cleaned up all the threads and mating surfaces with a rag, put a tiny bit of copper grease on the mating surfaces on the not-threads side of the o-ring, then refitted it. I did it up hand tight, then a tiny bit more on the ratchet. Hopefully next time I need to undo it it will come off without a fuss. 
    I got given a BIN offer on a caliper and carrier so I took the lazy route and just bought it, and swapped the whole shebang. It was £150 which I could have done without, but the old one was basically fucked - I could have spent a significant amount of time heating it up, hammering it and getting it to free off, then replacing the slider and reassembling it all, but I'd probably have broken something in the process and immobilised the car so just took the easy route and assembled the whole caliper and carrier on the workbench, removed the old one and swapped the brake flexi over, refitted the pads, pins and wire retainers and then enlisted my eldest daughter to do the pedals end while I did the caliper end and bled it through.
    All sorted out and working fine - so thats another issue off the list.
    I think the next thing is to get some tyres, it has 4 mismatched budgets on currently, and they're all at, or close to the 3mm wear markers. it looks like I can get a full matching set of Kumho Ecsta tyres for £300, or Uniroyal Rainexperts for £340. I know and trust the uniroyals, the Kumho's are supposed to be just as good in the rain as the Uniroyals, so might be worth taking a punt on, thats something for next month though I think.
    I had to go up to Manchester for work last week and the Lexus handled it all beautifully. 550 miles there and back via Telford, it behaved impeccably and delivered 38mpg, and 35mpg over a combined 20 gallons of 70% motorways and 30% crawling round local roads.
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